The dryer, ooof!!!

The weather has been glorious here in New England, a total distraction from yarn and needles. But I’m not deceived – chillier nights are coming, and, as always, grandma needs a new pair of socks. Between this, that, and the other, I finally finished her Whitbys:

Pattern: Whitby from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road, sized up a bit to accommodate grandma’s wide feet.

Yarn: Regia Silk, #054, 2 skeins.

Needles: US 1 dpns, set of 5 (these ones).

This one was as simple as can be – everything seemed to work from the very beginning. No frogging, no thinking, just pure knitting joy. The yarn is quite lovely, very squishy and soft, and worked exceptionally well for ribbing as well as cables.

You may notice that between various progress photos and now the yarn has acquired a little halo… and also maybe the cuffs aren’t as long as they once appeared.


This is what happened: typically I don’t hesitate to machine-wash superwash wools, but take the time to lay them flat to dry, regardless of whether tumble-drying is suggested by the manufacturer or not. However, I’m going on a trip in a few days and wanted to get these out to grandma before leaving. So, following the laundering directions on the label of the yarn, I machine-washed the socks, then tumble-dryed them on low.

BIG mistake. While the socks looked fine after the washer, the dryer messed everything up. They came out fuzzy and sort of worn-looking! Plus, they are significantly smaller than when I knit them – they now fit me! I wear size 7 shoes, and grandma, size 10!!! I hope that after grandma wears them a few times, they’ll stretch to accommodate her foot. They better! And I’ve learned my lesson – no dryer for Regia Silk!

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to squeeze in another post before my trip (if not, see you in about a week!), so let me give you a very quick rundown on other knitting currently in my life:

  • No progress on wire votive sleeves since this post.
  • Horrible indecision with respect to Socktoberfest socks – much time has been wasted. Considering time is very precious for me this month, I’m starting the oh-so-lovely Aran Braided Socks. I’m sure I’ll return to the Walkers and Erlbachers one day; it’s simply not meant to happen right now.
  • Indecision about dad’s new scarf (not that I’ve had much time to think about it).
  • And… in a shocking turn of events, I’ve been working on this scarf. I once lamented about the thousands of stitches, but I think they’ve grown on me after a small break!
Mmmm…. stitches!


33 thoughts on “The dryer, ooof!!!

  1. Stephanie

    Oh, I hate it when you follow the laundering directions and things go haywire. The socks are still lovely, despite the dryer problems. The Aran Braided socks look like a great pattern. Have fun on your trip.

  2. kelpkim

    love the scarf! i can’t wait to see how it turns out! the stitch definition is amazing and it’s just a beautiful yarn! of course! it’s sundara yarn! :o)

    have a great trip and can’t wait to hear more about the dad-scarf-saga!

  3. Carol

    Aw man! socks in the dryer–at least one of them didn’t disappear. You dad’s scarf is looking awesome. Happy trip busy woman!

  4. Risa

    Your socks always turn out looking beautiful (even if they’re a bit small)! Your grandma is a lucky woman.

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. Lin

    Even after being tumbled your socks look gorgeous!

    Nice to see how the Regia silk knits up as I was wondering about using it.

  6. Steph

    I’m sure they still feel nice though? I almost bought some Regia Silk in Germany, but I noticed it was already pilling in the skein just from people looking at it.

  7. Pat

    Your Whitby’s are so pretty….they will be my next KOTR sock after Traveler’s Stockings. I love my Regia Silk socks – quite possibly the softest socks ever…..thanks for the unintended warning on throwing them in the dryer!! I guess I won’t do that now.

  8. nona

    Another great pair of socks for lucky Grandma! Thanks for the information about drying the Regia Silk yarn. This yarn is a big hit at my LYS, I’ll be sure to warn others not to use the dryer.

  9. Kimberly

    Thanks for the tip on the Regia Silk. I have 2 skeins of it for my sister’s socks, and I will probably get something else more “Mother of 2 kids” friendly for her now.


  10. Johanna

    Oooh, Nancy Bush does a great job with sock patterns! Very nice! I have some of the Regia Silk waiting to be knit up, I can’t wait to feel it on my feet, (but I’ll be sure to not machine dry!)

  11. Laurie

    Gosh I think the socks look great. Let us know if the socks fit Grandma because I’m on a little bender about sock sizing anyway. I’m not sure we need to be so specific on sizes like we do shoes. I think socks feel nicer when they hug a little and we could size them s, m, and lg (like we buy them in the stores). But I don’t have any data to back that up. I’m still working it all out.

  12. Cindy D

    I knit a pair of wedding socks for my SIL using Regia Silk. I was disappointed in the fuzziness prior to washing. I can only imagine “post” dryer!

  13. Jennifer

    Thanks for the info. Luckily none of the Regia has been available in my area. Will be interesting to see if the Knitpicks silk sock yarn behaves similarly. The socks look so much prettier than in the book.

  14. Carolyn

    Oh no! Actually, they don’t look too bad for surviving the dryer. I never really read the lables, unless it is a baby item…all knits are hand wash and dry flat. I have had success with the front loader washer in washing socks…but am really scared of the dryer.

    Oh FYI the new Martha Stewart Living came today, I don’t know if you get it…but there is an idea for that felted scarf in there! She does a feature of sewing items out of felted wool….hmmmm.

  15. amisha

    they’re still looking pretty amazing, despite the dryer… the pattern is gorgeous. i had a pair of regular regia socks get a bit tight after the dryer, but a good stretch-out on the old feet and they were fine. i wonder, though, if you could just wet-block them before giving and sort them out?

  16. SJ

    Dryer or not, I love the Whitby, and you selected the perfect color. I want to make these for my sister. (And some for myself.) Lovely. =)

  17. Melissa G

    That’s how it happened! I was trolling for a scarf pattern couple weeks ago and found fluted rib, liked the look but had the devil of a time keeping in pattern, kept frogging and turned out a scarf in handspun remarkably like the color of your Sundara. Finished last week in pattern despite the constant subconscious urge to shift the repeat. BTW, I always admire your well-executed work, thanks for the inspiration.

  18. ErickaJo

    I appreciate the warning. I love Regia Silk, and I became helpless after reading the care instructions. I haven’t finished anything yet, but I’ve got a pair on the needles for Socktoberfest.

    I hope they stretch out!

  19. Charli

    Hi Kathy,

    I felt like it was time to say hello since I’ve lurked through your entire archives, which means that I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve learned so much about knitting from you, which is quite appropos since I found your blog when searching for info on KnitPicks needles.

    Also, your blog was a strong influence causing me to buy enough sock yarn for about 4 pairs of socks, before every knitting one! Thanks! (I think. My memory of the experience is kind of blurry, as I recall, it seemed completely beyond my control. *grin* )

    Hope you have a great week, whereever your going.



    p.s. my blog is very new, so you may want to wait a bit til I figure out TypePad a little better.

  20. Sunny

    The socks are beautiful, and if they don’t fit Grandma to perfection, or if you want to give up and try some with a different (more washable) yarn or something, I’m sure any number of your friends would be willing to take them off your hands, fuzzy or not!

    As always, you’re an inspiration, Kathy. Good luck with the scarf! Here’s hoping you find the perfect (or perfect with a few manipulations!) pattern soon!

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