You know what I said yesterday about cleaning mini-blinds? Ditto for the toilet seat, don’t you think?


Three more FOs! First, a spotless sink and toilet. Next, the original kitchen sink in my turn-of-the-century apartment, clean as a whistle. And last, a nicely scrubbed stove and tiled backsplash (yes, I love my tea kettle).

Just a little more time before the parental visit. Fortunately, I’m finally feeling like the apartment is clean enough.

And now, some Eye Candy Friday:

This is what happens when the lotus blossom I showed you here opens.


30 thoughts on “Ditto

  1. kmkat

    Do your parents read your blog? If so, your cleaning habits are totally busted. If not, you can imply that your apartment ALWAYS looks like this.

  2. ~Kristie

    alright, I’ll bite… what the hell type of cleaning products are you using? I NEVER get those type of results! Do you hire out for cleaning services? I suppose I’ll have to pay for the airline ticket to California though.

  3. tatjana

    Don’t you just love that gleaming spotlessness? Your place looks great. Also, I haven’t been reading long (this may even be my first comment), do you have any animals? Shedding animals? I find that’s my biggest obstacle in getting our place really clean. I’m so glad my mother is on another continent 😉

  4. Max Daniels

    Wow! I have looked to you for knitting inspiration in the past, but today I am inspired to scour my apartment, too. Thanks! 🙂

  5. amy o'

    OK, are you using a “magic eraser?” I have to ask – my hubby brought some home from HD the other day and I have been cleaning things that have been needed intense therapy for a while now – and they work! I know it’s like way late to be jumping on the Magic Eraser bandwagon, but when it comes to cleaning, I say better late than never!

  6. Ginny

    Kathy, I am so rooting for all your latest FOs! Whoo-hoo!

    However, I am not showing my husband. He’ll say, “She can knit like that and still have a clean kitchen and bathroom? Why can’t we?”


  7. SallyT

    Good for you! You are a cleaning machine. The magic eraser is great but I bet you’re using good old elbow grease.

  8. Brenda

    Wow! Every one of your clean objects is shinier than the previous one. The lotus is beautiful, and I love that mosaic/stone thing in the background.

  9. Judy

    You go, girl. Your story reminds me of the time, when I was young and first married, that my parents were coming to visit. I was frantically cleaning the apartment before their arrival, and wasn’t done when it was time to go meet their plane. So my husband went to meet them while I stayed home to make the apt. spotless.

    When they got off the plane, they asked him, “Where’s Judy?”

    He replied, “Oh, she’s at home trying to create a false impression.”


  10. Laura

    Kitchen sink: I’m in love. Lotus blossom: Wow – how interesting! They don’t look like every other flower (pardon my ignorance and lack of interest in remembering the official names of the flower parts).

  11. Monica

    Wow, you’re a cleaning machine. I remember cleaning the house when my family descended for the wedding a year ago… but we didn’t touch the blinds…

  12. Jomy

    All this cleaning! Maybe you’ve found yourself a new hobby! ^_^

    That flower picture is just too good(perdy) to be true.

  13. v.j.

    I think before and after pictures would have been more telling. The fixtures are spotless but, maybe, they never are really grungy.

    Love the teapot. The lotus blossom is O.K. too.

    Just kidding. vj

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