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My knitting seems to be picking up again. Several of you mentioned the “late summer knitting blahs,” but I don’t think my recent ramblings are indicative of malaise. Rather, it’s simple indecision and feeling torn about what to start, complicated by some travel plans, a rather hectic September, and a stubborn commitment to Classic Silk :).

In fact, I find myself more interested in knitting now than I have in a while. I whipped out that Estonian stocking in only three weeks, for example. By the way, thank you for all your compliments! Several of you commented on the arch shaping – it is quite ingenious, I agree! This entry has more pictures and summarizes my thoughts about it.

Continuing with my current knitting happiness, I’m even toying with the idea of writing up the pattern for this beaded hat. Also, some audio knitting content will be coming up in the near future; I’ll tell you more soon.

What else? Following the lead of no fewer than five of my readers, I finally purchased some Classic Silk! Thanks, guys, for letting me know that Herrschners had it on sale (“had” rather than “has” because it’s now sold out 🙁 ). I had a code for free shipping, too, so I was pretty thrilled! I got a sweater’s worth in Cobalt, which is perhaps a weird choice for me (I’m not a huge fan of blue), but having seen it in person, it’s a really lovely color that I think will work for me.

I’m not sure I’ll be starting the sweater right away. Actually, I’m still not decided which sweater it will be, though one in particular is a top contender :). I’ll think about it more seriously when the yarn arrives.

In the meantime, I’ve started another sock to pass the time. I don’t want the wisteria socks to end, but that will be the case shortly, sniff, sniff.

Whitby from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road

The last time I saw my grandma, I showed her some of my favorite sock pattern books to see if she liked any in particular. She was, of course, adorable, sliding her finger over the photos in Knitting Vintage Socks and exclaiming how they looked so real, she couldn’t believe they were only photographs (oh, grandma!). Anyway, she seemed to have a particular affection for cabled socks, so I put that on my “to knit” list in addition to a picot edge.

I sized up the pattern to 67 stitches to fit her foot (it’s written for only 51!), and I’m finally using the long coveted Regia Silk. It is a very nice yarn, soft and fluffy and slightly shiny… but my spoiled self still prefers Lorna’s Laces. I feel nearly embarrassed to be so choosy, to prefer Lorna’s to Regia. What silliness! I know I’m extremely fortunate to have access to every yarn under the sun, to be able to afford these yarns, and to knit as a hobby, rather than as a necessity.


28 thoughts on “Knitting mojo

  1. Carolyn

    Seriously. Now I have to get some lorna’s laces…great, another favourite yarn I am sure.

    That beaded hat pattern would certainly come in handy for my Christmas knitting;)

    I too love that arch shaping, maybe I could try it for someone else…being flat footed and all!

  2. Veronica

    Does audio mean there’s a podcast in the near future? I hope so, you have an excellent blog, I have enjoyed your attention to detail.

  3. libraryliz


    I am a longtime reader but an almost never(if I ever have)poster. I love your blog so much. You’re a daily knitting inspiration, seriously.

    I know what you mean about having more interest in knitting lately. In July, I wanted to knit, I thought about it often, but I was stuck on this pair of socks…I just couldn’t get them finished no matter what I did. Now that they are done(!), I started another pair and they’re going great, I started a pretty scarf out of Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton(which I really should finish), and finished a little shawl out of my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

    I can’t get enough!

  4. Stephanie

    Don’t ya just love a good yarn sale – and free shipping! Yippee. Almost as good as winning the lottery. I love the cables – I have a couple of cabled sock patterns in mind for this fall – when I have time, of course.

  5. Monica

    I found out about Herrschners too late, but there is a sale coming up at Fabric Place… Classic Silk, you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.

  6. Molly

    Preferring Lorna’s makes you: A) normal, B) smart, and C) right. I’ve used and liked a lot of sock yarns, but Lorna’s, man – Lorna’s is the One True Sock Yarn.

  7. Krista M

    I’ve never used Lorna’s…pause for collective gasp…but a gal at my sit and knit let me try a row of her Jaywalker’s on Lorna’s last week and I must confess it is incredible. I’ll be getting some as soon as my trekking socks are completed. Well. Probably before they’re done. Let’s be realistic here.

  8. Liz K.

    It is nice to hear someone maintaining a little perspective here in knitblog land. I think perhaps we take our knitting and yarns and such a little to seriously.

    Me included.

  9. racherin

    I used Regia Silk for my first pair of socks. I liked it alot,very warm and soft and nice on the feet. The one problem I have with it is that it pills easily and quickly. The socks haven’t been worn yet (they are winter dress socks for my DH), and there is already some pilling from just the knitting. Other than that, I like it a lot. And lots of solid colors.

  10. Peg

    Lucky grandma and lucky granddaughter!

    Please, please, write up the pattern for the beaded hat. I plan to make #3 Odessa soon – love that pattern, but another beaded hat would be nice!

  11. jennie

    Whenever I’m knitting socks (in particular, though with other things too), I love to think about needing to knit things for necessity — it brings a whole new dimension to a pair of hand knit socks or mittens. It’s that aspect of the tradition that I adore so much (I guess it caters to the seven year old trapped in my twenty seven year old body who still wants to “play pretend” and “live in the olden days”).

  12. Laurie in Maine

    Well, I went running to my local library yesterday as soon as a quick web search showed they had Meg Swansen’s KNITTING book available. Must try arch shaping! New knitter here and (perhaps more than a little) confused by her directions.

    Not sure of term Heel Saddle…concluded I could turn the heel the way I always do.

    Not sure where the arch shaping begins. After gusset decreases are finished? Sooner? (I counted what looks to be about 15 rows after the heel turn on YOUR sock? 😉

    It says to place a marker at center of bottom of foot…I use 3 DPNs so I’m guessing that so long as I figure out which needle to put the extra stitch on (for exact center point) I’ll always know where the center is – between needle 1 & 3?

    It says to use M1 of your choice? Which did you choose? lol I was YO’ing backwards as of May – I NEED exact instructions!!!

    Is it a simple YO?

    Or a Make 1 by lifting the loop of the previous row?

    Or lifting the “bar” between stitches of previous row? (spent yesterday looking at videos…too much info?!)

    PS. My mom’s vision is failing so I asked her to teach me her basic sock in Dec/05. [lessons were with Red Heart yarn…collective gasp! Have now tried Patons & Bernat; 1 skein of Opal – yikes exspensive!!] Rest of my questionable knitting knowledge is self-taught by internet & books. LOVE your blog…1st time poster (I think) and of course I abuse the entry with a thousand & one questions. Would love advice with my first attempt at the arch! I knit from my first chart this month: Pomatomus complete!! Someday I hope to try knitting with “Real Yarn”! Pinocchio. 😉

  13. Laurie in Maine

    Um. Something is really wrong with the comment program? It says I’m “jennie” and seems to have blamed that really long post full of questions I just wrote on her? Hope I didn’t just replace her comment with mine…I remember reading one by jennie just before I started writing my entry. Curious!

    Laurie in Maine

  14. margaux

    love the sock! grumperina, you are making me want to buy some classic silk for a simple sweater i’m thinking of making!! haha oh how i love the influence 😉

  15. Lisa

    I am a lurker who loves your blog. My favorite parts are when you talk about your grandmother. My grandmother was the best friend I ever had. I didn’t knit much when she was here and certainly didn’t know how to make socks yet. What I wouldn’t do now to make socks just for her. You are a wonderful granddaughter to her and I live vicariously through your love and service to your gramma!!

  16. Mag

    Regia Silk is a favorite to wear and knit, but I’d consider tightening gauge and sizing a bit smaller as it “slouches” as in stretches out quite a bit when you wear them. They also have to be washed alone. They are lint grabbers.

  17. LaurieM

    I agree with you about counting my blessings. I remember a time when I knit with hand me down yarn. Now I have knitting room that houses a stash that causes people to exclaim “It’s like a yarn store in here!”

    I won’t say I’m lucky, because I worked very hard for what I have, but I am grateful and I do try to share here and there.

  18. Kate Lyon

    I’m using the Classic Elite Silk for a pattern from the summer issue of Interweave Knits – the Thorn and Thistle twin set (see page 43). The yarn is fab! You will really love it. I have it in the bleached denim (as called for in the pattern). Not only does it knit well – it frogs well and re-knits well (sigh!). I must say that I got a big charge out of the fact that I had purchased this yarn (dare I say it) before you did. Since you are quite the web knitting trend-setter – it gave me a boost. Maybe I can pick yarn. I picked a yarn Grumperina bought. Now I’m gushing.


    Kate Lyon

  19. Thorny

    Ooh, I do hope you’ll put together the pattern for that beaded hat – I think it would be perfect for the daughter of a friend of mine!

    Oh, and before I slink back into lurk-dom, just wanted to let you know that I think your fraternal twin socks are fabulous! I hope your grandmom loves her socks!

  20. Jamie

    I LOVE both the lavender socks and the previous pair of blue/yellow ones! I have always wanted to try Fairisle, and those socks are now my inspiration!

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