More ribbing = progress

Just when I thought there was no end in sight in knitting the Egyptian dress, I measured and (mama mia!) I was done with the chevron-patterned skirt portion:


I was starting to get that sinking feeling, that feeling that I won’t make the deadline without drastic measures like staying up all night (several nights in a row). But now I feel better. The next element of the pattern is the ribbing around the waist, which is identical to the ribbing at the bottom of the dress, just half as much of it. That should go by quickly, since there are no colors to change, no ends to weave in, etc.

And what’s this?

That, my friends, is a true vintage New York City subway map, from the time I actually lived in the City, ©1993. Oh yes, worn through and through. Digging it out means a little trip! See you all when I come back, hope you have a good one!


23 thoughts on “More ribbing = progress

  1. Wanett

    Please make sure your map is correct. I have lived here all my life and still get lost with all the recent subway changes. Have fun in NYC.

  2. Kate

    I’m no good at the pressure of knitting on a deadline! Looks like you are doing great though and I think I’m going to love the dress. Have fun in NY.

  3. Stephanie

    If you go to Seaport Yarns, turn left and wave to me, I work next door. Imagine if I run into the Grumperina on the street? Talk about celebrity sightings!!

  4. ChiaLea

    I’m sure you must have taken this into account, but silk has this tendency to streeeeeetch downwards when it blocks/settles. You may not need to knit as much as you thought! (You can check how much by blocking it and then hanging it for a bit so it can settle out.)

  5. Deborah C.

    You can pick up a new subway map at the agents’ booths (they aren’t token booths anymore, and I’m dating myself!). There are a TON of changes, so be prepared. If you go to Seaport Yarns, hang onto your wallet, that store is crack for knitters – frighteningly addictive. We have lots of other yarn stores in NYC, but I like Seaport Yarns tremendously because they have a huge selection of fabulous yarns at low prices.

  6. Mary K. in Rockport

    Hmm, did you make (by sewing) the skirt behind the skirt you are knitting? How is the sewing class coming along? Personally, I find sewing machines quite intimidating unless I only have to go in a straight line. It’s the “undo-ableness” of knitting that lures me, the “Groundhog Day” aspect that makes it fascinating.

  7. Emily

    Enjoy NYC! That dress is quite an ambitious project- especially with a deadline. But I’m sure you’ll make it.

  8. amy

    My what nimble fingers you have. The dress is looking amazing. Will we be able to see the finished project, or will we have to wait for the book?

  9. Sue F.

    How gorgeous that is! Have fun in NYC! Are you taking the train, or the $10 Fung Wah bus?

  10. Heide

    The dress looks wonderful. That is an undertaking of gargatuan proportions! I bow to you. Have fun in NY and stay safe.

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