State of the Shetland Triangle

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Knitters, allow me to describe to you the progress and current state of the Shetland Triangle:

  • 4 balls of yarn have been used (about 360 yards)
  • 12 repeats of the main chart have been completed
  • when pinned dry (this time stretched over several circs rather than a length of yarn), it measures 46″ across.

Not quite there yet. I think one more repeat plus the edging will be just right. No rush – my blocking wires aren’t here yet.

Interesting tidbit: until now I’ve blocked the straight edges of shawls using Ms. Harlot’s method. But the last time I did so, I had an unfortunate accident – one of the anchor pins (the pins which keep the string taut) had its pinhead pulled off by all the tension, and got buried in my couch. And then, weeks later, it found its way into the back of my thigh. Time for Plan B, right?

Yet another thing you didn’t know about me :).

Speaking of, I was hoping more of you would answer the meme, but I understand that it’s a tough one. Every day we choose whether or not to reveal personal things on our blogs, but our knitting adventures are supposedly entirely public. That’s the whole point! If I can’t tell you about the Fair Isle From Hell That’s Keeping Me Up Way Past My Bedtime (aka, FIFHTKMUWPMB), then who can I tell?!? So it’s pretty ridiculous to even imagine that there are 10 things pertaining to knitting which your readers don’t know. But it’s a fun exercise nonetheless :).

I leave you with a close up, demonstrating the drastic difference between the blocked and unblocked states of this lace:


43 thoughts on “State of the Shetland Triangle

  1. Sarah

    The Shetland Triangle is lovely. I have plans to knit it. The pattern and yarn complement each other nicely. Blocking lace really is amazing. I’m interested to read about your experiences with blocking wires. As for the meme, I found it very interesting. I have given it a lot of thought, but have been unable to form coherent thoughts. I’m also pretty sure that people do not read my blog, though that is okay with me. Still, it is an interesting exercise to evaluate one’s knitting attitudes, styles, and preferences. Perhaps after I get some sleep I will have greater success compiling a list of ten knittery things others do not know about me.

  2. Paula

    Gee, I thought for sure a Home Depot maven like yourself would have tried stainless steel welding wires for blocking. I found a post about it here. I haven’t tried it myself yet, not being into lace-knitting at the moment, but I plan to at the next opportunity.

    Anyway, your shawl looks lovely and I look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. ThreadBndr

    hopefully you’ll like the blocking wires. As Paula says above, stainless steel welding rods make great blocking wires. But I don’t think Home Depot carries them. I got mine at a welding supply store.

    And boy did they look at me funny *G*. Be sure to get the kind without the flux on them. And take a fine file and knock down the tips a bit to remove any burrs.

    My Leaf Lace shawl is in the “lumpy bumpy” stage. 2 and a half more repeats and the border to do. So many shawls, so little time LOL.

  4. Barb outside Boston

    Your shawl, and the one you linked to, look so great I started one myself! I only have 6 repeats done, however. I absolutely love how it puckers up when unblocked and becomes these lovely leaf shapes when pinned into submission!

  5. Carolyn

    It looks gorgeous..I love that red. Oh blocking wires, they are next on my list. One reader tipped me off to surveyers flag sticks that are so cheap and work as well…I will check it out before I order mine. I am going to do the meme…still thinking.

  6. Martha

    Don’t jump off a bridge yet–you only just put the meme up. I might do it, if I can think of 10 knitting things you don’t know about me.

  7. kelpkim

    wow! the shawl looks so great! and the lace pattern is so cool–i’ve never seen a circular lace pattern like that! can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

    i’m in the process of creating a new webpage because blogger sucks–but i plan on doing the 10 knitterly things list first thing! :o)

  8. Carol

    The shawl looks stunning. (seems unfortunately, it stunned you in the sofa). The pattern reminds me of G Clefs in sheets of music. When I get home from work tonight, I will post a meme of 10…It will be my first & I agree, the longer we read blogs, the more we know. After all, the blog affords us another circle of friends.

  9. Sherilan

    I love it! Red is my favorite color and I had to order a copy of the book for this pattern. Your work is beautiful.

  10. NORA

    I’ve loved this pattern since I first saw your shawl – so much so, I’ve incorporated it into my current sock design! That said, I’ve never had to block socks…

  11. Nicole

    That sounded like a plea for more people to do your MEME… okay, fine. You’ve convinced me. (I wasn’t going to do MEMEs on my knitting blog, but what the hey.) I think I’ll do it as a deferred post for tomorrow, though.

  12. Bliss

    Wow – your lace is gorgeous!

    I did your meme on my last blog post… that was fun. I had to really think to come up with 10 things.

  13. not an artist

    Meme done! Please excuse the odd vertical columns of images, blogger and I do not see eye to eye on certain coding issues… grr.

    That shetland shawl is just gorgeous. What a perfect choice of colour for that pattern!

  14. teep

    I would have memed but I don’t know you well enough to answer your meme and I don’t have a knitting blog to post your meme on.

    I have a *me* blog and it only sometimes talks about knitting. It also talks about lots of other, unrelated stuff. Most of my readers do not know how to knit and are frequently unclear if knitting is the thing with two pointy sticks or one hooked stick. šŸ™‚

    In the next week or so, I will be embarking on the Stockings in Blue and Cream only mine will be in Red and Charcoal. I also don’t know that I’m going to follow the actual pattern though I did get the book used on (cheap!) so that I could fail to follow it in a fully-informed sort of way. (More like guidelines, I always say.)

  15. Laura

    I will be interested to see how you like blocking wires compared to the string and pins method. (I have always used T pins and have never had the head problem.)

    And, I did your meme. šŸ™‚

  16. emily

    *Winces* The pin in the leg thing sounds pretty painful. Great shawl however – I’m always amazed lace knitting, so delicate and airy.

  17. tarilyn

    I purchased the blocking wires in a kit at Halcyon yarn

    (I couldn’t find the kit on their website). I used them for a few projects, but admit that I am just too lazy to feed them through the stitches.

    I posted your meme on my blog. Fun! It was hard even though I haven’t been blogging long!

  18. elizabeth

    Okay, okay, I just posted my first meme! You’re right, it was tough coming up with ten things I haven’t posted about previously. Especially since I’m a newbie!

  19. velmalikevelvet

    my GAWD, that is freakin’ gorgeous. almost enough to make me try lace (the idea of which makes me want to peel the skin off my body; now? not so much…)

    thanks for the meme, too. think i’ll give it a spin (ooh, sorry, can’t resist the pun).

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