Natural habitat

A votive sleeve in its natural habitat: my parents’ kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


23 thoughts on “Natural habitat

  1. Regina

    (performed in stodgy “National Geographic” documentary voice): This particular member of the Textilis Candela family has found its natural habitat in the household of the ‘parents or loved ones of a knitter’. It is not uncommon for parents or loved ones to cohabitate with beautiful specimens of handiwork such as Textilis Candela when ample praise is poured upon the various works created by the artist. Note the beaded plumage of the holder, and how well it blends with wood cabinetry. Truly a lovely resting place for such a lovely piece of hand-crafted art.” (end stodgy voice)

    They really are beautiful. I’m sorry they cause you pain to knit, but the effect of the knitting is truly one of a kind and I know your parents are thrilled to have them.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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