Spring in Socktober

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. I feel that this year, more than years past, I’ve really taken the time to get out there and soak up the vibrant colors and changing landscape. And I’ve loved every minute of it.


My knitting, however, is screaming spring.

My Socktoberfest socks: Aran Braided Socks from KnitPicks, worked in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, carol green.

You’ve seen this yarn before: some may remember a certain ink incident, where it first made its appearance. With one skein obliterated into dozens of Brussels sprouts, the other sat lonely and partner-less in my stashette for a very long time. When an opportunity presented itself to use the yarn, I contacted Linda who happily informed that she had more of the same dye lot. A replacement was in my hands within a few days, and a new sock on the needles shortly thereafter.

I’m very much enjoying this pattern, almost in spite of myself. Typically I’m not a fan of 1 X 1 ribbing (purely for aesthetic reasons), and cables aren’t my favorites either. But in this pattern the ribbing adds a certain texture and interest to an otherwise simple design.

The fit is quite nice – stretchy and snug. It takes a little bit of effort to get it over my heel, but once it’s on the leg, it’s very comfortable. I’m pleased at my choice of a tubular cast-on, which assures a completely non-binding edge.

I’m relieved that this project is working out – I really didn’t want to go on my trip without any knitting! Now it’s just a matter of getting three sets of metal dpns through security, gulp! (US 000 for tubular cast-on, US 1 for cuff, US 0 for leg) (I know they’re allowed… but even I would raise an eyebrow at 15 pointy sticks being carried onboard!)


26 thoughts on “Spring in Socktober

  1. Kim

    Kathy, you’re allowed to take knitting needles through security now. Also, you can take sharp scissors, up to a 4-inch blade! I just flew last week. Couldn’t bring my hand cream, but I could bring a bunch of metal needles (size 0 and 1), with no problem!

  2. Nell

    Knitting needles are fine. The screener took a quick look in my bag but once he confirmed that’s what they are, I was on my way. No sweat.

    But yeah, no liquids in excess of 3 oz. And all liquids and gels in a plastic bag.

  3. ZhiWen

    Such a pretty colour of green! It reminds me of Leaf Lace socks by Fibertrends (which is a WIP of mine) 🙂 Why oh why won’t KnitPicks ship internationally? Grr.. hurray for Linda for having some “emergency stash” ready for you!

  4. Carolyn

    Hmmmm…the airport security is very strange. Love the sock. The green is great. Hey, what’s wrong with cables?! They look fab.

    “multitasking nonsense”…ha! I’m currently cleaning bathrooms, icing a cake I baked this morning, doing laundry, reading blogs, getting ready to run out to pick up a package (non knitting…darn) and of course….knitting…socks…log cabin…one down.

  5. JulieFrick

    Oh, I wish I could see your socks. Sadly, I haven’t been able to see the photos on your site lately. Any idea why that might be? I’m no Luddite, but this question is a bit beyond my expertise.

  6. Pat H

    Having just returned from a trip I found the knitting needles were no problem at all, They (Homeland Security) took my jar of mentholatum!

  7. Lucia

    Most intriguing. The cable is reversible, no?

    I had no trouble getting my Addi 0 through security. Good thing, too, as I wasn’t actually going anywhere, just picking up my (gulp, knit like mad) unaccompanied daughter.

  8. Liz K.

    Kathy, I just tried the tubular cast-on on my last pair of socks (knitted with the LL I won in your contest!) and found it truly lovely for a ribbed edge, but terribly unelastic. I thought perhaps I should go UP a needle size. Now I see you going down needle sizes for your cast-on. Can you explain? Did I do it wrong?

  9. Stephanie

    I flew three roundtrip flights in the last month with three sets of metal circs and although I did get a weird double take from the xray machine guy I sailed right through.

  10. Judith Crossett

    In September I flew to Wyoming, home, then England, home. Knitting needles (I use bamboo for socks) were no trouble in the super-picky Cody, Wyoming airport, nor the other, slightly less picky US airports, but coming home from UK was No Pointy Sticks. Fortunately I could stuff the sock and its needles into a bag I was about to check. Unfortunately…long flight, no knitting.

  11. susan

    I admit to being just a teeny tiny bit sick of 1×1 rib by the time I finished the sample socks. But it’s worth it; they fit great.

  12. Tarilyn

    Love the color and the pattern of your socks! They remind me of cooked kale – which I think of as a “fall” food.

    I am so paranoid about knitting needles on flights. It all seems to depend on who you deal with and what kind of mood they are in. I like to have my working set “fully loaded” with an inch or so of knitting and put the rest in my checked luggage.

  13. sylvia

    ha! you answered my question about what you do with the rest of the sizes in the susan bates pack without even trying! thank you =) ill have to try a tubular cast on/off for socks next time and now i know i should use a smaller needle! the green yarn looks lovely~

  14. Sarah

    Perhaps that green does make one think of spring, but isn’t that what you want sometimes on a gloomy, cold fall or winter day? Personally, I like to save my really bright socks for the dead of winter. It has the same effect of wearing pretty underwear, even if no one sees it — you know it’s there, and knowing it’s there makes you happy!

    Can’t wait to see the finished sock — it’s off to such a pretty start!

  15. Alison

    If you get the second sock cast on and the ribbing done before you leave, then you only have to take the one size of needles…


  16. Monica

    I truely hope they let you! Even though they’re permitted, it’s also up to the discretion of the security officer. In July, mine (in Denver) wouldn’t let my size 1 needles on, and I was in the middle of color work. sadness…..

  17. rae

    I love the green. It reminds me of fall. The stem of a pumpkin. I think that your green is not really bias of any season. So is that seasonless or seasonfull?

  18. Mary

    Carry a few pens and pencils with you as well, and store all your DPNs with the pens and pencils in a case or something. They’ll look less suspicious that way.

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