Three FOs!

I have three, count them, three FOs to share with you!


First, there’s the impeccably clean microwave. Next, a tub so clean, I’d even take a bath in it. And last, but certainly not least, clean mini-blinds. (Is it just me, or do you also contemplate buying new mini-blinds every time you have to clean them?)

And that’s just the beginning. In the past few days I’ve cleaned more than I have all year. I wish I could say that I was done, but, alas, the kitchen floor reminds me otherwise.

Somehow I managed to squeeze in a little knitting, though! Check it:

A little progress on my Shetland Triangle. I’ve just joined the second (25 g) ball, and I think I’ve completed five repeats. I think that’s what it is… “Cleverly,” I put a marker to help me keep track of the repeats (the orange one you see in the photo), but I’ve forgotten what the marker signifies! Did I attach it after the first chart? After the first repeat of the second chart? At some other random point? I’m a dufus.

I’m quite taken by the pattern – so easy to knit, but with entirely captivating results:

(Speaking of captivating, have you seen Brooklyn Tweed’s Shetland Triangle?)

Whenever I’m asked to recommend a good beginner lace pattern, the Trinity of Leaf Lace Shawl, Flower Basket Shawl, and Shetland Triangle come to mind. All designed by Evelyn Clark, and all use the same design principles: knit outward from the center of the back, patterning only on RS rows, repeats which are easy to memorize, stop when you run out of yarn (or space on your lap… or sanity). Good stuff.

Also in the Not So Shabby department, a completed Whitby sock:

I’m quite pleased with how this project is turning out. Actually, rather delighted, I’d say. The whole thing is squishy and stretchy, not too loose, not too tight. A winner! I think it’s the elusive “perfect combination of yarn and pattern,” if such an animal actually exists ;). A second sock is on the way!


53 thoughts on “Three FOs!

  1. KnitMongrel

    the sock, the shawl, the microwave – all stunning! and i’ve got super-fancy ridiculously expensive blinds… and i absolutely contemplate replacing them every time i dust. what about black construction paper? that’ll keep the light out. and far easier to clean, i feel. 🙂 congrats on the FOs!

  2. Jean

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for a little while now, but am just now venturing into various Comments sections! I’m knitting the ST shawl, too, and it IS just fab! Your Whitby looks fantastic, too. Well done.

    Re: blinds. I take them off the wall, spray them with water from the hose, go over them with a soapy sponge, and let them air dry. Much faster than other methods (believe me, I’ve tried)! Thanks for sharing the cleanliness!

  3. Jen

    Hey Kathy! I’m one of those lace newbies you are talking about. I’m getting ready to frog my FBS in favor of making this, but I have one question. I also want my shawl to be less “holey” than the book. At the moment I’m double-stranding laceweight on 6’s and it’s ok but still feeling a little like my cat hawked up a hairball. I know that technically the answer is “swatch until you like the fabric you get” but … can you help a girl out and tell us what weight the yarn you are using is with those needles? Laceweight? Aran like the Brooklyntweed version?


    LOVE the sock. And that is one clean microwave!

  4. Alyson


    …..I’m supposed to CLEAN my blinds?


    (The reddish Shetland Triangles are everywhere!! Beautiful!)

    (Oooh, and great sock, too!!)

  5. Stella

    That shawl is beautiful. I’m gearing myself up for the Print o’ the Wave stole, but I think I need a backup in case it proves too high a mountain to climb by xmas (I’m currently working on my first lace project, the leaf lace shawl, and loving it), and this may be just the safety net I need.

  6. Nishanna

    I always get excited when I see patterns that match with ribbing. The cable in your sock matches so well with the ribbing. It’s the small things, like blocking lace. It’s just those magical moments in knitting.

    This shetland triangle is following me! Yours is beautiful and that colorway is divine. I am so close to finishing Icarus but i just had to swatch for Shetland triangle.

    I’m excited to see your progress.

  7. Beth

    lovely.. the knitting and the clean house. I love a freshly cleaned space… it soothes my soul. And I despise cleaning mini-blinds. My next house.. is going to be far away from the road/everyone else..

    so I don’t need to have any!

  8. Judi

    Okay, fess up, you bought a brand NEW microwave, didn’t you?

    Love the shawl, love the hints (haven’t tried lace yet) and LOVE the socks. Will you be writing a pattern?

  9. Kathy

    I’m with Alyson, you’re supposed to clean blinds? I don’t supposed smearting them with food and having the dogs like them counts, does it?

    I really like the Whitby sock. Both the design and the color.

  10. Isela

    You are tempting me too with the Shetland Triangle Shawl, I saw it yesterday at Brooklyn Tweed and I was mesmerized by its beauty….I was thinking if I hurry and get yarn and cast on, I may have it ready to take it with me to Rhinebeck.

    The sock is gorgeous–is it really tall? It appears tall.

  11. Julie

    I don’t just contemplate replacing the mini blinds – I do! Will you come clean my house please?

    The shawl and socks – beautiful!

  12. Emily

    When we moved into our house, the plastic mini-blinds in the bathroom were so dirty that we actually did try to replace them. Unfortunately, we found that there is nowhere to buy mini-blinds in our area, so we ended up cleaning them after all. But if they get dirty again, I might try the internet.

  13. nikki

    Me again. When I was a kid, my mom used to take all the mini blinds down and dunk them in a bathtub full of hot soapy water. I think she did it in the summer so they’d dry really fast.

  14. Carolyn

    Love the clean white micro..tub and blinds! That is precisely why I don’t own mini blinds…no thanks to the extra dusting! Love the shawl, the colour is beautiful. The sock is gorgeous. Tell me how you like the yarn? Was it just a momentary obsession on my part…or is it really good stuff?! Did you change gauge/alter pattern? I would love to do them for my mom…and then I could buy more regia silk;)

  15. Ann

    Having recently tackled the whole “cleaning for a family visit instead of knitting” situation, I totally feel for you. But your place looks great and the sock! am drooling.

  16. Teresa

    I hadn’t seen the Shetland Triangle before, it is beautiful, I should put that on my list. I just started my first lace project – Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail shawl. I have always loved her patterns and have several on my to knit list.

  17. Siow Chin

    I’ve been wanting to try out the Chinese yarn I have for a shawl/stole but without the yardage, I’m not sure which pattern to try. I think I should give this ST pattern a thought. Yours is looking so beautiful!

  18. carol

    The shetland triangle is looking good! I’m actually tempted to try it now. Especially after seeing Brooklyn Tweed’s version and now yours. If more than 1 person can do it, then it’s not a fluke, and maybe I can too! Maybe..

  19. Paisley

    Beautiful sock and beautiful shawl. I’m contemplating learning lace as my knitting challenge for next year so thanks for the suggested beginner projects.

  20. Krista M

    Shawl looks great! I am jealous of your microwave. Mine is atop the fridge, and often what is out of sight is out of mind. As for blinds, I take them down, put them in the yard, spray with a cleanser that could strip paint, then hose them off. No scrubbing!

  21. annie

    Your shawl is beautiful and I really like the Whitby sock. I have made that pattern but mine are not as tall. Love the way yours came out. What yarn (and how much) did you use?

  22. Cheryl

    My question is how do you get the daggone miniblinds clean??? I hate the blasted things. I seriously am contemplating switching to the old pull up and down kind….

    the yarn on the shawl is just Stunning….love the color.

  23. jenna

    That sock looks amazing! I love it. How wonderful and satisfying to actually find the PERFECT combination of fit and yarn and softness and pattern, etc.

    And cleaning your mini blinds!—what will you think of next?!

  24. TracyKM

    I always clean my microwave when the inlaws come!

    I grew up in a town called Whitby, so I always thought I should knit those socks. But I’d have to buy the book first, and I’m trying not to buy any books until I actually make some of the patterns I already have 🙂

    On the shawl pattern you’re doing…do yo like the sl 1, k2tog,psso dec. or does the ‘one way-ness’ of it bug you? I’m working on a lace baby blanket and it bugs me how there’s matching dec going up a motif and then at the top, the right side gets to hop overtop of the left dec. Sometimes I change it to a sl2tog as if knit, k1, pass 2 over. I just don’t think it’s fair that the right side gets to dominate, LOL.

  25. Stephanie

    Oh, I hate mini blinds. Cleaning them is torture. I love the sock! It’s perfect – now I want a pair. And the shawl is great too (and Jared’s is drool-worthy).

  26. Jomy

    Hello! Me is Jomy and my antsypants mood today has pushed me to forray out of the land of Grumperinabloglurknig. Huzzah!

    Great. Sock. Nuff said!

    The shawl is looking great, and the color is wonderfully loud. *drools*

    I like a lotta shawls, I just can’t swallow my balls enough to knit one. *heh* ¬_¬

  27. Michelle

    That’s a bathtub? I thought it was an expanse of new white wall! I am crazy for those silky whitby socks. Regia Silk y/n? The shawl is fantastic. I need to do a shawl someday, this pattern might be perfect.

  28. maureen

    I absolutely agree; buying new miniblinds and installing them has to be easier, and provide more knitting time than cleaning the old ones.

  29. Julia

    Whitby is freakin’ goregoeus. And I say that as someone who is completely bored by the internet sock phenomenon, so you know I mean it! I started it once with what I later decided was the wrong yarn. Apparently you are using the right yarn.

  30. maritza

    I have to cast on for the Shetland Triangle; it’s so pretty. Yours looks great! (And yes, Brooklyntweed’s is also a bit of gorgeous gorgeosity.)

    Love the Whitby. Another pattern added to my ever-growing list here.

    P.S. – I love when you get that “perfect combination between yarn and pattern.” It’s one of the things that makes knitting so rewarding.

  31. jess

    ooh, those whitby socks are quite the perfect committed relationship, aren’t they? (unlike the relationship between mini-blinds and every cleaning tool known to man… totally disposable relationship)

  32. Sarah

    I love that sock and want two of my very own, I love knee highs, there is nothing better. Beautiful.

    Oh and I know how you feel on the cleaning, I’m having another kid soon and my mom is going to be in my house for most of a week, I don’t know how I’m going to get the house clean enough, when I can barely bend over as it is. Not to mention my 3 lil ones who make a mess right behind me as I do clean, argh. Wonderful job on your cleaning, could ya come do mine too :D.

  33. Norma

    Blinds? Toilet seat? I contemplate mowing down the entire HOUSE every time I have to clean. There are no words to describe how much I hate cleaning. None.

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