The return of periwinkle

And here, my friends, we have a nearly finished Brilliant Retro sleeve:

Indeed, this Cobalt colorway of Classic Silk is remarkably close to periwinkle.

And over here… the other sleeve, two fronts, and a back:

Just like that, my Brilliant Retro is nearing completion. Although I’m using wee US 6s, Classic Silk knits to 5 stitches per inch in my hands, so the fabric grows very quickly. Combine that with a pretty mindless pattern and a non-splitty yarn, and you get Progress with a capital “P.”

I wanted to post at least once before it’s time for the FO report – otherwise there will be too much to unload all at once.

First, is there such a thing as following a design rather than following a pattern? Because I think that’s what I’m doing with the Brilliant Retro. My knitting tension is so drastically different from the pattern’s, that it makes no sense to convert the instructions line by line. On top of that, I’m ignoring the specified finished dimensions and aiming for something that’ll fit like my Pentagon Pullover (but a little bit longer). Is my Pentagon Pullover proportioned differently than the corresponding size of the Brilliant Retro? I don’t know! I’d certainly check if I was following the instructions :).

For the most part I just look at the photo and decide how to mimic the design. Case in point: apparently there’s a line of ribbing on the back of the sweater, which you can see on Frecklegirl’s Brilliant Retro. However, there’s no photo of the sweater’s back in the magazine, so my BR doesn’t have it! Didn’t even realize it until Jess pointed me to her FO, at which point I was already done knitting a plain back.

Another example: see the little ribbing on the sleeve cap?

My sweater will feature this cute detail because I noted it in the photo. As it ends up, the written IK instructions omitted the sleeve cap ribbing for some reason (not in the errata either). That’s a shame, because I think it adds to the design.

One last thing – I’m finishing the front pieces with Annie Modesitt’s signature edging (last mentioned here), which looks very neat and polished without any extra work. Amazing as always.

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31 thoughts on “The return of periwinkle

  1. Ruth

    It’s looking good! Funny that IK left out the sleeve cap ribbing — I agree that it adds something to the design. I wonder, after the socks and the beret and the sweater, will you start to tire of periwinkle?

  2. Amy

    It looks great so far, and as far as the color goes, sometimes you just have to stick with your favorites. 🙂 How are you enjoying the silk?

  3. Daphne

    Very cute. That ribbing IS brilliant.

    I’ll have you know that I renewed a briefly dormant IK subscription because of you. 🙂

  4. gillian

    I love periwinkle. We have very different colouring, but it appears to suit us both. The sweater is going to look really sharp.

  5. Scarlett

    Ahh, your blog makes me drool over the patterns and all your tips. As a novice knitter, I dream of the day I can make up a pattern. Hell, I can barely figure out a pattern at this point. But, soon.

    And I love that you love periwinkle so much.

  6. Ashley

    I agree–if I’m not following a specific cable or lace pattern (and sometimes even then) I always have to rejigger everything to compensate for my taller-than-standard body–so I usually end up working with the spirit, rather than the letter, of the pattern. The periwinkle’s looking great–can’t wait to see it all finished up!

  7. Elinor

    I’ve noticed some discrepancies in IK patterns that weren’t covered in the errata too. Oh well. The Classic Silk looks great. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  8. jaws

    Strong work! It looks like there are more ribs along the entire length of the arm–or is it an illusion?

    Periwinkle is SUCH a great color. Is there anyone who CAN’T wear it, really?

    What are you doing about the opening–buttons or zipper or other? Hopefully you have the undergarment thing worked out, too!

  9. Sarah

    BR is looking good! I’m with you on the following-the-picture thing; following the instructions just seems to prevent me from seeing what’s actually happening on the needles.

  10. Bronach

    Wow. I have a love/hate relationship with periwinkle. I’ve ripped out and restarted a ball of superwash periwinkle wool over and over and over… (it is currently in ball form) You should be dubbed the Periwinkle Master or something.

  11. Pam

    I, too, love the wonderful abundance of periwinkleness that has come to me through your webpage.

    And now I am making a selfish request.

    Remember how hard you worked on the Periwinkle Beret? Starting it over and over til it was exactly right? Remember how pleased you were with the Lorna’s Laces yarn? I WANT TO MAKE THAT BERET!

    I know how many stitches you cast on. If you could add a bit more information, when you have the chance, that would be lovely.

    With appreciation — Pam (in Cambridge, MA)

  12. Elizabeth

    I love that pattern, and I love the periwinkle. And I love the snazzy sleeve ribbing and beautifully neat edging. This sweater is going to look gorgeous – can’t wait to see it done!

    And a belated congratulations on your IK sock pattern – I can’t wait to get mine in the mail so I can see it in person!

  13. Allison

    Looking great so far! I can’t wait to see how you fix the gaping bits in the front. It’s a real pet peeve of mine when the pattern doesn’t include photos from different angles, because then if you get stuck you can’t always use the photos for a guide. Grr!

  14. Knit Mongrel

    Hey – I made my first trip to Windsor Button today (I grew up in Newton but live in Chicago now – I’m home for a visit), and they talked you up good! What a phenomenal place.. I couldn’t leave, and ended up shutting the store down! I’m so jealous that you get to go there all the time… just thought I’d shout out to a local. 🙂

  15. frecklegirl jess

    Wow! I never noticed that sleeve cap ribbing- I just had to get up and check my sweater!

    I am glad you are just using the idea of the sweater instead of the pattern- the more I look at my finished one the more I am sure I have to rip it out. oh well! Seems to be a theme in my life right now. 😉

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