Oh, Maggie!

This, my friends, this is what we call a winner!

I didn’t take my reservations about the Aran Braided Socks lightly – if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit! I seriously considered modifying the pattern to make it a bit wider, but when working with large 8-stitch cables, sizing it too unpredictable a venture. Let me put it this way – I know what to expect if I add 6 stitches in a stockinette- or lace-based pattern, but cables… I quote Maggie Righetti:

I have heard and read of “constants,” such as “Add 1 stitch of width for each cable used,” or “Add 1 stitch per inch of stockinette gauge” to compensate for the width-eating character of cables. Nonsense! The only way to tell exactly how much width the cables will use up is to make a swatch of them and measure it.

And swatching was the one thing I didn’t have time for! The plan is to complete these socks during Socktober, so I can move on to other very pressing projects.

Switcheroo! Hundreds of miles away from my pattern books, with only the internet at my disposal, I was thrilled to come across Hello Yarn’s Cable Twist Socks. I modified the pattern to be worked over 64 stitches, added an eye of partridge flap heel, and voila!

I’ve got just a little over a week to finish the second (barely-begun) sock. I think I can do it!


66 thoughts on “Oh, Maggie!

  1. Ashley

    Ah–those were my first Real Socks! It’s a great pattern, isn’t it? I modified them too, for Koigu, and they look great in all three yarn weights. Plus, if I recall it’s a pretty quick knit–you shoud be done in a week with no problem.

  2. Angela

    That definitely is a winner! Eeeek, I’ve got to get moving on mine. I’ve been having pattern troubls as well, I’m barely started knitting the heel flap on my first sock!

  3. Stephanie

    Oh, those are fabulous. I really like this pattern (and better than the first attempt). Of course you can finish the second sock – you’re Grumperina!

  4. Vicki

    They’re lovely! And I nearly didn’t believe you got that sock from that pattern. It looks so different in a smaller gauge and solid color.

  5. Leisel

    Oh, I’m so glad you changed it. I really hated the way that yarn was looking in the Aran Braided Socks, and it looks so much better in this pattern!

    Could I ask how you modified it? I went to the link you posted, and while I can see how the pattern is related to what you ended up with, your version looks much better, and I really think I want to do some like yours. I especially like how your twisted stitch cable blends right into the heel of the sock (and wouldn’t you know it… the eye of partridge is my favorite version of the heel flap, too).

  6. AuntieAnn

    I second the request for the mods, please. Yours looks so much more like a sock I would wear than the worsted weight original.

    As usual, you have proved yourself a knitting genius.

  7. margo

    ditto on requesting your modifications – I NEVER would have knit that pattern based on the original pictures. And the fact that I don’t like worsted-weight socks!

  8. LaurieM

    I created my own sock pattern using that same faux-cable. The socks were pre-blog and for my brother-in-law last Christmas. The pattern as less pull than real cables. Good choice!

  9. Kai

    That is a truly stunning sock. I remember checking out this pattern a while ago and dismissing it as complicated and a bit chunky..

    Having seen yours and recently dabbled in cables.. I’m very tempted indeed!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lolajl

    I love it! Love your mods – I agree that it just didn’t look compelling with worsted-weight yarn. Looks like your mods are simple enough that I can work it out myself.

  11. Pam

    Love all your work. Is it fair to ask how you arrived at the pattern using the finer yarn? This is where I’m not good — changing up things. But I want to get better — so could you tell us how to do rewrite a pattern. We novices need help.

    Thanks and keep on writing…..

  12. Denise in Kent, WA

    Lovely sock! There’s a very similar pattern in the Sock Calendar that I’ve made a couple times. It’s quick & easy to knit, yet looks great.

  13. Sarah

    Great sock! Changing cable patterns scares the bejeezus out of me, so I’m very impressed by your mods. And the green really shows them off.

  14. Suzanne

    That sock looks great…I love the color as well. I was in your neck of the woods this past weekend for the Head of the Charles and stopped by Wolcott and Windsor Buttons. Liked them both, bummed I didn’t make it to Mind’s Eye. Cambridge is a beautiful area!

  15. Laura Neal

    For some reason this pattern works better with this color. The other one seemed garish. Maybe it was too busy for the color. Nice sock, and yes, you can knit a sock within a week. You go girl!

  16. Laura

    Beautiful ~ I love the color and really like how the braid looks in the solid color. Would you be willing to share how you modified the pattern? I’m a new sock knitter and would appreciate the help. Thanks.

  17. Martha

    Kathy, the socks are beautiful!!

    The reason I’m writing is that my mom has Lymphoma and I’m running a contest on my blog to help get blood donations. She was in dire need of blood and we had to wait DAYS for her blood type to be located and transported. Simply, I need your help to get the word out. Please help.

    Thank you!


  18. sylvia

    beautiful sock =)

    u inspired me to use the cable pattern on a hat for my dad.

    looks like what she did was make it an 8 st pattern by adding another knit stitch. and to make the pattern “blend into the heel,” i think she did the purls before the knits – the stitches that are picked up after the heel flap is done is along the purl column. so its P2 K6 with the LTs as in the original pattern.

  19. Jeanne

    Grumperina, those socks are amazing! Add me to the list of those interested in the pattern modifications. The socks seem to fit your foot perfectly–no gaps, puckers or oddness. Good job!

  20. Tanya

    I absolutely LOVE these socks and I have yarn that would be perfect for them! I think they might work for a man too, and I’m always in search of a good pattern for men. They always want boring socks and I don’t want to knit boring socks ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Catherine Wingate

    What a handsome sock! I don’t know the pattern but it’s similar to the Everybody Wants Sox! in The Sock Calendar (alas, now out of print and getting harder to find) which was a popular pattern because you can resize it almost in any direction…e.g., by making the twist-stitch ribbing a k5, p2 combo or k8, p2 or anything in between.

    What’s also fun, which I did for Christmas gifts for friends (ever since I started designing socks, friends are spoiled by getting handknitted prototypes for Christmas and now ONLY want hand-knitted socks) is to work in some beading. For example to use a k6, p1 ribbing and work a seed bead into the purled stitches every 5th, 6th, whatever row. They’re hidden between the ribbings and just peak out when the sock is worn and twinkle a bit.

    Happy sock knitting!



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