Good thoughts

I’m nothing if not persistent. Despite the look in my eyes, my thoughts went something like, “must finish taking photos and posting, so I could rip that sucker and try again! Bwahaha!!!” I soldered on as though I was casting on for the very first time, filled with enthusiasm and hope.

It will be the right size.

I will not run out of yarn.

The worn yarn will spring back to life when I block.

Done and done. Although the yarn has been dwindled down to a mere yard, my optimism has not diminished.

The kinked stitches demanded a thorough blocking, so I tossed the finished beret into the washer, woolens cycle, and it’s now drying flat on top of the radiator. Lorna’s Laces did not disappoint (has it ever?) – the superwash Shepherd Sport came out silky, even, and fluffy.

The true size and shape of the beret will be revealed only after blocking, but a trip to Macy’s and Lord & Taylor this weekend suggested that I’m on the right track. It seems that knit berets (as opposed to felted ones) run about 10″ in diameter, and often have thin elastic running through the cast-on to ensure snugness. Will. do.

Let us think good thoughts :).


36 thoughts on “Good thoughts

  1. Allie

    That looks so pretty, I hope it works out perfectly this time. Your grandma will love it, I know it. Your optimism is inspiring, keep up the good work!!

  2. Ruth

    It looks very promising. And also quite like a silo in the middle of the undulating prairie. Or is that just me? I’m sure it will be lovely and grandma will approve.

  3. ari

    Fingers are crossed. I have been following the “beret” saga. I’m so anxious to see the finished project! Good luck!

  4. Melanie

    Can’t wait to see it in the mirror! Don’t you just love it when your knitted piece is even more beautiful than in the fancy store! Bravo!

  5. SallyA

    I so admire your persistence. I would have given up on this ages ago (or deemed it “good enough”). This is perfect and beautiful. I’m so impressed.

  6. marie in florida

    there are millions of beret patterns, and i’ve never tried one. i’ve made enough hats of various kinds, enough to reach the moon, almost enough to equal my washrags….LOL… wishing you success, and you are (maybe)inspring me to try it. maybe, but i’m not really good at keeping track of those numbers for increasing and decreasing.

  7. Amy

    *sending good thoughts your way*

    It looks just lovely drying there on the radiator! It’s the perfect shade, and the yarn really looks like you’ve only knit it once. As if we needed another reason to adore LL!

  8. Lelah

    It’s so pretty! Did you utilize pi for the increases? I would imagine that would also work, and when you get to a 10″ diameter, decrease every 3 for one row, then just knit plain to get it to make the sides. The add the ribbing at the bottom to pull it in. Basically like Wendy’s Kitty Pi bed, yet not felted, not huge, soft, and with ribbing.

    At any rate, you’ll end up making the best beret ever. 🙂

  9. Angelika

    May I suggest you slip a plate into your hat for blocking? I saw that in a book with tami patterns and seems to make sense to me, but I guess that might be a bit too late for that by now. Love the beret and the shading of the yarn.

  10. Elisabeth

    I hope that your grandma will love it and that you were able to give it the perfectly correct pouf. I just finished a differently-shaped-from-normal hat as well and used Anne Budd’s book as a reference in starting it and getting gauge.

  11. Juls

    Watching you re-knit this hat so many times really helped me slog through an earlier scarf I had stalled on. Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations so that I could “channel” your fortitude.

  12. Leslie

    Seeing the beret reminds me I have a question about using elastic thread. I recently completed a merino pullover but after blocking found that the knit-one-purl-one ribbing at the cuffs and waist are too loose. Can I use elastic thread to make them pull in tighter? Trying to pull them out and re-knit in a finished sweater seems so dangerous!

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