Death toll

Death toll since June 15th:

  • new Jaywalkers added to gallery: 128
  • total Jaywalkers in gallery: 320
  • new non-JW projects added to gallery: 32
  • prizes to hand out: 7
  • knitters who spent their weekend cropping pictures and writing html: 1

Dang. I certainly asked for it, didn’t I? Hehe! Entice with the promise of yummy sock yarn, and, well, there you have it: more than a hundred comments, dozens of e-mails, and an updated gallery busting at the seams! Cara, I understand.

I love it. Thank you so much for your responses, for your pictures, for your stories. It is only fair that I do my share (and, ahem, hopefully destash at least a little bit) and give back.

Since my post, I’ve modified the rules just a little bit. Don’t worry! All in your favor, my friends ;).

First, I will continue to keep track of the Jaywalkers submitted into the gallery, and every 50th one will receive a prize from here on out. No deadline for submissions, just keep ’em coming, and I’ll keep track of the numbers! I don’t think calculating your submissions so they coincide with these round numbers will be particularly fruitful because I update the gallery maybe once a week, and you simply have no idea how many FOs I have sitting in my Inbox at that time ;).

Second, I decided to give prizes retroactively to the 50th, 100th, and 150th Jaywalker knitters! No reason for these gals to miss out simply because they were one of the first.

Without further ado, it is time to announce the winners! In a parallel universe I’d tell you that you’re all winners, but here in Grumperinia we do not sugarcoat things. I laugh my evil knitting laugh – bwahahaha! If you didn’t win, I suggest playing again ;).

50th Jaywalker – Four Chickens Jeanne! Jeanne, you’re a winner!

100th Jaywalker – Immer Wieder Socken Ute! I have no freakin’ idea what Ute writes about on her blog, but she’s got at least three Jaywalkers in the gallery. Smart gal, Ute, increasing your chances of winning by submitting multiples. Ute, you’re a winner!

150th Jaywalker – I May Be Knitting a Ranch House Sandra! Sandra’s got two in the gallery (learning from Ute, I see), and for that reason, Sandra, you’re a winner!

200th Jaywalker – Crossroad Knits Liz! Liz also knit a Picovoli, and promptly submitted it into the gallery. There’s only one word for people like that – winner!

250th Jaywalker – Dove Knits! Dove knits many socks and cute baby things – winner!

300th Jaywalker – Bettina! Bettina says that the JWs are one of her favorite socks (and good thing she told me that, since I do not know what she’s writing over there on her blog) – winner!

And last, the non-Jaywalker prize. Although I said I’d draw a non-JW prize only if 40-50 new items were added (but only 32 were submitted), I decided to just do it ;). I’m typically a tease, so this is an indication that my good mood has yet to be melted away by our steamy weather ;).

I randomly drew a name, and the winner is Ronda! Ronda wrote me the sweetest e-mail back in February about knitting a bead-less Odessa as a chemo cap for a friend, and I’m so glad that she has now submitted photos of her FOs! That’s right, photos – she’s got two of ’em in the gallery. Seeing a trend, my friends?

(The non-Jaywalker prize is a one time thing, just to reward all those Odessa and Picovoli knitters who kindly submitted their projects in response to my plea.)

The winners will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly so that I am able to tailor each prize to the winner’s unique preferences and knittery desires. I’ll show you what I got each of them eventually, maybe in a few weeks or even a bit longer, depending how exotic they want their gifts to be :).

Now I’m going to go and ice my hand from doing this massive (massively fabulous, that is) update.


22 thoughts on “Death toll

  1. janna

    Guess what I cast on tonight? Yes, Jaywalkers! And thanks so much for the larger sizes — I have big feet, fat ankles, the whole she-bang, so — thanks!

  2. Christina

    Dear Kathy,

    I posted a comment a while ago about IE giving me a download prompt for your blog via Newsgator. Well, I decided to switch over to FireFox, but now your blog doesn’t load at all- I get just a blank, grey page, both in NewsGator and when I try to load it by typing in the address manually. For now, I’m reading your blog through IE. Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for the response, and keep up the great blog- I love this JW contest!

  3. SallyT

    Thank you for inspiring and motivating all these knitters. I should have taken a picture of my sharfik before I gifted it! It created a love affair between cables and me.

  4. SigMa

    I love the jaywalker pattern. I knitted a pair a while ago and they left the house before I had the time to snap a photo. I promise to send you a photo for the gallery of my next pair…

  5. Liz K.

    I’ve never won anything in my whole life, so perhaps I’ve been simply saving my winner’s mojo for the best prize of all! Thanks, Kathy!

  6. Rosemary

    Congrats everyone! I had three in there from previous submissions and it still didnt increase my normally abyssmal chances of winning, that’s how many socks are in that gallery now!

    It’s a great pattern, Kathy. I may have to start my 4th pair now…

  7. Mary K. in Rockport

    Thanks for the email notice. It’s fun to see the Odessa variants in the gallery. I especially like the one with the beaded brim and, the one right next to it, with the rolled up brim – looks extra cozy.

  8. may

    Just look at that army of Jaywalkers. I’m trying to picture a march with everyone jaywalk’n πŸ˜‰

  9. Amy

    Please accept this submission for the Jaywalker gallery. I really enjoyed making this, my second pair of socks (but the first not in stockinette stitch). They’ve spurred me to try much more intricate lacy and cably sock patterns, and now I can’t be without a sock-in-progress. Thanks! Amy

  10. Michelle

    Weird, I could have sworn I left a comment with links & permission on the original post.

    Anyways, here they are (again?):

    Jaywalkers & Odessa. And you have my permission to use any of these images for the gallery!

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