New: not the same as tried and true

From the WTF? files:


You’d think it’s bad enough that the colorway pools in the most obnoxious way – not striping, not zigzagging, not swirling, not spiraling… instead all the light segments are on one side of the sock, and all the dark, on the other. But no! The thing is big enough for 1.5 feet:

This is why I cannot stop using Lorna’s Laces. I can knit with that yarn in my sleep! I know exactly what will happen if I cast-on 60 sts. Or 72 sts. Or how many stitches to cast on for a narrow foot. Or a wide one. And how much I expect the sock to stretch, length-wise and width-wise. And what will happen after the washer and dryer.

As soon as my wandering eye considers another sock yarn, bad things happen. In this case, riding the waves of my previous variegated yarn successes, some devil possessed me to purchase Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in Butter Pecan. “The color is perfect for grandma,” I thought, “and I can make it stripe! I know I can! It can’t be too difficult to figure out the right stitch count. No problem!”

Bwahahaha! I wish the photos above represented my first (or second) (or third) try. I’m not used to the stretchiness of it – Lorna’s Laces, with 20% nylon content, holds its shape wonderfully, but fabric knit out of this stuff can widen and lengthen and widen and lengthen… So reducing the circumference by, say, 4 stitches does nothing.

You might wonder whether this is the end of the Claudia Co. love affair. Didn’t I proclaim that if a knitter is bothered by pooling, there is no shortage of solid-colored sock yarns for him/her? Call me a hypocrite ;). The yarn has three pros which cannot be ignored: (1) the colorway is perfect for my grandma, (2) it survives frogging like a champ, and (3) it is the softest, squishiest, butteriest yarn I have ever used in my life. So I cast on again:

Seems to fit better and spiral. We’ll see what happens in 20-30 rounds. I cross my fingers.

(This is a simple stockinette sock with a picot edging, worked over 60 sts on US 0 needles, with some herringbone stitches thrown in for interest)


44 thoughts on “New: not the same as tried and true

  1. kelpkim

    i hope it works! you’re right–that colorway is very very yummy and it’s great that you are stretching your yarn repertoire! you are such a great knitter! love your stuff! i just love how your dad’s new scarf turned out and i’m going to give cables a try with your uber-helpful tutorial! can’t wait! :o)

    have a great weekend. ek.

  2. WendyI

    You can’t eliminate the squishy cozy factor for sure. I’m wearing a pair made from Claudia’s today and I’ve been walking on air!

  3. Barbara

    You could start the sock toe up and then just increase until it fits around the ball of your foot to get the stitch count for the foot and leg portion….

  4. Jomy

    You posted on my birthday! yippee!

    I think the sock looks great, with the modifications. I really like how you go about making all your knits look great. Awww.

  5. v.j. kohout

    I find it interesting how changing the number of stitches in a round changes the way the colors in variegated yarn line up. It can go from good to bad and vice versa. Good luck with this project. Soft goes a long way with socks. BTW, I have a pair of Jaywalkers, that I plan to submit for the 600th entry and I used the Sock That Rock yarn. They are the most dense and unstretchy pair of socks I made to date. Wonder if it has to do, partly at least, with the pattern. But I have not heard that from anyone. They look good. vj

  6. Mary Beth

    I’m using Claudia in the colorway Paprika for some Jaywalkers right now, and I’m not having any trouble with pooling. Maybe you just got a bad batch? Good luck!

  7. Stella

    oh man. i’ve just had my own long series of false starts with a sock too….

    it looks good now though — and that colorway is lovely.

  8. Wannietta

    I dunno, I like how the colourway is working out!

    But I’m sure that it will change in a good way for you with the change # of stitches.

    (It is a wonderful colour – definitely worth persevering for!)

  9. courtney

    wow, that’s one BIG sock! I like the way it is looking in the last photo, and butter pecan is just the perfect name for those colors.

    love the picot too, why am I so obsessed with picot?

  10. Mintyfresh

    I just cast on a Claudia Handpainted yarn sock this morning! I’m happy to have a warning about stretchiness–perhaps I’ll scale down my plan for this pair (I’m not even done increasing for the toe yet, so I can be flexible). The squishiness really is divine, I’m sure your grandmother will love them.

  11. turtlegirl76

    I’m experiencing a cursed sock yarn right now. First one, was going nice – but I picked the wrong pattern and had to frog. Second one – knit all they way to the cuff (toe up) and then discovered it was too tight to get on. I have to frog back to the gusset and add more stitches before turning the heel again.

    Or, I frog and send the yarn to someone else with better luck.

  12. Adam

    I like the colorway, but I agree, pooling can be frustrating sometimes. If you ever want a self-striping colorway with big deep stripes, I’ll dye one for you πŸ™‚

  13. Stephanie

    Well, when the good outweighs the bad, you must carry on. I like the latest version and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it works out for you.

  14. Ann

    I definitely had some minor issues with pooling on my butter pecan socks, but they became MUCH less noticeable after the whole sock was knit up. I’m glad you think the yarn is worth it, at least. πŸ™‚

  15. Nikki

    The sock is beautiful. But how do you prevent the picot edging from curling – mine always curls!!

  16. Maritza

    That photo of you fitting both sets of toes in there is hysterical! I love that colorway. It seems to be knitting up beautifully now. And that is one lovely picot edge, might I add.

  17. Teresa C

    That is just the great thing about the handpainted yarn, a small change in needle or stitch number and you have an entirely different sock. And usually, you haven’t done too much work that it kills you to rip it all out!

  18. April

    Well… I can see it starting to stripe, at least, but seriously? that first pic was freaky hahahaha! Two feet in one sock that’s great. BUT NOW that I see it at it’s real glory, I can appreciate it much better, I just hope it doesn’t keep growing!

  19. Sue Krekorian

    Zen and the art of knitting socks with variegated yarn – go with the flow, babe, and what happens will happen – but where the fit figures is rather more important, I grant you. Random includes areas of pattern by chance…. Great socks, love the herringbone details.


  20. reluctantmango

    I have no doubt you’ll whip that sock into shape! The colors are lovely, and grandma is sure to love the finished product. And then you can get back to your LL πŸ™‚

  21. Lyssa

    wow you are a trooper. i would have put them aside looooong ago.. at least for a while. when i became calm enough to work on them again…

  22. martina

    Hi there,

    may I ask you how you do your edges – as seen on your socks in the picture. I am a seasoned knitter and crocheter, but am not sure how to do these. Maybe you can point me in the right direction or have an instruction?

    Many thanks


  23. Trico

    I do ordered and got the same coloway of Claudia’s handpainted yarn, Butter pecan, so now I can know how it pools….

    Besides, in my exprerience, when I casted on the number of stitch with Claudia’s for Jaywalker regular size with 3mm needles for me, it is now perfectly fit my DH’s hoot. For the case the colorway is “Turquoise Jeans”, brilliant turquoise stripe(yes, it stripes beautifully without weird pooling) but generously DH accepted the sock as his. Yeah, it does stretchy…

  24. Alison

    I love the Claudia yarn but found there was just a tiny bit too little for my preferred sock leg length. So for me it took 3 skeins for size 9 socks (women’s) with Wendy’s feather and fan leg. And I now have a lot left over. Size – I started with 16 sts per needle – 64 total on size 1.5, moved to 18 sts per needle for the leg to work the F&F pattern and switched to size 1 for the first 2 repeats, then back to 1.5 for the rest of the leg.

  25. Candace

    Claudia Handpaints uses Louet Gems as their base, I believe. Lovely, interesting pattern for the socks. I enjoy your sock work!

  26. Cathy

    Since I don’t do socks (yet!) I just have to comment on the beautiful colors. They remind me of a summer day when my garden wasn’t under snow/ice!!

  27. margaux

    i guess 3rd times the charm (or is it 4th) it does look very soft… you keep making me want to buy Lornas… i haven’t gotten to my LYS yet to get some… it will happen soon!

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