Another thing I mentioned on Guido’s podcast is a new pair of socks for my grandma: Canal du Midi from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road.

Oops! (again)

I blabbed all about it, but I hadn’t even cast on!

Considering my latest guilty admission, I know you aren’t surprised.

Over the past few days, I rectified the sticky mess I had gotten myself into, and now I’m nearing completion of sock #1. Good save!

I chose to knit this pattern because I loved making Traveler’s Stockings from the same book, and twist stitches figure prominently in both designs. Coincidentally, my grandma ended up giving her Traveler’s Stockings to my great aunt (with my full consent), so this latest pair will restore her sock drawer to its proper state (overflowing, ahem).

It’s curious that I haven’t seen too many Canal du Midi socks out there… though Carolyn has knit a pair, of course. I think the photo in the book is to blame – they just don’t look fabulous in it, almost like they still need to be blocked.

One look at the chart, however, and the potential is instantly realized – these will be cute, no doubt about it! Wouldn’t you know it, the chart didn’t lie.

I did modify the pattern ever so slightly: got rid of the small band of ribbing at the top, and added a few stitches in the center panel where I thought they’d balance the design. Nothing major.

The needles are my favorite US 0 Susan Bates, the yarn is my favorite Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the denim colorway, purchased from my favorite LL supplier. Predictable? Who, me?!? 🙂


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  1. Ashley

    Those do look great. You know what my probelm with the ones in the book is? No question in my mind: I always flip past them because they’re yellow. If they were knit up in the nice blue LL you’re using I’d probably have made them already.

  2. Brenda

    I agree with Ashley; I had disregarded these due to the school bus yellow color! They are lovely in the denim blue. I need to add these to my l-o-n-g Nancy Bush list of socks to knit!

  3. Sarah

    How pretty! It’s a pity Nancy Bush wasn’t able to have you as the art director for that book — I bought it only after seeing how great they turned out on your blog. I don’t get why they didn’t think it would be important to have photos of the socks filled with actual feet…I’ve got some LL denim in my stash, now I can’t decide whether I should make your Roza’s socks or these!

  4. M. Gail Horvath

    Your knitting looks great, as usual! I have that book and I think most of the pictures don’t do the socks justice. Whitby also looked much better in your photographs and yarn.

  5. Stella

    i’m currently working on a pair of Child’s First Socks in that same lovely LL denim — it’s my first time with Lorna’s Laces and I have to say, you didn’t steer me wrong.

  6. Elisabeth

    I actually started the Canal du Midi pattern for a pair of socks I was making and ended up not liking how the pattern looked with that particular yarn. But I will be coming back to it again. I agree with you that the book photo doesn’t do it justice!

  7. brook

    Gorgeous color and stitches! I’m about to cast on for my first Nancy Bush socks soon. (BTW, did you see the new Addi lace needles reviewed at Knitter’s Review? Exciting!)

  8. Chelle

    I flipped past that pattern several times over the last week and I totally agree that it’s the odd mustard yellow on the orange background that hides it’s beauty.

    Do you have a couple of recommendations for yarn shopping in Cambridge? I’m going to be there next week and I think I’ll “need” some yarn!

  9. Dawn

    I love that sock pattern. Here is my theory. When you put something in a book as a sample you have to think about the color of it. There are a lot of people in the world who do not like yellow. I think that therefore, the psychological part of it is, “I don’t like yellow, therefore I won’t knit that sock”. I like yellow and I like that pattern.

    Have I rambled enough? Loved you on the Guido interview!

  10. jess

    I’ve seen a fair number of them in blogland — I love the pattern (it’s one of my favorites in KotR), but when I started them, the traveling stitches on the sides just did not look right… I’m still not sure why. So I ripped. I will return to them later, I am sure.

    I also agree with Dawn’s mention of the fact that they are yellow in the book. A blue like the one you’re using would have been much better! The bright red LL I was using? Not a good idea either. 🙂

    [also, the photograph in the book makes it look like the sock was scanned on a flatbed scanner to me! ]

  11. Angie

    Your socks are great!! I was inspired to purchase “Knitting on the Road” when I first laid eyes on your Traveler’s Stockings. I immediately went to the library! I knew that I would knit many of the socks (yellow happens to be my lucky color) so I purchased the book. Now I’ve been further inspired to try LL in the semi-solid colors, such lovely shading.

  12. Lizbon

    Your socks always make me want to knit socks (even though I seem to be stalled out on my first-ever pair). Just listened to the podcast – what a lovely voice you have.

  13. Sarah

    Lovely! Your grandmother will love them (she loves them all — you must get your predictability from her!)

    I think you’re right about the picture in the book. It didn’t grab me at all, and I probably would have never knit them if I hadn’t seen a real-life example, but now I think they’re going in the queue.

  14. elise

    i’m not usually one for very fancy/patterned socks, but that canal du midi is nice looking–particularly in that shade of blue.

    couldn’t agree more with the others, color can be a huge turn off even when the object itself isn’t. same reason why most logos are designed in greyscale first (so as to avoid distraction), THEN the colors are selected.

  15. Nanc

    I may have to pick up that book and try out some of those socks. Right now, I’m working on the Child’s First Sock from Vintage Socks — using the same Lorna’s Laces in demin! I haven’t got a picture posted (yet), but I love how they’re coming out. And the picture in the book really should have been on sock blockers because the lace patterning is wonderful!

  16. Amber A.

    Ah, but predictability is nice, too. Especially when it results in such wonderful FOs!! Also, I listened to your podcast and I have to say, you have a voice for radio!:)!!

  17. joy

    You’re right about the photos in the book. I always end up knitting ones seen on the blogs. Canal du midis will certainly be on my list of to-dos now. 🙂

  18. Val

    Predictable in the good way ! I agree when you says that the picture in the book is to blame. Your sock is beautiful and the design is very interesting and pretty. Thanks for showing us.

  19. Val

    Predictable in the good way ! I agree when you say that the picture in the book is to blame. Your sock is beautiful and the design is very interesting and pretty. Thanks for showing us.

  20. roro

    I would never knit the sock from the picture in the book, probably because of the colour. Love the way the textured pattern shows up in your photos!

  21. Teresa

    Yeah, I have to admit the picture of the yellow sock does nothing for it in reality. I never would have even been moved to begin knitting that if it weren’t for your pictures. Specially that ugly yellowish gold color. And then add a rusty orange for a background? LOL..not intriguing. Thanks for the pictures though, it moves me to look closer at the pattern instead of judging a pattern by its picture alone.

  22. Shelda

    Those are looking great. I’ve always admired that pattern, though I have yet to knit them either. I’d be interested in seeing the changes you made. I think I can see a bit on the socks, but I’m not positive. Course I’m not looking right at the book either. I love Nancy Bush’s designs, but I often tweek them just a tad myself.

  23. Carolyn

    Fabulous! It is true about the photos in the book, they do the sock pattern no justice. I must try the lorna’s laces yarn…maybe to knit those Roza’s socks;)

  24. lindsey

    i made a pair of those socks for my boy in a solid black. i’ve found that with time and washing the pattern has become muted, but i think that’s more to constant wear in boots and repeated washings rather than the pattern. it was enjoyable to say the least. glad you like it too.

  25. Angie

    I am charmed by your show with “It’s a Purl Man”. Thanks for sharing your voice. It is so genuinely represented in your blog.

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