If all goes according to plan, there will be a juicy post here some time later this morning. It may not be the Estonian sock, which is done but definitely not dry. But it will be something :).

In the meantime, you might ask, “What is keeping you up past 2 a.m., Grumperina?”

Two things – first, and most important, what is the public’s opinion on Jaeger Trinity? For the purposes of a sweater, that is.

Second, I’m sick and tired of “tagless” t-shirts, underwear, onesies, etc. Just because there isn’t a tag hanging in the back of my neck doesn’t make the thing “tagless.” That thing poking me at my side, easily the most delicate part of my body, that’s called a tag! And then I spend hours cutting out the stupid things from the sides of my shirts because they overlocked the damned things right into the seam. Seriously. I spent 1 hour tonight getting rid of one tag, sweat and blood and tears and all. And that’s why I’m up at 2 in the morning. Grrrr….


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  1. zelda

    Never seen the Trinity in person, but over here and following, Eunny called it names like “peculiar,” “papery,” and “no desire to work with it ever again.”

  2. 4-ply Katie

    Hi! Just have to say, I love your blog.

    Jaeger Trinity has absolutly no give and a very odd texture. “Papery” is actually pretty dead on. It sort of reminds me of Rowan Summer Tweed, only even less pleasant. As a knitted fabric is it light and ideal for summer, but it wears very poorly and garments don’t keep their shape. I knit a tank in it earlier this summer and remembered exactly why I hate it. I hope this helps.

  3. mari

    I have to agree in part with Kate, the Trinity reminds me of the Summer Tweed. But I liked the looseness of the knit with it. I’ve knit a tank top from the ST and was happy that it was looser, perfect for fitting over camis or bathing suit tops. I’ve got supplies for 2 sweaters from it. I don’t think I’d use it for a fitted sweater as it will grow with time.

  4. lisast

    I GRRRR too about tags, here there and everywhere. Have you seen Cat Bordhi’s 2nd treasury of magical knitting? Great Kitty beds there.

  5. blossom

    i absolutely love ite!! ok, i’ve never worked with it, but remember the sweater eunny gave me? it was made with trinity. i don’t know how many times i’ve washed that in the washer and dried it in the dryer, it turns out still great. it wears great for me, too. very light and comfortable against the skin. i love yarns that hold up well. anyway that was my opinion, now i see others feel differently.

  6. Jen

    Never used Trinity, hate the side tags. And those stupid magnetic things they put in pants now. I thought I was the only one!

  7. Ava

    The blend of the fibers seems to be nice, but after touching (okay, heavy fondling) it in London, I put it back because I couldn’t imagaine making anything out of it.

    I guess I must be the only person who loves the tagless t-shirts. I admit that I spend more than a little time with my seam ripper and pointy tweezers, plucking out the side tags. Now those anti-theft tags that are sewn into clothes are horrible. They always poke in the worst place when trying on clothes.

  8. Manise

    I was looking at Trinity also last night though I’ve never used it- Webs has better colors- just saying.

  9. Julia

    I think that to know whether you like Trinity, you have to “know thyself.” Papery is dead on – it has a very odd texture and it has to be knit on very small needles – 4 all the way down to 2, depending on how tightly you knit. It is going to give a nubby, uneven texture, but it will soften with blocking. It will not have great memory, so plan accordingly. For the classic girl who prizes soft fabrics that are clearly luxurious, it is perhaps not the right thing. For avante gaurde girl with a bit of rebellion and edge to her, it could fit the bill. I haven’t decided which camp you are in, but I guess I will find out! It’s an unexpected fabric, that has a modern style to it. I’m guessing that the sweater blossom inherited is lovely, and I like the idea of using this modern fabric in a classic design. MH used it in a gorgeous blue to make an hourglass here. You may want to write her for details.

  10. jess

    gah. I hate those side tags more than the back of the neck tags because my side skin is way more sensitive than my neck skin.

    [I thought you were going to say something about the shirts that have the tag information printed on the inside of the neckline! ]

  11. Bertha

    At first I thought I loved the tagless t-shirts. They were so comfy! (and the ones I got didn’t have side tags!) Then I washed them a few times, as I am want to do, and the screenprinted ink that acted as a tag washed off! Now it’s an epic struggle in the mornings, when I am half awake, to find out whether or not my shirt is inside out and/or backwards. It requires careful scrutinizing of seams and holding the shirt up to the light to see if I can find any slight remnants of the ink tag…much more than I can handle at 6:30 in the morning…down with tagless Ts!

  12. trek

    Hey, it depends on the item and the brand. Number Guy’s tagless t’s ar the best – he was always *ripping* the tags out of his undershrits – which results in a ripped seam… No side tags either!

  13. Lauren

    I’ve recently bought some cheap tagless Ts that don’t have side tags either. To me, side tags are even worse than the ones by the neck.

  14. Kimberly

    I really like knitting with Jaeger Trinity. If you see my post (I included it in the URL) on making a toe-up sock with it, you just might get ideas! Have fun and enjoy.


  15. Saun

    I recently finished a short-sleeved cardigan with Trinity. It does resemble Summer Tweed. It is crunchy, paper-y, nubby texture but I like it okay. It is light weight and doesn’t make you hot at all. Someone mentioned that it doesn’t hold it’s shape but I think this is the case for many cotton based yarns. It does soften over time. I wouldn’t use it on anything that requires a lot of pattern definition because it can get obscured by the color variations of the yarn.

  16. Mag

    Yes, sometimes I wonder if they wear the clothes they manufacture and if so, are you without nerve endings? Also, the plastic strip shoulder stabilizers with the pokey ends cut at just the right angle to attack your neck. Irksome. I’ve written plenty of nasty emails to companies about these two subject, to no avail.

  17. Sarah

    The best T-shirts I’ve ever had have come from threadless.com–*completely* tagless (no side tag either!), great fit and fantastic designs on the front. My favorite is my Darth Vader gardening (Darkside of the Garden) shirt.

  18. Connie

    I find that applique scissors http://www.nancysnotions.com cut close enough to the edge to get the tags out to my satisfaction. . The remnants of some tags will disintegrate in the laundry, saving you the trouble of pulling them out thread by thread.

  19. Nicole

    I read somewhere that you could use sewing interfacing to iron the rags down so that don’t poke. Never tried it but sounds like a great idea.

  20. Dove

    Oh! Oh! And then your seam ripper takes out a chunk of the shirt, and you spend hours sewing that up, then ripping out the seam because it looks bad, then more hours resewing, then several glorious minutes shredding the thing with scissors before finally turning it into floor rags.

  21. Cirilia

    It has been well described already, but Classic Silk is FAR superior to the Trinity, in my opinion. Squeezing a ball of Classic Silk gives me happy little shivers and the Trinity makes my teeth hurt. While Classic Silk is round and springy the Trinity is fragile and lifeless.

    And you should def. order from Webs! Let me know when you do, I will throw a prize in your box =)

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