I have such Eye Candy Friday for you – it’s beautiful, and it’s indirectly related to knitting… but it will have to wait. I have more important things to talk about! Maybe I’ll post a special Eye Candy Saturday (though for the sake of avoiding asphyxiation, let us not hold our breaths).

Instead, look at this gorgeous construction!

I’m rather methodical when it comes to complicated maneuvers like knitting the sole of a sock and attaching it to the instep as you go. What I’m loving about the Hidden Passion sock pattern is that the designer tells you exactly how to do it. Exactly. how. to. do. it. What to slip, what to knit together, where the yarn goes. No guessing allowed. Love it!

What I’m not loving is how big these are coming out.

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but these are a bit too wide, and a whole lot too long. It’s kind of tricky to estimate when to start the toe having the instep as the only guide. It’s twice as tricky if you’re knitting for someone whose shoe size is drastically different than yours. Me: US 7. Grandma: US 10.5; little lady, big feets (if you’ve asked to see pictures of the fam in knitted gear, do click on that link).

But here’s something that I think is more obvious:


Hello! Who are you? Please go away.

I’m not experienced in reading shadow knitting charts, so I’ve been following along blindly and not questioning the stitches too much. Lo and behold, something didn’t look quite right, and when I took the time to investigate the chart, I think I’ve found some mistakes.

I e-mailed Jaya, the designer, and she assured me that the charts were fine in her original submission (I didn’t doubt that). I scanned the one in the book and e-mailed it to her for comparison – we’ll see what she thinks.

The good news is that I was going to start over anyway because of the sizing. These potential mistakes make it that much easier to rip, rip, rip!


38 thoughts on “Detective

  1. Kristy

    I was thinking about how that construction might make it difficult to determine what size sock you’re knitting. I’m sure you’ll figure it out šŸ™‚

  2. Becky

    I am loving the way it is looking. I’m horrible at attaching things. I may have to try this pattern out just to try her instructions out. I wear a size 12 women’s, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem with the size. lmao

  3. mari

    So cool looking! And the attachment is looking great – interesting construction is always fun to see. I hope the problems on the sock get resolved so you can continue making your grandma’s socks!

  4. mai

    “Hello! Who are you? Please go away.”

    ummm, reading that out loud about made me pee myself!!!! HAHA! šŸ™‚

  5. Sarah

    It’s good when the knitting is so enjoyable that the need to rip is easier to take. Thanks for letting us know how well-written these instructions are. The earlier description made these socks sound so intimidating.

  6. Navi

    I love how easily you can rip hours of work jut to make it perfect. The socks were looking great but the toe is a bit square and pointy (does that make sense?) or is it just the angle?

    Anyway beautiful work as always šŸ™‚

  7. Alyson

    The technique just amazes me – but I’ll wait to start, perhaps, until you sort out what errors there may be. Thanks for braving these first waters for us! šŸ™‚

  8. Jenna

    I’ve been eyeballing the Hidden Passion socks for a month or two now and was so excited to see that you were making some. I believe a commenter above asked this, but are the toes really that pointy? Or, is it because they are too big and not stretching out? Or, something else? As I am not so good at noticing that things are amuck until I am done with a project, I beg, please, oh please, keep us posted on the good, the bad, and the “Hello! Who are you? Please go away.” of these socks.

  9. Risa

    Wow that construction is incredible.

    I didn’t realize Grandma has such big feet! I also wear a 10.5. You truly are a loving granddaughter… I’m not sure I could bring myself to knit even more socks that size!!

  10. Heide

    Shadow knitting looks like something to add to my never-ending “to knit” list. These colors are very pretty together. Thank you for sharing all of the family pictures. You look a lot like your mom. Have a great weekend.

  11. Wannietta

    There is definitely a blip on your shadow radar! They really look awesome though & I’m sure that your G-ma will love having your X’s & O’s on her feet.

  12. Kathleen

    I continue to be in awe of your approach to knitting. I have a pair of socks I knit for myself that came out beautifully, but the heels are too darn big–so, I never wear the socks–but have been delaying the inevitable r-r-r-i-p-p! I will try to find my “inner Grumperina” and pull them out. šŸ™‚



  13. Angie

    I hadn’t given that sock a 2nd glance, but now, I might just have to try it.. Thanks for the inspiration

  14. Angie

    I hadn’t given that sock a 2nd glance, but now, I might just have to try it.. Thanks for the inspiration

  15. Lynn

    At least it’s an interesting knit and you are learning something. Yanking back miles of SS is worse than something like this to me. šŸ™‚

  16. Sara

    Such cute construction… and once you fine tune them, they will be super cute!

    “Hello! Who are you? Please go away.”

    This made me laugh right out loud…

  17. Sophia

    Those shadow socks are so beautiful! I’m curious what the designer will say about those little blips between the X’s and O’s.

  18. kodachrome

    This is fascinating. Knitters never cease to amaze me. I’m always asking myself, “How do knitters come up with these designs, ideas, innovations??” Really, it is rocket science sometimes…

    BTW: I always enjoy your blog. It’s always so smart, helpful, and insightful. Thanks–

  19. Denise in Kent, WA

    The “O” leaked! How sad. I hadn’t even noticed until you pointed it out, but having seen it I completely understand your need to fix it. I would rip, too.

    I am very intrigued by this pattern, enough so that I’m going to put it on my WIM (Works In Mind) list. I’ve been wanting to try shadow knitting, and the novel construction method is icing on the cake. Thanks!

  20. Liz

    I do love this book – I want to make nearly every single pair featured in it. But, it makes me sad to see the pattern errors. I started my first pair from the book (the Merino Lace Socks) the other day, and found last night after I had turned the heel that there’s a major error in the chart for the foot (an error that, incidentally, does not appear in the original magazine publication of the pattern). Oh well, live and learn, right? šŸ™‚

  21. Barbara

    Your knitting is inspiring! Will you share what you find out concerning the potential pattern errata? Thanks for blazing the trail…love the socks.

  22. Angelika

    Those socks are sooo cute. Makes me want to do them too, without that little mistake you found that is. Good eye and thanks for the warning.

  23. Martha

    My grandfather used to tell my grandmother, who is a scant 4 foot 11 and 3/4 and wears size 9 shoes, that she would have been taller if she didn’t have so much turned under for feet.

  24. stella from new zealand

    I am loving the way that sock is looking, and an author who instructs exactly … heaven …. but is it worked back and forth .. I also love my in the round stuff. Still book and sock now on my to do list … thanks

  25. Gill

    Thanks for proof reading the pattern! It gripped my imagination as soon as I got the book, but when I saw that you had started, then I had to as well. I was half-way through the chart when I read that you had found a mistake, so I coloured in my chart and found the same problem too! Thanks to your blog I won’t need to rip out, and I love the ingenuity of the design.

  26. Seanna Lea

    Your socks always look amazing!

    I had a question about sock fit. I’ve been knitting socks for a couple of years, but all of the socks I’ve made for myself have felt fairly lose (and have some tendency to slouchiness). Is there a recommended amount of negative ease that would cure most of my problems (size 7, narrow foot)?

    I’ve finally gotten the toe length issue down, so this is the last one that is bothering me. Thanks!

  27. Julia

    Despite the glitches, I am really tempted by these. I think you may be in danger of starting a shadow-knitting craze!

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