I think I first saw it on Alison’s blog:

I know – remembering another blogger’s posts from a year ago is a bit unusual. My memory is a little scary, what can I say? 🙂

When frogging and reknitting something, I often refresh the yarn first – wind it into a skein, dip it in some tepid water, and hang it to dry. It straightens out the kinks and makes the yarn feel like new.

In some instances, however, I knit with the used yarn, kinks and all. If I’m in a rush, for example, which is the case here. Or if I’m not positive that I’m knitting the last and final iteration of the project. Unfortunately, the case here again.

Although I can tell that this beret version is an improvement over the Kufi, I am not sure I’ve made it pouffy enough. Try as I might, I find it really difficult to tell how the beret will come out while it’s still mid-completion.

At least the increases are more pleasing. In the first version, while I was still mimicking Kate Gilbert’s Speckled Beret, I increased over 3 rounds using the knit right raised increase (June Hemmons Hiatt, p. 68). In the second version, I’m increasing all the stitches in one round, as recommended in Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and Charlene Schurch’s Hats On!. Furthermore, I found that a simple bar increase looks fantastic when worked at regular intervals after 1 X 1 ribbing. See for yourself!


On the left, increasing over 3 rounds using the raised increase; on the right, increasing all in 1 round using the bar increase.

One last note, triggered by today’s post from June: although I’ve tried a variety of tubular cast-ons, I’m partial to the yarn-over tubular cast-on (Montse Stanley, p. 79). It looks good, functions perfectly, and makes sense to me visually, so I’m able to do it even without a book in front of me. Just like you, June!


16 thoughts on “Memory

  1. Ruth

    I know what you mean about the mysterious beret sizing. I just made Wendy Bernard’s Le Slouch, and I was convinced the ribbing was going to be too tight, but then it was just right. I couldn’t tell how big the beret portion was, either. (Luckily, it was also just right. Or else I wasn’t being very picky. One or the other.) There’s a certain amount of winging it required with the beret. I like those bar increases after the 1 x 1 ribbing! I usually disdain the bar increase.

  2. Heather

    I find that generally I am too impatient to worry about dipping and drying the yarn, but usually I wish that I had, because the kinkiness affects the preblocked project. Recently I did this with socks, having pulled out a rejected project. The sock that was knitted with smooth yarn was so much nicer to work on. But post-blocking solves most residual problems too.

  3. claudia

    I have an old book on knitted tams by Mary Rowe. Haven’t looked at it in years, but I remember it having all different shapes and floppiness directions. Check it out on Amazon, and if you think it might be helpful, I could bring it on Thursday.

  4. Elspeth

    Have you taken a look at the Last Minuted “Purled” Beret from Wendy at Knit and Tonic. I actually just finished one and it’s perfect, so you may find it helpful. Good luck!

  5. Christina

    I knit my grandma a beret this fall using Ann Budd’s “Grand Plan Tam” pattern from the Spring 2002 issue of Interweave Knits. I’m almost 100% sure that it is the same beret/tam pattern included in her pattern book. I ended up knitting the tam/beret three times because first it was too big/floppy then it was too short/tight. Finally, I reversed the direction of the knitting and began at the top with an icord and increased from there until it was “just right” according to my picky German grandmother.

  6. Sarah

    The new version looks at least a bit puffier so far — and I definitely like the all-in-one-round increases. They are nice and tidy and are giving the kind of instant puff a beret should have.

  7. Stephanie

    I’m going to have to look up that version of the tubular cast-on. I don’t think I’ve tried that one. Good luck with the beret – I know you’ll get it just right.

  8. jaws

    Woops, got too handy with the “enter” button and posted a blank. Sorry.

    So, what actually IS the way to refresh yarn? I’ve tried it in the past, but I’m not sure I did it properly. . .

  9. Sue

    I’m always so in awe of your knitting abilities. I was wondering how you knit your socks that I love. With DPN or circulars, do you knit one sock at a time and what’s your favorite pattern. I’m attempting to learn with books and info from the net, but I’m still frustrated. I love your blog and look forward to reading it each day.

  10. June

    LOL – I never said I had that cast-on memorized! Sorry about the shower cap fiasco – keep on going, you’re almost there!

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