The beauty of plumbing emergencies

Updated death toll since June 15th:

  • new Jaywalkers added to gallery: 162
  • total Jaywalkers in gallery: 354
  • new non-JW projects added to gallery: 48
  • prizes to hand out: 8
  • knitters who can identify a 72 x 80 pixel rectangle in their sleep: 1

I never thought a plumbing emergency could be so useful. If I wasn’t stuck at home today to let in the plumber (more like a series of plumbers, because my landlord… he likes to shop around, especially when it comes to emergency situations), I wouldn’t be able to just sit at my computer and update, and update, and update :).

As it ends up, I made a little faux pas. My admittedly over-aggressive spam filter trapped a few dozen comments which had links to beautiful Jaywalkers and Odessas galore! The filter has a particular affection for comments with multiple links, in other words, knitters who knit multiples! Oh, I’m so shamed! Once I realized my mistake, the death toll rose very quickly to simply astronomical proportions. I mean, who ever thought there would be more than 350 (three hundred and fifty, people!) Jaywalkers in the gallery?!?

By the way, I’ve updated the layout of the gallery, getting rid of that seamless frame that wouldn’t display right in some browser settings. I think it should be all set now, no matter how and where you’re viewing (make sure to hit the refresh button to see the latest layout). Of course e-mail me if there’s any issue, if your FO is missing, if it’s not linked correctly, etc.

I’m still loving this whole thing. I love all the pictures, and all the stories, and all the colors, and especially multiple submissions – nothing is more complimentary than knitters who choose to knit my stuff more than once ;).

Along those lines, let us congratulate the 350th Jaywalker!

350th Jaywalker – Silja! Silja submitted 3 Jaywalkers and 4 Odessas into the gallery. Good girl ;). I’ll be contacting you shortly to talk about your prize.

Speaking of the prizes, my winners have simply fantastic tastes. I cannot wait to raid my stash and do a little shopping for your guys because our tastes match so well. Oooo, all the yummies!

Okay, I think this will end all the frantic updating. Meaning, I’ll still be updating as the submissions come in, but not like hundreds in a span of a few days. And that’s a good thing, because I have a sock to show you, and a bind-off to discuss.


15 thoughts on “The beauty of plumbing emergencies

  1. Stephanie

    350? Wow. I guess I’d better get off my butt because I must be the only knitter left in blogland to knit a pair of these lovely socks.

  2. pixie

    wow man that jaywalker gallery is impressive!

    it’s to bad you can’t get it published in a book, all the non-computer kntiters will never know about it!

  3. rene

    What an amazing response! Stephanie, you’re not the only one- I have Jaywalkers in the planning stages only. I have to clear a few other socks off my plate. 🙂

  4. Peg

    Hope I am not too late to enter your Jaywalker contest. If I am, that is okay. Have been busy for a few days, and today I was busy painting molding and trim for a Habitat home. That really has put me in a good mood! So happy you designed this pattern and I wonder if you ever had any idea that the response to it would be just over the moon!

  5. SallyT

    We’ll let you be a human–no apologies needed. I know that I appreciate you for all the enthusiasm you bring to the art. I will admit, however that I’m slightly disappointed that jaywalkers in the same yarn and colorway I’m using have already appeared in the gallery of FO’s.

  6. Angela

    Your reader galleries have legs, that’s for sure: so many visitors to my blog have linked from the Odessa I have in your gallery–and your new contest has really started them up again. So, thanks!

  7. liz

    OK, I’m finally getting off my hind end to send you my links. Maybe I’ll make it to 400! I can’t get actual links for some godforsaken reason, so there are Jaywalkers on June 12th, March 19th, and February 7th.

  8. Estellika

    I’m such a FO pic junkie, thanks to you and everyone else for feeding my habit! Beautiful and inspiring!

  9. Kim Guzman

    Truly amazing! (Trying to pick up lower lip from floor.) I can’t even put into words what a tribute that is to a well-written design. Simply incredible. And, the html-ing. Great job! I know how time-consuming that can be. Wow! Looks fantastic!

  10. ruth in nj

    Am I too late for your Jaywalker contest? I love my Jaywalkers. I used (old) Fleece Artist yarn, size 0 bamboo dpns. I will surely make this pattern again. Where can I post my photo????

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