Clearly, I’m color-challenged.

The first two mistakes are forgivable, since I was picking colors straight from the ZipperStop website. Unless their camera/scanner, their monitor, and my monitor were all totally in synch, there was a slim chance indeed that I’d match my cobalt Brilliant Retro. And so it was.

The third mistake is more puzzling, since I had the massive colorcard in front of me. Granted my top choices were out of stock, but still… once I knew what was available, I consciously selected what I considered “a close match.” Yeah, right!

The only choice remaining was to send Zipperstop a swatch of my fabric and let them decide. They called me this morning with the good news – they found a match, and it’s on its way to me! I’m hoping they are much less color-challenged than I am.

On the other hand, I had no difficulty at all choosing nice grosgrain ribbons from j. caroline creative. I’m waiting on the zipper to make the final decision, but that lavender/purple dot number is very cute.

Before I toss the unfortunate zipper, I want to share with you one last close-up:


Nuked Zipper, a Grumperina original.



30 thoughts on “Clearly, I’m color-challenged.

  1. Heather

    What’s the ribbon for? I like the colors in the stripey one.

    Amazing that you can send your swatch to someone who will pick out a zipper.

  2. Wanda

    Zipperstop is very good at taking a snippet of your yarn and matching it to it. I did that with a zipper this past summer because I couldn’t find anything to match my cranberry pink sweater. They called me and matched it, asked how long I needed the zipper to be and sent it on. It really is a great service. It took me the longest time to get it mailed out, but once I did they were very quick and efficient at mailing it back to me. I was very pleased with their service and will use it again.

  3. Presbytera

    Nuked zipper, yeah, but now you get to enjoy the ribbon shopping and the zipper matching…my personal bet is that you’ll like the blue zipper better anyway. Maybe your unconscious style sense is responsible for the sabotage.

  4. Emilee

    Oof, the nuked zipper is painful to look at.

    I think any of those ribbon choices would be really cute. Too bad your hair isn’t long enough, or you could have matching pigtails.

  5. Krista M

    PLEASE use the polka dotted ribbon! It is so adorable! I think a matching color zipper will look very finished. I hope they are able to get you a perfect match!

  6. mari

    Such nice ribbons – all of them are great choices!

    Zipperstop has such great service – I’m sure all of the positive blog traffic about them has really helped their business. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  7. Emily

    Oh, yes. The polka dots!

    I’m sure the third mistake was due to poor lighting in the store, not any color-challengedness on your part. Surely.

  8. Valerie

    Seeing that huge color card makes me suddenly want to knit something that needs a zipper… I don’t know what the ribbon’s for, but I absolutely vote for the lavender polka dots!

  9. danielle

    I vote for the one you chose (lavender polka dot) because it seems to have the least amount of matching to do. You don’t have to worry about matching the base color (white), and the dots are close enough to the color and small enough that if they don’t exactly match, it won’t matter as much.

  10. Judy

    Good choices on the ribbons; you can’t lose. And thanks very much for the zipper tutorial recently (168 steps…). My daughter used it to put a zipper in a baby sweater and she said it turned out very professional looking. I’ve never yet put a zipper in a sweater, but when I need to, I will know how.

  11. Deanna

    Can’t wait to see the finished zipper. the ribbons are fantastic. I’ve got a Ribby Cardi in pieces because I fear the zipper. Is that the YKK #3 molded plastic separating zipper?

  12. Kim

    Wow, that web site is a bit overwhelming. What is a separating zipper versus closed bottom?

    I like both ribbons with dots.

  13. Sara

    Thanks for the awesome info on Zipperstop… I am going to bookmark them and use them for my someday Ribby Cardi!

  14. Anne

    Agreed – I didn’t know there were even stores that would provide that kind of service anymore – definitely something to put into the memory banks when I might need it 🙂 I do like the polka dots, but I thought you meant the purplish one, not the white one with purplish dots – I liked it better, but I think the white would be adorable also!

  15. Cassandra

    Pretty ribbon! I think the strips would nicely mimic the lines of ribbing in your sweater, but I’m a sucker for stripes.

  16. Sonya

    That is a gorgrous collection of ribbon – I cast my vote for the lavender/purple just the right amount of whimsy to peek through.

  17. Mary K. in Rockport

    Yea, the lavendar/purple dot ribbon (you mean the one with the BIG dots, not the white one, right?) It’s just right.

  18. Ronni

    Delurking to say, if that’s a printed chart as opposed to actual bits of zipper (I can’t tell from the pic) it isn’t your fault if your choice was a bit off after all. I had a terrible time with that when I used to sew clothes more often. Even in the shop I’d have to pull the zipper from the packaging sometimes to be sure on a color.

    The ribbon will be great.

    I’m grateful too for the info on the zipper company’s service though. I usually want an unfashionable color so can’t get anything in the store unless I go with a neutral.

    Thanks for all the inspiring and entertaining blog entries I’ve read but lurked on (or is it through, or over, or ?).

  19. TracyKM

    I have to say, that personally, I’m glad you fried that cream zipper. I just did not like it! I read once that if you can’t match exactly, you should choose slightly darker. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made verigated zippers…each tooth a slightly different shade…I did see how they make zippers on TV though and I doubt that’d ever happen!

  20. Julia

    It’s great to know that Zipperstop has such wonderful customer service – thanks for the tip – I will definitely use them. Colors are hard to match, but I’ve heard you should go darker on a zipper color if you have to make a compromise.

  21. Teresa C

    I am waiting with bated breath. I keep putting off posting my zipper story, as it just bores me at this point. I ended up going with a contrast. I hope they come through for you. Isn’t the worst part having a completed sweater sitting there that you aren’t even wearing?

  22. Debi

    If you look back at your post with the white zipper I mentioned mailing a yarn butterfly to Jeff Feibush at Zipperstop and he will unfailingly match your garment, custom size the zipper and mail it back for usually between $5 – $6 including shipping! Can’t beat that!

  23. Lou

    I ordered US$208.50 worth of stuff from Zipper Stop and was charged US$40.00 shipping to Australia, via FEDEX.

    Unfortunately Jeff Feibusch dispatched it to an Australian address 1300 miles from where I live.

    Does he communicate? NO

    Is he going to fix it? NO

    … and where does that leave me? well … $208.50 poorer

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