Bummed out

Update on kitty/bum mat interaction:

I am Kitty, and no one tells me where to put my bum.

Kitty prefers the empty UPS box to felted bum mat 100% of the time. No sweat, little kitty, not everyone likes felted wool. I will show my affection in other ways ;).


Have you ever been curious about the voice behind this writing? Want to know what I sound like when I speak, in real life? I recorded an audio book review of Norah Gaughan’s Knitting Nature for my friend Guido’s podcast, It’s a Purl, Man. You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking the show link, or subscribing to the iTunes feed. A mini-review of the book and some project photos can be found here.


49 thoughts on “Bummed out

  1. Ashley

    There’s always knitted catnip mice too. I’m going to listen to your podcast now–I find that I’ve assigned you a definite voice in my head (it’s kind of Sarah Vowell-y), so I’m curious to find out how wrong I am πŸ™‚

  2. gleek

    hahaha, cats have tastes all their own. the $5 catnip mouse can be totally rejected over the plastic top of a milk jug. who can guess what they’ll love next? πŸ™‚

  3. Ashley

    Ok, the voice I made up for you in my head was SO far off! Maybe we should all be required to do a podcast, just for accuracy’s sake πŸ™‚

  4. brooke

    Excellent review-you have a very elegant speaking voice and it was fun finding out which pattern you consider a favorite (the first one you mentioned-don’t want to ruin it for the other listeners!).

  5. Karen B.

    Wow, Kathy! Well written and interesting review. So much so that I will put this book on my wishlist.

    And, yes, I had a slightly different aural image of you: slight Russian accent, yes, but with a deeper voice.

  6. Linda

    Wow, your voice is so different from what I had in mind. You’ve mentioned before that your English isn’t as good as you’d like, but it sounds perfect to me. Your voice is very elegant, as though you’re accustomed to giving presentations (which you probably are).

    And thanks for the review, because I’ve been waiting for days to know which two sweaters you want to knit from the book.

  7. Kimberly

    Say… If I print out copies of your patterns and bring them to the Boston Knit Out, will you grace us by signing them at the Bloggers’ Table??? πŸ˜€


  8. Nell

    It may simply be that the kitty finds your mat too toasty for this time of year… when it’s warm out, my cats prefer to lounge in/on cardboard boxes or on the hardwood floor.

  9. Alison

    Grump – What a beautiful voice you have! I’m a lurker on your blog, and a most loyal one at that! It was great fun hearing your voice, and the whole time, I kept thinking, “Hey! Why can’t _I_ possess such a fabulous, come hither kind of voice?” πŸ™‚ It’s the kind of accent that makes men and women inch closer, if only to place the accent!

    The review was wonderful, too. Quite thorough. Bravo!

  10. Diane

    I have now listened to my very first podcast. The chance to actually put a voice to your written words was too much for me to resist.

    You provided a very thorough and interesting review of Norah’s book and I will look forward to your possible return to Guido’s program. Nice job!


    Northside Knitter

  11. Michelle

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes people sound different recorded than they do IRL? I agree on the KN review. As far as the unappreciative cat, I hear there is a Knitting for Felines book in the works, and I’ll bet there’ll be a kicky fair isle trenchcoat, or a tabby-striped shrug that even this finicky kitty will not be able to resist.

  12. manon

    In knitted one of those cat bed (kitty pi) and the cat totally ignored it; even strong incitative to have him try it were unsuccessful (by that I mean physically trying to put the cat in the bed). Like Kat suggested, the bed was rubbed with cat-nip and ta-dam, the cat is now napping in it!

  13. Guido From Boston

    Bravo and thanks again. You were a welcome presence on the show. Not suprising, your review rocked. I hope that you will return some day to hang out on the show… You are always welcome.

  14. Kate C.

    Ah, cats. My cat started sleeping in the top tier of my three tier yarn basket thingy…on the yarn. I ended up knitting her a bunch of little wool scarves (big swatches) and putting them in her new bed. It sits behind my chair…she’s just the right height to watch me knit!

  15. Monica

    You sound so different than I expected! I agree with the others, elegant voice (but I will also add poised) and a thoughtful review.

  16. April

    ***Hysterical laughter ensues*** aaaahhhh Kitty, you are SUCH a cat! I’m going to be laughing about that ALL day. hehehe

    OH, I just posted my latest greatest pair of Jaywalkers =)*) My friends are starting to call me a Jaywalker whore. **blush**

  17. Mary K. in Rockport

    Agreeing with Danielle who got to “my” comments first. And to quote from “My Fair Lady:” “Her English is too good, he said, which clearly indicates that she is foreign.” I don’t mean that you are foreign, but that your American is flawless unlike the majority of native speakers’. Do you think you are developing a Boston accent, or are you sticking to the regionless broadcaster’s accent?

  18. Carolyn

    Well, atleast the kitty is near the mat! That says something…there is no hissing at it!

    Ok, I am listening to your podcast now. I must say you sound nothing like I thought you would. You have such a soft, lovely speaking voice…with a cute accent:)

  19. Tania

    Isis prefers boxes and paper and shopping bags to anything else often .. unless it smells like me. My blankets, my clothes .. -then- she loves to lay on it.

  20. Zelda

    I notice that in Wendy’s kitty pi gallery, many, many of the comments mention that the cats wouldn’t go near the thing at first, but now love it. It may be novelty, or as another commenter suggested, simply summer, standing between Kitty and a proper appreciation of your efforts.

  21. Nicole

    My kitties are like that too. I’ve stopped buying them toys for that very reason – all their favorite toys are leftover wrapping ribbon and a hollow plastic stick that held a glow stick. They do like the kitty pillow I made for them and filled with catnip!

  22. Rose

    Excellent review! I have been restricting my knitting book purchases to technique and reference books, but I may have to give in and buy Knitting Nature!

    You sound just like I imagined you to sound! Beautiful voice!

    My cats prefer the boxes I bring home from Costco. You know, the recycled ones you lug all the “little” bulk items, such a DVDs, three-pack toothpaste or shaving gel, 100 ct tampons and the 5lb tub of chopped garlic (!)…. Who buys that anyway??

    This, despite the fact they have five lovely handmade, extra plush cat beds I have all over the house! πŸ˜‰

  23. Daphne

    Okay, but it’s summer. He probably just thinks the box is cool and the mat, not so much, in this weather.

    (did you rub catnip on it or spray it with catnip? this can help! but does it matter when we insist on making/buying them whatever looks cutest to us anyway? at least, that’s my general approach.)

  24. Kat

    My cats prefer Greenies (feline NOT canine) to Pounce treats. Having discovered greenies, they now turn up their noses at pounce. Their vet calls Greenies crack for kittens and uses them to help the kitties not notice they are getting vaccines.

    I doubt they would sleep on anything felted, but if I were willing to donate my cashmere sweaters they would happily lie on those!

  25. Brenda

    I think you may have been too nice to Kitty. Kitty may have seen your kindness and generosity as fawning, and all kitties feel the need to nip that in the bud. Plus it is warm outside. A bed may still be a viable option as most cats like to snuggle into something they barely fit into. I think Kitty is just playing hard to get.

  26. Olgajazzy


    I have made a kitty pi for my friend’s cat and I rubbed the bottom of it with catnip and just a little knitted mouse stuffed with catnip.

    To some reason cats like to sleep in circular things.. bowls, sinks.. i remember that bread centepiece in the kitchen i used to find my parents’ cats sleeping all the time =)

  27. Mary

    That book has been a hit with my knitting group, and so your review rings quite true. And such a beautiful voice you have! πŸ™‚

  28. Monica

    Yup, a cat will chose what they when they want it. One of my cats finds the greatest pleasure in boxes, another in paper bags, and another in the plastic top from a milk jug. And me, I find joy in buying and knitting them toys which they use when they want.

  29. Chelle

    Hello Grumperina…i saw your posts on the Knitty Coffeeshop site and had to come check out your blog…just as Caroline is your inspiration you are now mine…:)

    Ive only completed a few projects so far but am now inspired to get off my lazy butt and start knitting..true..I have been experiencing some lazy knitting blues…but..Fall is here and Im ready to show that yarn who’s boss… πŸ™‚


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