Dad’s neck: no longer cold

Pattern: My own*

Needles: Bryspun straights, US 5 (3.75 mm)

Yarn: Sundara Yarn sport merino, Somewhat Solid in Tan over Cream, 2 skeins (plus a bit of the third for fringe).

Finished size: 7″ wide and 60″ long (plus 3″ long fringe).

Boy oh boy, this one really worked out! After learning that my mom felted the scarf I knit for dad last year, and hid this indiscretion from him for several months, I did what any good daughter would do: knit him another!

And if I do say so myself, it turned out to be new and improved.

  • Sundara’s sport merino is superwash (check!).
  • The yarn is tightly spun and hopefully won’t pill (check!).
  • Thought it’s not Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (one of the few wool yarns which I can wear around my neck), I was quite comfortable during the photo shoot (check!).
  • The color is warmer and more flattering (check!).
  • I included a neat selvedge (pat on the back!).

I’m thrilled with the texture and drape – knitting with thinner yarn truly made a difference. The scarf hangs lightly around the neck, folds and flows effortlessly. The original Sharfik, knit out of worsted weight yarn, stood up at attention and felt a bit bulky.

You’ll note that I made this scarf 60″ long, though the majority of you advised on the order of 65″-70″. In my head I was thinking 62″ would be perfect for dad – longer than last year, but not so long that it would peek out from the hem of his jacket. I was very close 🙂 – a phone call confirmed that 60″ would be the ideal length.

The scarf did stretch during blocking, but then contracted a bit after fully drying. Still, I had to undo the bind-off and take away some length… resulting in needing only 2 skeins of yarn for the actual scarf, and using the third only for a bit of fringe. Better safe than sorry!

Now I anxiously await my dad’s verdict. Remember, this time around I chose the pattern, the yarn, and the color myself; he has not had a preview of any kind. Surprise! (I’m sure he’ll love it :)).

* Regarding pattern requests: Yes! Just give me a few days. I need to write it up and come up with a clever name (not “Sharfik, v. 2.0”).


73 thoughts on “Dad’s neck: no longer cold

  1. Amanda

    What a lovely scarf! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. Yours was the first knitting blog that I started to read regularly, and I think it had a big influence on me starting my own. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. amy

    Fantastic stitch pattern. Very simple, yet interesting. And the color is great. I’m sure he’ll love it.

  3. Elinor

    Hey, that looks great! I love the color – very appropriate for this time of year.

    I started a pair of Cable Twist socks after seeing your green ones – they were beautiful! I want to thank you for drawing my attention to the pattern – I really like it a lot!

  4. Sundara

    Gorgeous! That is such a fabulous pattern and I hope he likes it. Keep me posted, especially how he feels about the color.

  5. Emily

    My favorite scarf was knit out of sport weight yarn, too. Although on really cold days I do like bulkier scarves that stand up around my face.

  6. Kristen

    Okay…I’ll wait patiently for the pattern. My dad needs one. As for a name, for me it would be “Dad’s Second Chance” but that’s just me! Good work, as usual.

  7. Sarah

    You’re going to make this hard aren’t you. I’ve already printed the sharfik pattern and bought the yarn. Just waiting for a free hour to dye it. And now you come up with another equally great scarf. Oh well, I have enough yarn for both.

  8. graylagran

    i’m sure he’ll love it too, and it’s *mom* (laundress)- proof!

    it’s a very nice manly colorway and texture. you’re such a good daughter!

  9. Sarah

    It’s gorgeous! I wish my Dad would wear scarves. I’m thinking of knitting him a sweater for Christmas. Or maybe wrapping up some yarn and giving it to him with an IOU saying I will knit it before winter! I’m not all that keen on knitting with wool at this time of year (it’s nearly summer here).

  10. Lori in Michigan

    Kathy!!! Totally awesome, woman, especially in Sundara’s fab yarn! I so wish I could be making my daddy one…lost him 18 years ago @ 57 yrs young. Just keep making Dad all he wants… I’ll be making one for my 18 yr old son to wrap him in his Gramp’s love.

  11. Kimberly

    Great looking scarf! I really like how it looks strong and masculine. Will we see a sock pattern to match soon? 😉

    FYI, I came across some Pingouin Corrida No 3 yarn on eBay. Please let me know if you would like to try a couple of these light orange skeins for some socks, and I will see about getting them to you via Mind’s Eye Yarns.


  12. jacqueline

    i love that stitch pattern…and i could really imagine making it for myself even – fringe included!! another very successful grumpy creation!!

  13. Karen B.

    You should be pleased with the texture. That edging is very neat and flat. Was that the blocking or did it simply knit up that way by design?

    Well done!

  14. blossom

    cute! your dad is super lucky. i love the scarf without the fringe, too. i’m making my husband a scarf now too, he keeps asking me for the progres.

  15. Melanie

    I thought the Sharfik was awesome, but this? Girl, you outdid yourself! I LOVE it!

    I must make one as soon as you post the pattern. I have some gorgeous Manos waiting to be knit into something…not sure if it will work well for this but I’m excited to try…If not there’s some Malabrigo in the stash as well.

    And if that don’t work…I guess I will just have to buy more yarn. Shoot, how awful for me 😉

  16. Jane

    That’s incredible! Since you are responsible for my appreciation of Sundara’s yarns (it borders on addiction at this point), I’d love to make that very scarf in her yarn. Beautiful!

  17. Kathleen

    Wonderful scarf! And “amen” to Sundara’s sport weight yarn–it is amazing. I made a pair of socks for my husband and they are without a doubt the best looking and performing item I have ever knit.

    I love following your adventures in knitting, sewing, etc. and appreciate your sharing so much of your family with us.


  18. Judith Foldi

    Well! You did it again. I really enjoy seeing what you come up with next. I’ve been knitting for many, many years and except for socks, always need a pattern (often yours!).

  19. Susan


    Really and truly gorgeous!

    I love the stitch pattern. Can’t figure out what it is.

    Eagerly awaiting the pattern. Though we don’t wear many scarves here in Fla., this one may be worth the time.

    It’s stunning!

  20. Laurence

    The scarf is beautiful! The texture and colour together remind me of golden crispy sunday morning waffles I have with my dad sometimes 🙂

  21. Shamiran

    Great job… I found your site from (what else) the Jaywalkers sock pattern!!! 🙂

    I would definitely pick a name for the scarf that would be an ode to mom and her felting mishap… Not sure if you like Seinfeld, but I like the idea of calling it “NO FELT FOR YOU!” 🙂

  22. Mary K. in Rockport

    Nice – I like the herringbone effect in a single color. The stitch pattern is reminding me of “My So Called Scarf.” Waiting eagerly for the pattern; guys are so picky about what they will wear, and this scarf might suit His Pickiness.

  23. Trico

    I love this scarf’s elegance…it reminds me that I was planning to knit a scarf for DH last winter and never made it, because I could not find any appropriate gorgeous manly pattern. Now I am looking forward to seeing the pattern…with some gray cashmere-brend yarns from last year, which is happened to be sport weight.

  24. Melissa

    The scarf looks great! I know several guys that would love a scarf like it. Can’t wait for the pattern.

  25. Ronda

    Very Nice! I love the way this scarf looks. It’s always good when you find a pattern that can be “manly.” They seem to be hard to come by. I’m sure your dad will love it!

    The Vs in the pattern remind me of flying geese…

  26. Adam

    The scarf is gorgeous! I absolutely love the pattern too…I think there’s one in my future 🙂 And that Sundara is one talented dyer.

  27. April

    Simply gorgeous, naturally =) I’m sure he’ll love it, it’s a great guy pattern (even though it looks marvelous on you, too!)

  28. kim

    Wonderful scarf Kathy. Looking forward to the pattern. I look forward to reading your blog each week. Thanks for the humour and the inspiration to keep on knitting.

    Kim from Vancouver

  29. K. Anne

    It turned out wonderfully. As for a name, may I be so forward as to suggest something? Looking at the pattern I see “wishbone” shapes. And since your father wished for a new scarf, it kind of fits in that respect as well. And if we want to be totally corny… You did finish the scarf in November, Thanksgiving month. And who as a child did not fight over the priviledge of getting to try their luck at the wishbone?

  30. Val

    I hope you don’t mind…. I like the stitch pattern so much I lifted it to use on the top and cuff of my latest socks. Photo on my blog if you want to see how it looks in pink-with-flecks Koigu.

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