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  1. Lindsey

    Awesome camera – we have an older model. Love it, though I don’t lug it around as often as I did my other smaller slower a lot slower camera. Good and bad. Thank you for posting photos of your projects – beautiful (even when they come out not the intended size) Happy Holidays!

  2. nova

    Congrats on the new camera! I am a Nikon-lover myself; but, a good camera is a good camera. I can’t wait to see all of the great pictures you snap!

  3. Heide

    How cool is that! I was just at their website the night before last looking at copies of ship manifests showing when some of my ancestors came over. Should I ever make it back to NYC then this is at the top of my visitation requests. Have a great weekend.

  4. jacqueline

    the camera’s great! i wanted to upgrade to a digital SLR when i went travelling but thought i would get sick of lugging it around so i stuck to something smallet.

    i love the picture of ellis island it brings back fond memories- i ended up spending hours and hours wandering around the museum.

  5. June

    Yes, I was there in July or August of 2001, I think. We have pictures of my family on the ferryboat with the World Trade Center behind us.

  6. Mary

    My Grandmere came through Ellis Island after she married my Grandpere and he brought her back to the U.S. in 1919. I need to visit that place sometime….

  7. Cara

    What a fantastic shot. Makes me wish I had the money for new toys! (Alright, I’m getting a MacBook for Xmas – one gadget at a time.)

    Hope I can get to Ellis Island while I’m in the northeast all winter.

  8. Ann

    After saving for ages, I bought the same camera about 3 months ago and LOVE it. We have a much smaller Nikon, but this is the cat’s meow. Not only does it take excellent photos, I love the heft and ‘feel’ of it in my hands. It feels like a camera is ‘supposed’ to feel. Enjoy! And please keep the knitting and photos coming.


  9. Christine

    Welcome to the Canon SLR family! Whenever I see someone with a new one, I have to recommend the a great addition – the 50mm/ f1.8 lens. It is only about $80, and it is a GREAT lens. It is rare to find something so good that costs so little.

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