Making my day, again

You may remember that at one point I was assigned a Sockapaloooza sock savior. My sock savior immediately proved to be an interesting gal, sending me humorous and intriguing e-mails as “Mystery Sockatista.” I knew I’d be in good hands with this one ;).

But then my day was made when I received a gorgeous pair of socks from my original Sock Pal. I wasn’t sure whether I would still receive anything from my Mystery Sockatista, or whether her efforts would be better utilized in another sock savior case.

After seeing that I wasn’t abandoned after all, the Mystery Sockatista sent me another e-mail saying that she had already completed the first sock of the pair. It’d be a waste to just let it go, considering she put time and effort into choosing the yarn and pattern, and knitting it. At the same time, my feet were already socked by my original pal. So, she proposed to mail me the yarn and pattern specs for the second sock, so then I could complete the pair on my own. I agreed – okay!

And here it is! My day is made once again!


The “Sock Kit” included a lovely note with Fort Wayne, IN, on the cover, a postcard of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo (The World’s Finest Children’s Zoo, it says), a sock pattern, 2 skeins of Cascade Fixation, and 1 beautiful sock! Complete with awesome colors, excellent fit, lovely pattern, and Fixation stretchy goodness!

Details: Cascade Fixation denim (9030) for the main color and blueberry (2625) for contrast. Gull Wing Socks pattern by Vivienne Shen from Socks Socks Socks, with some modifications.

So, who is the Mystery Sockatista? She’s Lynn from Stuff and Things and Whatnot! Thank you so much, Lynn, for this great sock kit! With one sock already knit, my motivation to finish the pair is that much higher.


29 thoughts on “Making my day, again

  1. Ellen

    Hmm. Your post about the wonderful sock kit from Lynn got me thinking: maybe we should all do this more often. In other words, you knit one sock, send it and the rest of the yarn, etc. to a knitting friend and he/she knits the other.

    We could just stop talking about the horrors of SSS and yet still end up with *pairs* of socks…

  2. kelpkim

    Yes, i have to agree, this is an excellent idea. The next sock secret pal exchange should be the lone sock and his trusty pal, yarnie. this is the best solution i’ve heard of yet for SSS. :o)

  3. Lynn

    I’m so glad you like the 1/2 pair idea! And Kathy, I’m also so glad you like the sock. I tried to be crafty, not including the URL for my blog, but you found me out. 🙂

    (And the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is pretty special — very much worth a side trip if you’re traveling through Indiana on I80/90, whether you have kids or not.)

  4. Alyson

    Okay, so who’s going to be the first hostess for the Sock Hop-Along? (’cause if you only had one sock, you’d have to hop on one foot…get it?)

    That actually sounds like a fun exchange.

    And that sock is really lovely…I may need that book….

  5. Wendie

    If you ever find yourself in Ft Wayne, Indiana, you have to go to the Children’s Zoo – it really is a nice zoo. I used to live in Ft Wayne and I went to the Zoo every chance I got. Ah memories….

    Beautiful sock! Love the pattern.

  6. SallyT

    I like the sock! Ft. Wayne is a great place (and has great people). I have many relatives there and in the general vicinity. Good to know that the knitting tradition lives on there. My grandma was an avid knitter who lived just outside the city. Her vibe is alive!

  7. Nicole

    lucky ducky with two sock pals. And such great socks from both of them – and, you get the knit a new sock (without having to fret about the pattern or yarn choice) and you needn’t worry about second sock syndrome! It’s the perfect solution!

  8. Becki

    What a lovely kit!

    I’m delurking to say that I was shocked in your 100 Things list to read this: “Interestingly, my very fair skin doesn’t burn easily, even if I sit outside the majority of every day. If I use SPF 8, I come back with a very light tan. If I use SPF 30, I come back with my skin tone unchanged.

    For such fair skin, it is also surprising that I do not blush! When I’m embarrassed, I feel my face turn hot, but it doesn’t change color.”

    I am the exact same way. I have never burned in my life, but I have also never tanned to more than two shades darker than my regular skin color. I also can’t blush at all, no matter what. My face is so devoid of color that I started wearing blush when I was 20, just so people would stop asking me if I was sick.

  9. Lucia

    The Sock Hopalong idea is really brilliant! All three of the socks are gorgeous, as of course the fourth one will be as well.

    I too would like someone to hold my hand through every stage of learning to sew — I had mandatory sewing class in junior high, and I’ve tried to make a couple of things since, and sewing machines and I just don’t get along. (Gently ease foot onto sewing-machine pedal. Machine makes noise but doesn’t move. Ever so delicately increase pressure on pedal. Machine suddenly goes 65 million mph, creating enormous, intractable tangle of thread and fabric under foot. Sigh, pick up scissors, spend half an hour cutting everything loose. Repeat. I know 1) it’s a matter of practice 2) you are already far past this stage… but still I await word of your further sewing adventures. Also your quest for the perfect size-0 needle.)

  10. lorinda

    Such a pretty sock; I bet it’s lonely for a mate! Nice job by Lynn. She’s an awesome sock savior. And I saw a sock swap like the commenters are mentioning but can’t remember what it’s called. I love the idea of helping each other avoid SSS. We could name the swap after Lynn and call it the SSSSS (Second Sock Syndrom Sock Savior).

  11. beth

    I made that same pattern with the same color! I did mine toe-up, so my wings are in the opposite direction. I like the darker colored heel, nice touch:) I can’t wait to see the finished pair so you better get crackin’! (just kidding)

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