Potential, promise, prospect, possibility.

Hope, expectation, dream, optimism.

Encapsulated in every new project we cast on.

Candy for the eyes and the heart’s romanticism.

Will it be everything we desire?

The pattern choice is unexpected: Brilliant Retro by Teva Durham, from Winter 2005 Interweave Knits.

At first glance I was not impressed by the design, especially the gaping button band. But for nearly a year now, I’ve been coming back to this little cardigan, squinting one eye, pretending the other couldn’t properly focus, and imagining the possibilities. What if the cardi was a tad longer? What if it had a zipper instead of that… unsightliness? What if I wore a proper brassiere with it?

The general ingenuity of the design cannot be denied: ribbing at the shoulders is fabulous for someone who isn’t endowed in that area (me!). I enjoy snug sleeves, so ribbing there is nothing to sneeze at, either. And look at that sweet little collar.

The yarn choice, on the other hand, is not at all surprising. I’ve raved about Classic Silk before, and loved knitting with it. As far as I’m concerned, it is the bee’s knees of non-woolly tweedy goodness. Cobalt, the color I’m using, is full of intrigue. Is it blue? Purple? Violet? Pink? Periwinkle? Maybe, simply, Eye Candy.


47 thoughts on “Nouns

  1. Ashley

    Ooooh–that is going to be CUTE. I’d skimmed past it too–but I think your mods will make it. Especailly the one about wearing a bra.

  2. Carrie

    That bra comment made me chuckle right out loud at my desk. Why don’t designers understand that the goal is to avoid looking saggy? Sheesh.

    Anyway, that design has some lovely potential – I’m sure you will make the most of it. The color is wonderful, too. One of my favorites!

  3. Louise

    A zipper. You are brilliant. I have also been vaguely attracted to that pattern, but I’m busty – a big part of WHY I make my own clothing is to avoid the gappy front. And definitely wear a bra, I might hurt myself if I went for a bike ride without one.

  4. chris

    EEE! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once you get through with modifying the pattern! And the color? Mmmm, I love it.

  5. SpaceCase

    I was tempted by that design as well, but put off by the strange button band. A zipper is great idea to fix that right up! And that color is beautiful!

  6. Leigh

    I excited to see you modifications.

    I love that Interweave tries to use human looking models, but sometimes I think they take it too far. With this fall’s issue, I just couldn’t get over one of the models who had a bad hair cut, no make-up and was dressed in an unflattering color. I think the actual sweater design may be pretty, but I can’t study the picture without getting distracted.

  7. gleek

    hahaha, the brassiere comment cracked me up 🙂 what is up with the interweave models? hardly any of them wear a proper bra.

  8. Natalia

    I had also thought that was a cute sweater, but could not get beyond the unflattering pictures. Maybe they had her go without a bra because otherwise it would show behind that weird buttonband? I think that right there would be reason enough to re-think it.

  9. Beverly

    I was also drawn to that sweater, but I am not experienced enough for major changes…such as substituting the buttonband for a zipper. I love your ideas and am anxious to see how they turn out! Color is fabulous too…

  10. Denise

    From the picture in my head, it looks like it’s going to be beautiful. And I love the colour. I’d call that mauve, personally.

  11. Heather

    Hmm, you may be on to something here. I have had the same reservations about that pattern, despite being attracted to it. The gaping especially did not impress me, even though the photography and description make it seem intentional, and I wasn’t so fond of the sheen of the yarn. But with some modifications (and proper brassiere, as you said…), you could really have a work of art!

  12. Joanna

    Ohyes, a bra would give WORLDS of improvement! What about using hook-and-eye tape instead of a zipper? It would avoid the gapiness of the buttons, yet still be delicate.

  13. jenna

    I kinda like the gaping cableness in the front, but I totally agree that it needs more length and more bra. Can’t wait to see it take shape!

  14. Leisel

    I’m so with you on the bra thing… that young girl looks like she has the chest of an 80 year old. I thought I was low-slung, but that takes it to a whole new level (um… now that I read that again, I think it came out sounding like a bad pun).

  15. Julie

    I’m with you on everything you would change. And glad I’m not the only one who thinks things like that when looking at patterns.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with this – I think it’s going to be gorgeous!

  16. jaws

    Teva Durham should have KNOWN better than to submit something like that. But at least it has potential! I’ll repeat the obvious and unanimous statement–I’m looking forward to seeing the FO.

    As for a certain other garment, I’d recommend something from Lilyette (I LOVE that company!!). . .

  17. Sarah

    Can’t wait to see what you do with this! I agree, the model in the picture definitely needs some support, if you know what I mean.

  18. nikki

    I’ve had my eye on that pattern since that issue of IK came out. It would be really cute with the proper adjustments. I look forward to using your sweater as further inspiration. 🙂

  19. Brenda

    I felt very similarly to you about this cardigan, so I am eager to see how you rework the pattern. Best of luck! The yarn is certainly beautiful.

    I am hoping that the model is not wearing a bra in that picture. If that is all her bra is doing, then why is she bothering to wear one at all? The concept of “foundation” garments has sadly gone out of vogue.

  20. Sundara

    Oh, I totally see it. What a great choice for you. And that classic elite, they make some damn fine yarns.

  21. Carin

    You’ll make it look great, you always do. It’s definitely a periwinkle on my screen.

    And good job on saving your sweater the other day.

  22. Becky

    Yes – the first thing I thought when I saw this was “why is it so short?” I think It’ll look great with your improvements! And I love the color you chose.

  23. Tamara

    It is amazing how everything becomes so much more beautiful once you have chosen it… I can’t wait to see you make it “be all it can be!”

  24. Kristin

    You know, I’ve noticed that a lot of sweater patterns that I look at are too short for my tastes. It’s not that they show off one’s belly, it’s just that seems to be the sweater style these days. I’d rather they at least reach the hip, or go over a bit.

  25. Lee Ann

    I’ve seen someone in this cardigan in real life, and thought I would not like the button band, but it rocks over a camisole. With a proper bra underneath. Also, hers was not so cropped looking…in short, it made me want the sweater for my very own and think more vavavoom and less holy-crap-my-breasts-have-found-my-knees-and-I’m-showing-the- world-through-small-peep-holes. I’ll be watching to see what you do with it, because you always put such an incredibly good spin on patterns.

  26. Angie

    BEAUTIFUL – I am so envious of your sale score on Classic silk. I bought 1 ball to fondle it, but haven’t been able to score a good sale on it as I need a TON of yarn to make a sweater for me, me, me. That design is nice but I think your mods will be much, much better than the original. You GO Girl!

  27. lisa

    Your bra comment made me laugh out loud. I understand we’re more casual these days – but please… And, I love IK, but am I the only one who goes nuts over the fact that the photos are often out of focus?

    Love your work though – looking forward to seeing the FO

  28. anne

    Now you see, once again just shows how every knit is made for someone…. what I LOVE about this sweater is the scalloped button band….

  29. Stephanie

    I am with you – I like the idea of the sweater, but your modifications will indeed be the bee’s knees. And proper undergarments are really always appropriate.

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