Bad blogging material

What is bad blogging material? This right here:

The dress I’m knitting for Annie Modesitt’s book starts out with 8 inches of (more or less) 2×2 ribbing, worked over the entire dress circumference, 36″, 240 stitches.

This is no joke. The amount of work, the number of hours that’s encapsulated in that little photograph is enormous. Of course knitting with this luscious silk that smells like green tea made each stitch entirely pleasurable, but, boy oh boy, I’d rather sit on a sharp dpn than give you an inch-by-inch report, you know what I mean? Your eyes would glaze over in a second! Mine too! Therefore, bad blogging material.

The ribbing is now done, and the good blogging material begins. First, I will be starting the chevron and eyelet pattern, finally! Second, I’m going to start making stripes! And last, very soon (relatively speaking: in another 8 inches or so) I’ll be joining the whole thing in the round, making a slit in the process. Oh yeah!

Stay tuned ;).

But before I show you more silk dress progress, I will be participating in the first challenge of the Amazing Lace. I have until midnight on Sunday to post my entry, which should give me plenty of time to finish writing the… ahem… saga. Again, you’ll have to stay tuned ;).


18 thoughts on “Bad blogging material

  1. Christie

    A dress…wow!

    So, you’ve joined the Amazing Lace? I guess it isn’t a KAL, so it doesn’t really count in the Grumperina rules, right? 😉 I have an idea for my first AL post, but don’t know if I’ll have time before Sunday. I know yours will be great tho!

  2. trek

    Not only would our eyes glaze over, you’d end up with keyboard prints on your own face from where your face hit the desk in a haze of 2×2 rib blogging.

  3. Rachel

    When you talk about the badness of sitting on a DPN, are you invoking the subsequent discomfort inflicted upon delicate body parts or are you thinking of the absolute mind-numbing frustration of breaking a precious DPN and having to go out and buy a whole nother set of the damn things because there’s no way to replace just one and in any case you’re stuck mid-sock with no way to move forward until you go the LYS, which you promised yourself you WOULD NOT DO, not until after the rent is paid…wait, sorry, this may be just me.

    That green tea yarn is mighty lovely, though. 🙂

  4. Carolyn

    You are undertaking a huge project with this dress…I can’t wait to see the results. Not sure if I will ever knit a dress, so the experience you are getting is priceless!

  5. Laura

    heehee, Now you know why I wasn’t chopping at the bit to blog about the dress I knit for Annie! The one you are doing sounds much more interesting than the one I did. Enjoy!

  6. Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

    When I’m working on a less-than-riveting project I place a pin in at the start of each day’s work so I can see how far I’ve come.

    Pathetic, I know, but sometimes we have to play these games with ourselves.

    At least the yarn is beautiful.

  7. Stephanie

    Every day can’t be dramatic and fabulous. The ribbing is very pretty and the interesting business to come will make you forget all about the boring stuff. I can’t wait to read your Amazing Lace introduction.

  8. linda

    Nice going, Kathy! This is a great project and we will learn a lot from you, I am sure. Thanks so much and good luck with each and every lovely stitch.

  9. rene

    It might be boring blogging material, but it looks great. And every time you mention the green tea smell, I seriously wish for scratch & sniff computers! I can’t wait to see what you do for the Amazing Lace.

  10. Jo

    Mmmm that color is just yummy! Never really considered doing a dress but I’m sure it will be fab. Can’t wait to see your project for the Amazing Lace!

  11. Kenny

    Hi Kathy, I am also knitting something for Annie using Tilli Tomas’ silk yarn. I was hoping if you could share your experience with me.

    I find the silk to have a lot of knots in it. Does yours?

    Also, silk has no give and it knits like cotton.

    And one more thing, does your yarn shed? Mine sheds like crazy and I constantly get pink stuff all over my shirt when I knit.


  12. Liz (the crazed weasel)

    yeah, the silk dress is nice, and I definitely feel the pain of endless ribbing. But I want to see more of Ash of the Mountain. Who could be a pokemon character, really. But that’s just me. He is quite a looker.

    Have fun!

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