Speaking of…

Speaking of… beaded knitting

Speaking of… writing things down in a moment of fortuitous clairvoyance

Remember this?

Many of you asked for the pattern, but I delayed publication until the right moment – today! The leaves have yellowed, the weather’s cooled down, and Christmas knitting is on the horizon. Time for a Black Sea Hat, if you ask me.

Happy knitting, everyone!


21 thoughts on “Speaking of…

  1. meg

    Great hat! I remember that picture from its earlier posting, but now that I live in the neighborhood, I know where you photographed it!

  2. CatBookMom

    Thanks for another great hat pattern. I hope that the new pattern and the other new knitting posts mean that you’re having a bit more time in your life outside of the lab and other stuff at school. Is this the spring you finish your Ph-degree?

  3. Sarah

    Thank you for so generously sharing this pattern with us. I’ve knit five Odessa this year and donated them through Caps for a Cure. I think this will be another great pattern to use for knitting chemo caps, too.

  4. Ellen

    Very lovely! It’s so much fun to add some carefully selected beads to one’s knitting. It can really add so much if done well, as you’ve done here.

    And there is a bit of a nip in the air today…

    Thanks for sharing this autumnal gift with us.

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