I miss my pattern books :(

I just discovered a sub-par internet connection in my hotel room. This is causing me to let out a little squee! – squee! Sometimes I feel like my entire life is online, and that I’d easier survive without a cell phone or snail mail than without internet.

One thing that’s not causing me to squee is the Aran Braided Socks.

While beautiful, they simply aren’t working out for me. I wanted socks which are rather high, clearly reaching the calf. However, in their current state, the socks become too tight just a few inches above the ankle bone. Sigh… I think this pattern will make great ankle socks – just a little tidbit to store away for future use, I don’t intend for these to become ankle socks.

But what am I going to do in the meantime? Well, frog, for starters. And then, I was thinking of adding a few stitches between each of the repeats, which I’ll later decrease away. That should give a little extra width.

Or perhaps scrap this pattern entirely… (if only my knitting library was at my disposal right now) (if only the internet connect was a little faster so I could cruise some knitting sites)

Good thing I have another project with me while I mull over the socks!

Look familiar?

I decided to mimic the Blue Fly scarf for dad’s next Sharfik. I’m not positive it’s an exact replica of the stitch pattern, but I’m happy with it, so I’m forging ahead. Here’s a more straight on side-by-side:


Considering that this is a stockinette-based stitch pattern, I was concerned about curling, especially along the length of the scarf (i.e., morphing into a long narrow tube). It appears that this is not an issue, however, and the thing is rather flat. Wheew!

And now, back to sock mulling…


40 thoughts on “I miss my pattern books :(

  1. Dorothy B

    Too bad about the socks. That’s a lot of work to have to frog. They are pretty though.

    I like your version of the Blue Fly scarf. It looks a bit more open. Although that could just be the lighter colour showing the stitch pattern better.

  2. carol

    Yeah, we had construction guys cut into our cable and we had NO internet connection for a couple of days until they fixed it. I was lost! Everything I do seems to have an internet connection (pardon the pun) Even watching tv, I check listings and stuff that comes up in the shows on the internet!

  3. Carrie

    I love that scarf. You always make such neat things, and I’m inspired by your skills. Will you post the pattern for this one? I have thoughts about what you’ve done, and I’ll be interested to see if I’ve figured it correctly. (It’s always harder to tell if I can’t actually hold the piece in my hands.)

  4. Carolyn

    Hmmm. I like the socks, but to each her own. I’ve been in your situation before…but with out the internet, just imagine!

    Now, I love that scarf. What does the other side look like, if I may?

  5. Kirsten

    I hope you decide to re-do the socks. I love the pattern and it looks great in the green yarn.

    The new Sharfik stitch pattern looks wonderful. I’m sure your dad will be thrilled with the results.

  6. Karen B.

    Sundara’s yarn is beautiful, as is your more “open” version of the Bluefly scarf. Just one question: did you by chance go for superwash so there won’t be any more accidental felting?

    I know the hand isn’t the same, but better safe than sorry maybe?

  7. Susan Johnson

    I just love your scarf pattern. Will you be posting this on your blog? So sorry about the socks, but it is much better to love what you are knitting. I’m sure you will come up with something equally as nice.

    Sue J.

  8. Lynn

    Sorry about the socks! That’s so heart breaking, but it’s better to frog now than be stuck with either a single sock you won’t wear or worse, a pair!

    Hope you figure it out.

    The scarf is great and your dad will love it. Nice and substantial, not boring but manly. Good choice.

  9. sylvia

    i really think u should put more stitches between the repeats of the sock! i dont think it would change much about the looks of the pattern as a whole.

    and i was wondering, have you ever had problems with the paint scratching off ur susan bates dpns? cuz one of my US0’s did and its so scratchy when i use it, though it still works =/

  10. Irene

    It looks, from the photo, that not only would that pattern make great anklets, but it would make great gloves/fingerless gloves/wristlets. Don’t frog!

  11. Rebecca

    Fortunate for you that you brought another project along! I’ve frogged two pair of socks this weekend that weren’t working for me….non-knitters think we are crazy when we do this!

  12. Carol

    Excellent choice on the scarf, now you can frog some guilt! speaking of, poor sock, ripitripit- at this point in my knitting “ventures” if I had to frog that, there’d be alot of swear words in this post.

  13. Chris

    Too bad about the socks — as another woman of substantial calf muscles, I sympathize. The scarf is fabulous!

  14. Kimberly

    The sock pattern does seem a bit heavy. How about converting them into some hand-warmers? I can picture them as a great set of gloves or wrist-warmers. As for cabled socks, I am tempted by Eunny Jang’s latest sock pattern. Hope your Father loves the scarf, because the pattern is looking handsome!


  15. Erin

    Maybe you could increase/decrease to fit, adding or removing purl stitches between each braided cable? I’ve done that before to get an ideal fit. Could you maybe just frog back to where it starts getting too tight?

  16. Jenni

    Absolutely love the scarf (but then, I voted for the firefly in a previous comment). I think it will be a warm and unique replacement for sharfik.

    As for the socks, I am again with you. Frog ’em and reknit until they suit your foot (I too have calves capable of walking the circumference of the earth and I understand your plight. For that reason, I typically make only ankle socks!).

  17. Stephanie

    Oh, I hear you on the internet. I’m going to be out of town next weekend and I’m desperately hoping my new laptop arrives before I go. Sorry about the socks, but I know you’ll come up with the perfect solution – whether it’s a modification to this pattern or something new. The scarf is great – I’m sure your dad will be most pleased with the replacement.

  18. sophia

    That scarf is so pretty! The socks are cute too; sorry they’re bound for the frog pond. I especially like how you attach your row counter; that’s pretty ingenious!

  19. Cathy

    Did you enjoy the Neuroscience meeting? I’m assuming that’s where you were since that’s where all of us neuron and glia lovers were last week.

    My visit was too short, so I didn’t even bring my knitting (The horror!) knowing I would never get to it. Except for on the plane ride back, I made a correct predicition.

    Now to go implement all those neew things I learned about and looked so cool.

  20. mary db

    I just love your version of the scarf and it beefy all over pattern. Would you consider putting the stitch pattern on line?

  21. Dr. B.

    De-lurking to say that your items are gloriously beautiful, and that story about your mom and your dad’s scarf was one of the greatest things I’ve read on this here internets.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  22. Stephanie

    Bummer about the socks, but you seem to take these things in stride far better than I do. (I just frogged 2 skeins worth of cardigan. I was not happy.)

    I adore the scarf! I’ve been looking for a scarf pattern for my boyfriend for well over four months now (he’s a little picky), and I’d love to swatch this one for him and see what he thinks. (You know I love him if I’m swatching for him!) Is this a stitch pattern you can/are willing to share? Or can you point me in the direction of the book that has this stitch pattern in it?

    Thanks, and enjoy your trip!

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