One with the sheep

I’m entirely unable to resist knitting socks for my grandma. She is a wonderful gift recipient, claiming each pair is “perfect” and “the best ever.” I’m certain Traveler’s Stockings will be received with delight and thankfulness, like all the others.

However, I think I need to pause with the grandma sock knitting for a bit. When I visited in November, I learned that grandma has too many handknit socks: apparently, she hasn’t even had the chance to wear some of them! I’m not surprised – we’ve had a rather mild winter, and she’s received four new pairs since August!

And so, instead of choosing socks as my portable project of the moment, I turn my attention to some hats and mittens.

First up, the Bea Ellis Kristen hat kit I received from Ashley.

I’m enjoying this project for all the typical reasons – great pattern, portable, two-color fancifulness, pretty… But I find something else about it to be a major thrill – it’s woolly.

The yarn used in this project, Dale of Norway Heilo, is honest to goodness wool – I revel in the furriness and fuzziness, the smell of the sheep from which it came, the way stitches refuse to drop because the fibers instantly stick to each other.

In my world of cotton blends, silks, and only the most tightly-spun and smoothest wools, elann’s Peruvian Collection Highland Wool is the closest I’ve ever gotten to using a yarn like Heilo (I used it to knit a zipped cardigan set for a friend’s son).

That was two years ago, and now I’m back to feeling one with the sheep.

Oh, so furry on the needles…


21 thoughts on “One with the sheep

  1. Natalie

    Hey Grumperina!

    I have a contest on my blog involving the mistakes I made in knitting my first pair of completed Jaywalkers. I will post a nice complete photo of them once I give them to my mom for Christmas.

    But for now, some close ups of the slip ups. Everyone come see! Come win! The deadline is midnight December 31st.

  2. Lolly

    I have this same kit – the Kristen hat! I was going to do it for the KAL, but I am now thinking about some mittens… I am happy to see that it is working up so well! Great colors 😉

  3. Jen

    Those colors are going to be just lovely. Well, they are already lovely, but as a hat they are going to be SPECTACULAR.


  4. A

    This is actually really funny to me, because I used the Heiol after knitting those mittens from some kind of Scandinavian velcro, I mean yarn, and the Heilo was like silk by comparison!!

  5. earthchick

    My Bea Ellis hat kit just arrived today (woohoo), and though I haven’t started knitting with it yet, I can tell just by the feel of it that I love it. It is just so *real* feeling.

  6. Lisa

    I’m a Heilo fan too. There’s something authentic about it. Dense, woolly, tightly plied just soft enough. Less pilling too, compared to the softly spun stuff. Yup. Is good yarn.

  7. Sharon

    This isn’t directly linked to your post (although your grandma’s new socks are just beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how your woolly hat knits up)… I just want to thank you for your newsgator link on your sidebar. I’ve been having a lot of probs with bloglines, particularly accessing it at work, and newsgator is superb and streamlined! Thanks!

  8. Meredtih

    One with the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp. Oh, yes, I’ve been there, too…and isn’t that the best red possible in the universe? It GLOWS.

  9. angelarae

    You are a wonderful knitter, Kathy. I like to visit yours and Eunny’s blog whenever I want to feel completely inadequate as a knitter…thanks;->


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