Who the hell made my day?!?

Hey, look what I have and you don’t!

I’m sorry, but I have to gloat. I have the most perfect little socks on my hot little feet, and you… not so much. Well, maybe you do, but not like these ;).

That’s right – my Sockapaloooza socks are finally here!

They are amazing. As you can plainly see, they are gorgeous, perfect ankle length, and fit just right. I love the lacey pattern, I love the perfect little stitches (I can tell these were knit with much care), I love the pure white color (shocking, but true), and I love the way they smell.

And there’s more! My thoughtful pal included a skein of sock yarn which I instantly recognized as my favorite – Greenwood Fiberworks Denim and Khaki (it’s no secret I stalk Carolyn’s Etsy shop and know all the colors by heart).

Oh, the fun I’ll have with this yarn!

Dear Pal, thank you so much for knitting me this wonderful pair of socks. I waited, it’s true, but, boy, you delivered!!! I’ll go ahead and say I’m 2 for 2, a fantastic pair last time and this time, too. I’m so happy.

One lil’ issue – my pal didn’t sign the cute card she enclosed with the package, and her name doesn’t appear in the return address. So I don’t know who to thank! Along the same lines, I don’t know the name of the pattern or what yarn these are made out of, although I strongly suspect Cascade Fixation or its elann equivalent. If you’re reading this, my Pal, let me know who you are!

Sigh of relief – aaahhh!

Oh, another lil’ issue – my sock savior. Maybe I’ll be getting a second pair? I don’t know!

Alison hasn’t mentioned a word about another Sockapalooza, but if it happens, I’m not sure I’ll be participating. Here’s the thing – I would love, love, love to participate, but some of the comments you guys have been leaving (here, here)… they just make me sad and ashamed. And they make me think that I’m not welcome to be someone’s pal. Maybe I’ll do it anyway, despite all the alienating comments. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and sniff my new socks.


96 thoughts on “Who the hell made my day?!?

  1. Barb outside Boston

    Oh Kathy-

    You’re the Grumperina! Yes, it may be intimidating to be your Secret Sock Pal, but the knitblog world NEEDS your attention to detail, your fanaticism!

    And those are some kickass socks!

    Now go update your MA graph.

  2. Christy

    I am sad to see you use the words “sad and ashamed” because of comments that other people made. I don’t remember you saying that you were waiting for PERFECT socks. You were just waiting for socks like everyone else.

    I encourage you to participate again if you want to do so. I hope you will.

  3. Mama-E

    I would hope folks would not be so intimidated by a fellow blogger who happens to have great skill and a large readership. You are a knitter. These exchanges are supposed to facilitate a connection between those who wish to participate…not fear that your gift would somehow be wrong or less than. Hell, you could knit your own socks if that were the case. Kathy, I would be happy to knit for you any day of the week!

  4. Katherine

    I’m working up a pretty plain pair of socks for myself from Fixation, and I don’t like it. But now, if you think that’s what your pal socks are, I realize that I’m doing it all wrong! It wants to be lace socks! Of course, I’m almost done and don’t really want to start over. But thanks for rescuing what was threatening to be a never-again-yarn-relationship for me.

    And the alienating comments — I think they were meant to be compliments. You are quite detail oriented, you know (that’s meant as a compliement, too!) I am more of a slacker (about knitting, not other things), but I’m comfortable with that. I’d knit you socks, no worries! You always come across as gracious and I’m quite sure you would be grateful for any hand-knit socks that came your way. Only knitter appreciate them so well.

  5. Lisak

    I’m green! Those are gorgeous.

    So far all my attempts with fixation are too big or too small. Maybe I just need more friends with different sized feet.

  6. Ariel

    Cute socks!

    I think the comments were meant to be taken in a joking way. (I mean really, I think it would take more than getting you as a sock pal to make someone flee the country!)

    I was in a sock yarn dyeing swap, and it did make me feel a little bit bad that I’m a relatively inexperienced yarn dyer and some of the people participating have Etsy shops and the like.

    I think that’s the sort of feeling someone might get knitting socks for you. But, as we can all see, you’re very appreciative and not examining the socks for an errant stitch, so remember this folks and don’t be afraid!

  7. chris

    For what it’s worth, I would be thrilled to get you as my sock recipient in a sockapalooza swap! I mean, sure, it would be difficult to decide on a design and the yarn and all that, but sheesh, at the end of the day, we’re all just knitters!

  8. Jody

    I would make socks for you – even if my gussets are crooked and the stripes didn’t match – I know as a fellow knitter you’d appreciate every akward stitch. So don’t hesitate to join another exchange cuz I so want to get in on the next one & it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t in it designing some amazing new pattern!

  9. Judy

    I don’t think anyone who made that remark meant to imply it was YOUR fault if the sock pal was intimidated! So don’t be sad or ashamed…your attention to detail is what we all treasure about you.

    Those really are some nice looking socks, too, and I love the way cotton smells.

  10. Dorothee

    I’d sign up as your (not-so-secret any more) sock pal! In case you don’t want to take part in the next round, think about it. I’d treat you as any other sock pal… I might even think about making Jaywalkers for you πŸ˜‰ (okay, probably not really)

  11. Ashley

    I too think those comments were meant to be complimentary, even if they might have come across in a backhanded way. As your sock recipient, I beg you–don’t deny someone else a pair of Grumperina specials πŸ™‚

    Oh, and in case your pal is deliberately choosing to stay anonymous, I won’t tell you her name, but I can tell you that the (super-cute) socks are indeed Fixation.

  12. Saartje

    I’m with Dorothee. If you decide you don’t feel welcome in a Sockapalooza 4 (and I don’t think there’s any reason for you to feel unwelcome!), we can plan our own little exchange right here in the comments of your blog.

    Personally, I’d cheer if I drew your name to knit for in a sock exchange, because I’d love knowing that something I made was going to someone I respect so much, as well as to someone who would appreciate it.

  13. Carolyn

    Oh come on! Intimidated? Worried about knitting for you? Yes, you are a brilliant knitter…but what brilliant knitter wouldn’t appreciate another knitters work?

    Bring it on…I’ll knit you some socks! Hell, I’d even be so bold as to knit you some jaywalkers!!;)

  14. Norma

    Do I need to come down there? You’re not living up to your name if you feel sad and ashamed for being The Grumperina and for being a perfectionist, et cetera, et cetera! Of course, I would never want to knit you a pair of socks. Heeeheheheheheeeee! You can hit me now if you want to. But you can’t reach me. I’m way up here in the nawth country. πŸ˜€

  15. Kirstine

    Ooh, I’d love to know the name of that pattern, too! And like others, I’d love to be your sockpal – how would you feel about a few cat hairs on the surface of your cotton? πŸ™‚

  16. Carrie

    Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I made one of those comments, and it was not meant to be hurtful. You have always seemed gracious and friendly to me. It’s just that, well, you’re Grumperina, the woman who made the sock that took the knitting world by storm! I certainly don’t think you’d judge a sock made by anyone else, but I might feel a little, um, how to say it? Awed by your sock-celebrity? Amazed by your skill?

    It would be like realizing you’d signed up to do karaoke with an anonymous partner that turned out to be Celine Dion.

    Anyway, I am sorry if my comments hurt your feelings, and I hope you won’t let my or anyone else’s clumsy attempts at good-natured teasing keep you from another sock swap. (Alison says to look for it in the fall!)

  17. mollysusie

    I must admit that being a rather poor knitter-er, I don’t take part in swaps. However now I think a good way to overcome my shortcomings would be including yarn or chocolates (or hey…both!) so the receiver could either knit themselves better socks or eat chocolate. So maybe I’ll be a joiner yet…

  18. Isela

    The socks are gorgeous! The lace is beautiful.

    I believe the comments were meant as admiration. Your knitted items are perfect and meticulous accomplished.

    I believe many of us in blogland admire you :).

  19. LaurieM

    Why should you be ashamed? I can understand sad. But shame sounds as though you feel responsible for other people’s reaction to your compentence. And you’re not. Should Tiger Woods feel ashamed because some people might be too intimated to play golf with him?

  20. DebbieB

    My impression of you is of a perfectionist concerning your own knitting, and an encourager and supporter of everyone else’s effort. Best of both worlds. Knit on!

  21. Agnes

    Yay for the lovely lace socks! They are worth the wait! And don’t have silly thoughts about joining sock swaps. It may be true that some people may feel intimidated for no reason (I think), I’m sure there are many others who are willing to knit for whoever is assigned to them and just enjoy the fun of knitting for somebody. If I am wrong, well, I would be very willing to knit for you … just give me the measurements! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your socks … but here the weather is getting too warm even for cotton socks! πŸ™ How about Cambridge?

  22. keohinani

    late socks are better than no socks, and i suppose if someone were to be really intimidated by who you are and not knit you socks because of it, then they shouldn’t be signing up for sockapalooza anyway. it shouldn’t matter who has you as a sock partner, and even if you were to turn a critical eye to the socks you receive, i think you’d know better than to publicly humiliate the person who knit them for you. no knitter deserves that type of treatment – especially if they volunteered to knit for someone else and whatever they came up with was truly the best of their abilities.

    in the worst case scenario, i imagine some timid knitter would just send you a sock kit with your favorite yarn and needles, and a pattern with a note saying “some assembly required” along with whatever socks they made for you.

    that’s something i would do, anyway, if i were so intimidated. and you would get jaywalkers, just for laughs.

    i’m only kidding. about the jaywalkers.

  23. Purly Whites

    Whatever! You should totally participate. You can put in your note that your knitter can come to me if they are nervous and I’ll talk them through it. You would be easy to knit for.

  24. Vicki

    You should definitely participate! If someone didn’t know you they wouldn’t think to be intimidated and if they did know you they would know that you are a wonderful, kind person and that you would sincerely appreciate the gift of handknit socks. Heck, I’d be your sock pal anyday πŸ™‚

  25. freecia

    Those are some great socks! They look very pretty and I bet my mom would like a pair exactly like that (Mom socks, one of the best compliments a sock could get!)

  26. maryse

    those are the sweetest little socks. i love them too.

    and if you were my sockpal, i’d make you some crochet socks …hehehehe

  27. jess

    Great socks! They look fantastic! πŸ™‚

    Frankly, swaps are always a little intimidating! I run some swaps over at crochetville + I’ve participated in a ton of swaps: I STILL get nervous (regardless of whether my swap partner is a famous blogger or not) — I want my swap items to be (close to) perfect!

    I think everyone feels this way to an extent– (will my pal like this yarn, this pattern, will these socks fit my pal? what if s/he hates them!)

    When I admin a swap, I try to help my swappers not worry as much about it and tend to say something like: “it’s okay to be nervous! keep in mind how much you love receiving a package in the mail and go forward and finish the package for your swap pal on time!”

    I’d have no more problem being your sock pal, I’d just need to find the perfect non-wool/mohair/etc yarn for it! πŸ˜‰

  28. SallyT

    Those socks sorta look like the “lacywings” at Michelleknits blog. Since she’s a vegan and got the pattern from a British vegan, they would know something about cotton socks. It’s funny, every time I see a pattern that I get excited about I learn that it is being knit across the globe (or at least blogland). What would we do without blogging knitters?

  29. Stephanie

    Very pretty socks. I love the cute little ankle length with the gorgeous lace pattern. And white, hmmm, white socks make me nervous. I guess that says something about my laundry abilities. I’d knit socks for you any day of the week and twice on Sunday! So there.

  30. diana

    Lovely socks and definitely worth the wait. And some yarn from Carolyn? Excellent addition to the package πŸ™‚

  31. margo

    Don’t let the comments spoil your sockapaloozing. I know they seem alienating but they’re actually compliments. In a weird way. I have the same trouble – I’m a singer (opera,) and it makes me sad and feel worried when people refuse to sing in front of me because they think I must look down on them. Personally, I just love singing I don’t care who what when or where, EVERYONE should sing because it’s FUN and it’s beautiful. I cry inside to think that people worry I’m judging them.

    Sockapalooze on, baby! (And where do I sign up?)

  32. carole

    I’d be so happy to knit socks for you! I’m not interested in pretending to be perfect, and I expect you’d embrace any minor flaws IF you even happened to notice them. I hope you will participate again.

  33. Liz

    I have this to say to people who might be intimidated: The whole point is to make your best effort — and if the finished object isn’t as perfectly made as the recipient would have made them, so be it. If Kathy wanted a pair of Grumperina-perfect socks, she’d make them herself. The idea is to put thought, and care, and oneself into the process. And from what I’ve seen on this blog, Kathy is far too nice ever to criticize something someone made for her with loving care.

  34. Jennifer

    Hmmm, well I think you would be lovely to have as a sockpal. I’d be a little nervous, but who isn’t when knitting for someone else. You’ve been nothing but gracious and happy about the socks you’ve received. I think you should participate.

  35. Elise

    C’mon….enter the sockapalooza 4. I would be happy to knit a pair of socks for you (and even happier if it turned out that you were knitting a pair for me! :-)) I am up for the challenge of knitting a great pair of socks for you, and it seems others would be equally inspired. Maybe you should have your own sock exchange….we knit for you, you keep a random pair or two, and then donate the rest to a worthy cause (like a homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter or something.) Given that more than 300 jaywalkers have been made, and with your great readers and large readership I am sure you could collect many lovely and worthy pairs of socks.


  36. Sharon

    The lacy wings sock pattern is at http://finallywakingup.blogspot.com/2005/09/lace-wings-fixation-socks.html but this pattern does not appear to be the one used for the beautiful socks Kathy now has on her feet. Lacy Wings is very cute and would work for those who like the gusset heel. I hope your sock pal comes forward to tell us about the pattern!

    As far as those who would be intimidated to knit for you, maybe those people shouldn’t be involved in swaps because you never know who you are going to get? Never feel sad or ashamed of what you can do, what you want to do, and what you know and want to learn. To each our own, blah blah blah! As long as nobody gets hurt!

    Have a happy day in those socks! My feet want some Fixation socks now too!

  37. amy

    I feel like I’ve been checking your blog every day to see if the socks arrived yet. I don’t think I could be more excited if they had arrived in my own mailbox! How adorable.

    And, to echo so much of what has already been said, don’t be put off by the earlier comments. Were I to be your sock pal, I’d embrace it as an opportunity to challenge myself and my ability. But then again, I consider making socks (a pair of Jaywalkers, for the record…pictures coming soon) for my cousin, who doesn’t knit, and is just going to use the socks to run around her dorm barefoot, an opportunity to challenge myself. In the time I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve never heard (seen?) you say an unkind word about another knitter and his or her ability. Your valid criticisms are correctly reserved for those whose commercial designs show lack of follow-through before hitting the market and taking your money. There’s no reason for someone to be afraid of knitting a pair of socks for you in the spirit of fun and knitterly connection. To quote margo, “Sockapalooze on, baby! ”

  38. Kat

    I always thought that the point of exchanges was more the joy of giving and recieving than increasing ones own net possesions (because if one just wanted to increase net possesions one would just buy and knit for oneself). As such I would not be afraid to knit for any other knitter knowing that if they just wanted more socks (of whatever level of perfection) they would knit their own.

    I admit that I will not join a sock swap until I have knit someone socks from just measurements where I can get the sock back rip and reknit if I get the fit wrong as I have always relied on trying on socks to get fit. But once I know that I can make socks that fit just based on measurements, I would be proud to get to knit socks for you in a swap knowing that you would appreciate the effort that went into them.

  39. Jamie

    If you ever find out, please post the info about these socks! I love the pattern and would love to knit a pair for myself.

    And, I agree with everyone else, I would be proud to have you as my sock pal and know that you’ld be genuinely appreciative of the work!

  40. yahaira

    whoa your pal tailored them for you perfectly! they look great… I hope he or she comes out of hiding.

    I think being your sockpal would be so fun! You should totally sign up if you want

  41. JennyRaye

    I’d make socks for you!!!! By you I know that they would be appreciated, no matter how wonky they may have turned out….unlike the person for whom I was a Sock Savior. Never. Heard. A. Peep. Stinks. Even if the person didn’t like them and thought the socks ugly, she could have at least said “Thank you.”

  42. Angie

    I would be intimidated to be incredible Grumperina’s sock pal, for the simple fact that my socks would not be “worthy”, but I know you would graciously accept my humble attempt.

  43. Leisel

    It doesn’t matter how much I worried about whether or not my sock pal might like what I made… it would be a much worse feeling to see them wishing for something, getting nothing, and knowing I let them down COMPLETELY.

  44. Wanett

    I initially felt the same way about being the pal of an expert knitter. But I think that in joining swaps you have to be prepared to be paired with knitters of all skill levels and I am sure that you were. I think that people, myself included initially, are intimidated by your honesty and your critical side. I think it may be a lack of courage to express ourselves that creates those feelings. When I really thought about it I realized that you are not a cruel person just an honest one and I have to respect that whether I was receiving the constructive criticism or just reading it. I’m sure you would have focused on the things that you liked about your socks even if they were some things you didn’t like. A blog ultimately is a personal thing and I don’t think that you should feel ashamed of anything that you write that makes people feel the way that they do. I think that those comments were meant to compliment not to make you feel shame.

  45. Karla (threadbndr)

    I might admit to a small bit of intimidation if I drew a “big name” blogger for an exchange pal, but in a way it would be so much worse if it was somebody who seldom posted or didn’t have much knitting content.

    Kathy, if I drew you, I’d KNOW about the ‘no wool for G’s itchy feeties’ and ‘she loves lace’. And ‘it would be guache to knit her Jaywalkers’ LOL.

    Please sign up this fall, I haven’t got to play Sockapalooza yet, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  46. Kym

    I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time and have never commented. . . until now. I used to be a slap-dash knitter — the kind that says “no one will notice” about mistakes. But you have shown me The Way. I now follow the “Grumperina Standard.” When I make a mistake in my knitting, I ask myself, “What would Grumperina do?” And then. . . I do the right thing. I rip, I frog, I tink, I start over. And — my knitting is oh-so-much better for it!

    So, thanks for sharing your your knitting and your quest for perfection! I’m sure you have elevated the quality of the handknit for more readers than me!

    Initimidated? Sure. Willing to try? You bet! Keep inspiring us all.

  47. Heather

    I cannot speak for anyone else, but I would have loved to have been your sockpal. I think it’s fun knitting something for someone who takes such pride into their own work. Don’t let anyone else talk you out of it if you want to participate in the next round. Who knows, it may be me?

  48. Michelle

    Hey without you joining sockapaloza there would be no 300 pair of jaywalkers gallery!

    That is a lot of happy feet, inspired by your sockapalozaness!

  49. wendy

    I do believe I saw Alison say she was going to do it again…Having you for a sock pal would be awesome to spoil…don’t sweat the small stuff life’s too short.

  50. Sheila

    Do hope your secret sock pal comes forward. The socks are lovely!! The pattern would be wonderful to have. Please reconsider joining the next sock swap. I do believe the comments were meant to complement and to thank you for you wonderful knitting blog!! Many so admire your skills and your generosity in sharing same with all of us!!

  51. PuppyMomma

    You can be my sock pal. Intimidate away, darlin’ because I am in awe of your talents. I’ll still knit socks for you, because personally, for me, its about the yarn, not as much the design, and knittin’ is knittin’.

  52. Siow Chin

    I’m saddened that you are affected by those comments. Don’t! What I have to say is that you are the sweetest swap pal anyone could ever have!

  53. Jen

    I don’t think you should be sad and ashamed at those comments, maybe “whatever, I put my socks on just like you” is a good response to them. What they are saying is that you are a Legend among sock knitters – it’s like having tea with Miss Manners! Not that you think she’s going to slam you or is looking for mistakes! – just that you’d want so badly to impress her! That’s how I feel, anyway. I would love to knit you a pair of socks that made your feet comfy and happy, and I know I make mistakes in them but I would do it anyway. Because socks are about warm feet, not perfection. They are knitted love, and heck yeah, call me cheesy – they are. πŸ™‚ Feet are kinda homely – to knit something beautiful for a humble foot is a very good thing indeed.

    You are a great knitter, and you’ve inspired me to be part of sockapalooza next year. Thanks gallie.

  54. Elizabeth K

    I’ve only just recently started reading your blog and despite all the knit blogs I read I didn’t know you were “known”. That’s really beside the point.

    Anyway….those socks are gorgeous. Definitely worth the wait. I can only hope to knit such pretty socks one day. For now, my thrice frogged sock sits sadly ziplocked in a bag on the shelf.

  55. rarebeetle

    I’m attempting my first ever pair of socks–your jaywalker pattern. I think I will have to start over on the cuff AGAIN, but I will not give up. The pattern is beautiful in its simplicity. Just the six children that distract me… What I love most about you from your blog is how sweet you are with your family—you take such pains to knit items that will truly please them. Perhaps it is your kindness and courtesy that is so intimidating to people–“old world charm”–I think it’s funny that you call yourself grumperina! Reading your posts makes me miss my own sweet grandma, she would have taught me how to knit.

  56. vanessa


    while i don’t think that my knitting is comparable to yours. i would be happy and honored to knit for you because you are obviously a kind and gracious person. so i say join sockapaloooza again if that is what you want.

  57. AmyP

    I really don’t think that anyone meant anything bad in what they said (me included). I know that what I meant was after the last exchange (the one that spawned the phenomenon that was the Jaywalkers) anyone who drew your name may feel overwhelmed by how they could impress you. Possibly? You are a very imaginative knitter and one with what I would consider amazing talent. Am I expressing myself well – at all??!!

  58. Ronda

    Don’t let anybody dampen your enthusiasm for swaps! You’re a mentor for countless knitters. We’d all *gladly* sign up to swap socks with you~!

  59. abi

    Well, remember how you felt when the yarn harlot made a paid of jaywalkers? If I had you as a sock pal I would feel so excited and really want to get things right for you, in the same way you take so much care when you knit for you Gran and your Dad.

    Keep up the fabulous blog and don’t feel too sad!

  60. Elspeth

    Please join Sockapalooza when it comes around again! Certainly, drawing your name would be intimidating; people read your blog and your work is stunning! But then again, poeple read your blog and your work is stunning, meaning we are reminded a little of what we’re going for when we cast on. Your ability to tackle projects like Mountainash and modify garments to make them better than they were is not only wonderful, it’s inspiring! You make me, Elspeth, want to be a better knitter and reading your blog reminds me of that when I have to rip/frog/tink/toss it into a corner and never see it again/curse the thing that’s supposed to be fun in my life. Certainly, you can be a little intimidating, but knitting for you would be like getting President Clinton to advise you on Politics. Sure, it’s a little rough the first time out, but man oh man!

  61. elisabeth

    I DON’T know the pattern, or the YARN, and my feet are comfortably ensconsced in my fabie Birkenstock Thongs YET I AM JEALOUS of your new socks. Look, I know you don’t know me and I know that you have been waiting a long time for them but GIVE THEM TO ME for they are so me. please.

  62. Caitlin

    Personally, I would freak out more if I found out you had knit me a pair of socks, not the other way around. Please don’t let other people being self-concious keep you from doing another sockapalooza.

  63. RisΓ«

    Actually that pattern looks like horse shoe lace. I think I’ve also seen it referred to as fishtail. I am in the process of knitting a scarf with this lace pattern.

    I’m so glad your pal finally came through for you and hope that they reveal themselves.

  64. Marianne

    Other people have commented, extensively, about why you should join the next Sockapalooza so it’s probably redundant of me to tell you the same thing. But, I’ll do it anyway.


    If you enjoy making socks for a secret pal, do it. No matter what other commenters have inspired you to feel (and I DO believe they meant those comments to be compliments), if being someone’s sock pal brings you enjoyment, then it’s worth doing. I love being in swaps, not so much for what I get out of them material-wise, but for what I put into them. Swaps are my favorite opportunity to try something new, to challenge myself, to bring something a little special and fun to another person who may really need the lift a little something in their mailbox can bring.

  65. jennifer

    Those socks are awesome. The lace is pretty and they seem to fit you really well. I’m happy to hear that you got your socks and that all is not lost. Perhaps your sock pal just had life come up and bite her in the ass? I know that happens to me all the time.

  66. Monica

    I’m with Marianne. You’d enjoy the challenge of coming up with a pair of socks tailored to someone. There are plenty of people who would be happy to knit for you, myself included, so don’t let it get to you.

  67. Kim

    The socks are beautiful, and I think they were probably worth the wait!! What a sweetheart to also include your favorite sock yarn. She would have to be reading your blog to know that. Three chears to you, sockpal, for making Grumperina some AWESOMELY beautiful socks!!!!

  68. Linz

    But you have inspired us!

    And because of your participation in sockapalooza we have jaywalkers!

    Oh. Maybe we’ll need an alternate swap. Or another category — like “people not afraid to knit for superstar knitters because they’re people too!”

  69. April

    wow… a SEA of comments! =)

    Poor Grumperina =(( I’m scared to be ANYONE’s sock pal, b/c I can’t even be a good POST CARD pal! lol Maybe someday, but that’s just me, the master procrastinator.

    ….that being said, IF I ever become a good swap pal, I hope you are still in the pool of possible swap bud’s – how cool would THAT be? I’d be all giddy and star struck LOL ((HUGS))

    & HAPPY you! Those socks ROCK! yaay!

  70. Sara

    I must admit I’d be intimidated to knit socks for you — but I’m intimidated by cables and words like “gauge”, so that is hardly surprising. πŸ™‚ I think you would be a fun Sockapalooza pal.

    I hope you don’t let the backwards-compliments of a few commenters spoil something you enjoy so much.

  71. Elaine

    Is that a short row heel on those yummy white socks? Does it have a band up the middle with the decreases either side or is it just my monitor?? Any chance of a closer look??

  72. Laura Neal

    These socks are gorgeous. Your pal did a great job on them. I am in yarn hell right now, just think of me and the 13 people in line to get a pair of socks from me. I need another set of hands to get them all done.

  73. reluctantMANGO

    Hi there! I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, and am quite an admirer of your knitting talent. That said, you’ve always been supportive of those less experienced, and I see no reason why someone with less skill should be afraid to knit for you. I have gotten imperfect swap items before, but they’re even more special to me because every single stitch was made by a PERFECT STRANGER just for me. How cool is that?

  74. Ang

    Grumperina! There is no need for you to feel sad and ashamed that others have knit-esteem issues! That some knitters would be intimidated by the idea of knitting for you has nothing to do with you, but is 100% a reflection of that other person’s self-worth. If I were assigned to knit you socks, I would want to do the very best job that I could, just like I would want to do for ANYONE else! Hell, I’d be thrilled, actually, to know that you had a piece of my knitting, even if it wasn’t all that great, if I knew I tried my best! I know you would be appreciative!

    I doubt your sockpal was intimidated so much as BUSY. And good at procrastination!

  75. Kim

    If you set the bar too low, the majority of humans will stop when they hit the bar. So you’ve got to set the bar high just to get the majority to rise up out of their own mediocrity. Your technical approach to your knitting is great and it works for you. I’m not a technical knitter, but I have learned from some of the results of your analysis. Does that make me less of a knitter than you. Not to me, just a different one. I say you should participate in whatever YOU wnat to participate in. If the other party doesn’t want to play, their loss & the moderator’s job to fix. I, for one, would be thrilled to be in a sock exchange with you!

  76. MollyC

    Being someone who saw this exchange from sockpal (friend) side, I must say it was handled poorly. The tone of your comments and commentors tended toward the condemning side, when you had no idea what your sockpal was going thru during the last month of sockapaloooza. Not all people are comfortable telling everyone and their mother their troubles and simply muscle through extremely difficult times. All the while worrying about the socks she has to knit. Your sock pal is a kind and generous person, who diserves better than the public trial and condemnation you encouraged on your blog.

  77. Sue F.

    I am surprised by MollyC’s comment. I looked through Kathy’s blog postings and only saw her mention how much she was looking forward to her socks. She had gotten an email from her sockpal in late May that a pair were going to be finished (and presumably sent) in about a week, then nothing from the sockpal for the last month. I didn’t see anything that indicated Grumperina was p/o’d about not getting her socks; anyone as busy as G is would realize that sometimes life does get in the way and all her sockpal needed to do was to email her (she obviously has G’s email) and say she was delayed. And I personally do not hold Kathy responsible for other people’s comments- why should I? If you are offended, then don’t read them. Now please excuse me so I can bake some cookies and refinish a dresser for Martha Stewart. πŸ™‚ If you don’t like what I typed, then email ME.

  78. denise

    I hope that I didn’t make Grumperina’s pal feel bad by my KAL idea, cause I certainly didn’t mean to do that. I can understand being busy, for sure with 2 under 7 at home and a mate that works nights! I just wanted to show Grumperina how much *all* of us care about her, pals included. Hugs to everyone!

  79. Barbara

    Do participate in the next Sockapaloooza. It seems natural to me to worry a little about whether your efforts are good enough for your sock partner. I know I did, and did my best to get them perfect. But really, all any of us are expecting is a pair of socks from someone else who likes to knit. It’s just the fun of getting that package and seeing what someone thought you would like and made for you.

  80. Lucia

    I was a bit intimidated by the Sockapaloooza (this was my first one), just because I wanted to design and make the perfect socks for someone I didn’t know — and, yes, also somewhat because her blog is much more popular than mine and I knew that a lot of people would be seeing my work. I think I would have felt much the same about making socks for you, or Cara, or any well-known knitblogger, sock specialist or not. I think people, myself most definitely included, forget that we’re all knitters and we all worry about getting it right, and we’re also happy to get something made just for us because we understand what went into it.

    I really hope you join the next round (all puns intended!), and not just because I might get your socks.

  81. Anne

    I think your chriticism is unjust Molly and if you knew your friend was knitting for Kathy couldn’t you have perhaps left a comment to say the socks had’t been abandoned. Other people who’s socks were late wrote some harsh words but I don’t see you mentioning them.

  82. Evie

    I agree with MollyC. I had stopped reading this blog because I didn’t like the way Grumperina was making a big deal over socks being late. Neither I nor others I know received their socks early on in May or June. Grumperina says she was notified about the socks and that they were going to be late. So why keep at it?

    I think all of these negative posts are just proving the point.

  83. Sue F.

    As of May 13th, the socks were going to be a week (or so) late, not a month late. I too would be going to the mailbox every day in Christmas morning-like anticipation, and saddened to see nothing there for me. For 3 weeks. With no email or anything. πŸ™

  84. Helena

    Thanks, and just so you know, your stretchy bind off tip is still useful in 2008! After going thru a bunch a books to find the answer, I found it through searching the Ravelry forums after going thru a bunch a books to find the answer! Woo hoo!

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