Her Royal Highness, Nancy Bush

Why am I showing a picture of these sweets?!?

When Amy submitted the 550th pair of Jaywalkers to be added to the gallery, I was thrilled that she selected a sock pattern book as her prize! (Also, 550 JWs??? Pinch me, I’m dreaming!) Unfortunately, it took me more than a month to get Amy the book I had in mind, Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. Boo on me! These additional goodies are a small and humble attempt to sweeten her up a bit – mea culpa :).

Please don’t be discouraged by my lateness, and keep submitting your FOs – there’s a prize to be had for every 50th Jaywalker to be added! Seriously! Right now there are 573 JWs in the gallery, with a small queue waiting to be added. Very close to 600, my friends :). (some submission guidelines here).

Speaking of Nancy Bush and Knitting Vintage Socks

In case you didn’t get enough of my voice the first time around, Guido has once again let me crash his podcast, It’s a Purl, Man! I had such a great time chatting with him.

Some of the things I said may have been a little… silly :). I may or may not have said, “All Hail the Nancy Bush!” and praised bamboo as the ultimate renewable resource. Oops!

For your silly Grumperina fix, visit Guido’s blog!


32 thoughts on “Her Royal Highness, Nancy Bush

  1. Ashley

    No, seriously, bamboo IS the ultimate renewable resource! Plus it makes floors, yarn, AND feeds pandas! Not silly at all, if you ask me. Neither is hailing Nancy Bush.

  2. JJ

    Good show!!! You should have your own podcast:-) and you can call it Grumpy Grumpecisms or Grumperina’s Grumblings…It would be great!

    I can’t wait to knit my own Jaywalkers…I feel like I’m missing out!

  3. Jennifer

    Since my email is not behaving, I am hoping that I may leave a “Jaywalker Comment”

    Here’s the permalink to the post:


    Here is the flickr link:



    I hereby fully allow you to post these pictures in your gallery, along with any links htat you should deem necessary.

    Off to start some Roza socks….

  4. Joseph

    I agree, you should have your own podcast! You’re an unparalleled knitter and in all sincerity, I’m in awe of your blog/projects daily! Joseph

  5. Amy

    Thank you again for the great surprise! And I didn’t mind waiting for it to arrive at all…there’s special value in giving someone the gift of something to look forward to with anticipation.

  6. Alina

    Hey, I’m working on Roza’s socks (one of them almost done!) and it’s been a pleasure so far. The pattern is very nice and easy to remember, while still being interesting. Great design!

  7. Beth

    I guess I truly have been living under a rock … I just finished my 1st pair of JWs last week (http://diamondsnpurls.blogspot.com/2007/02/im-walking-jaywalking-that-is.html) and I didn’t know about submitting them for your gallery. Count me in … the photo is for submission in your gallery (that should cover the legal stuff).

    And yes, I said my 1st pair of JWs. I plan to knit myself another pair as I totally loved the pattern and the way the socks look and fit. Thanks for such a great pattern!

  8. Kathy

    I enjoyed the show so much when I listened to it earlier today. I laughed because I’ve had Knitting on the Road for a while now, but haven’t knit any of the socks as of yet….but just received my copy of Knitting Vintage Socks this week! So many patterns to try! I really loved your comment about how as the years go by, you find that you spend less on yarn. After the first rush of love, you take your time, don’t rush into more yarn so fast! You and Guido certainly made folding laundry much more fun!

  9. nona

    I enjoyed listening to your interview — while I was knitting, of course. I too love Nancy Bush’s books and think Folk Knitting is a classic and my favorite.

  10. Kim

    Working on my Jaywalkers and will submit them for the gallery! Where did you get tamarind flavored Kool-Aid? Knitting Vintage Socks is an awesome book.

  11. Terri Lynn

    Now I am very tempted to do your infamous “jaywalkers.” I just finished Nancy Bush’s “Gentlemen’s Socks” for hubby….he calls them his $4,000 socks (I won’t go into it, leave it to one’s imagination).

  12. aj

    Congrats to Amy! And congrats on all the JW’s! Looks like you got your wish for people to be more creative and participating! 🙂

  13. villamokka

    Hi Grumpy!

    I hereby announce that my pair of Jaywalkers are ready to be added to Your gallery.

    Thank You for a super blog!

  14. Teresa

    Wow..550 pairs of socks made from your own pattern! You must be just proud. 🙂 I saw your pattern in interweave knits, congrats on that. I know how hard it can be to get anything published.

  15. sean

    speaking of jaywalkers… i just heard about Guido’s podcast the other day and was of course excited to have a guy doing a knitting podcast so downloaded it today while i had some free time. i’m knitting along on my jaywalkers (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on, btw, this is my first pair) and what comes on my IPod but Guido with Grumperina! It was great to hear you, sounded like lots of fun!!! 🙂

  16. C.

    Fun podcast! And I hear you about Nancy Bush’s Canal du Midi socks. My friend and I have that on our long to-knit list. I look forward to seeing yours when you knit up yours.

  17. Christine

    Hahaha! The podcast I’m uploading right now includes my interview of Nancy Bush from the weekend before I met you. I must agree – all hail Nancy Bush!

    Now I am extra, extra excited about listening to Guido’s latest show!

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