Why I hate my neighbor

Behold! The lobby of my building.

Outside you can see the fabulous weather we’re having today (which is giving me one of those headaches where I also feel nauseous), but I’d like to draw your attention to the mailboxes, and explain to you why I hate my neighbor.

On the left you see the gold mailboxes, which are blindingly shiny because the maintenance staff polishes them with something outrageously vile at least once a week. These are reserved for first-class letters, thin magazines, etc. On the right are wooden bins, which are for small packages, thick magazines, third-class mail, etc. Unlike the gold mailboxes, the wooden bins are shared: one for each floor. I go through the wooden bin assigned to my floor on an almost daily basis, especially if I’m expecting a package or magazine, and this is the reason I hate my neighbor.

You see, she’s a nice girl and all, but she keeps getting these small packages that are the perfect shape, size, and consistency to contain a pair of handknit socks. Every day I approach the bin, excited by a new Tyvek or bubble envelope sitting there, only to look at the address and realize that it’s not my Sockapaloooza socks, it’s another small something or other for Ms. J. Argghh! Such a downer :(.

It’s only May 13th, so I’m not worried yet that my Sockapaloooza socks aren’t here. Or maybe I am… I don’t know, you guys, what’s the etiquette? When do I get worried? Should I be concerned that my pal has never contacted me from an anonymous e-mail address?

Last time my wonderful sock pal Kim contacted me (anonymously) throughout Sockapalooza, and it felt so good. I didn’t know who she was, what she was knitting for me, but I knew that she was out there, thinking about me, knitting for me, and I didn’t worry even for a second. Similarly, I’ve made it a point to contact my sock recipients for both SockPal2 (hi, Yasmin, the one and only person who has Jaywalker originals!) and SockPal3 (more about her below) from an anonymous e-mail address just to let them know – I’m knitting for you, don’t you worry!

Sock Pal, are you reading this? Can you drop me a line to let me know you’re out there? The details aren’t important to me – on time or late, short socks or long, blue, pink or purple – I just want a little reassurance that you’re out there, so that I stop stalking my neighbor’s packages ;).

Edited to add: I just got an anonymous e-mail from my pal! Who got an e-mail? πŸ˜‰ I got an e-mail, hehe! My pal writes that she’s working on my socks, and that I’ll be receiving them shortly, possibly in a week or so. Wheeww! I’m sure my neighbor will be thrilled that I won’t be stalking her packages for a few days ;).

As for my own pal, for whom, if you remember, I knit those berry Lorna’s Laces socks, she is Ashley of dogged knits! Hi, Ashley! Knitting for Ashley was very special because she is one of Alison’s sock sisters. In other words, the girl deserved a very special pair of socks for all that hard work, mmm hmm. I was super paranoid during entire SockPal3 about accidentally outing myself to Ashley, because she’s a sock sister, and she reads my blog, and I can be a little absentminded when it comes to using my “anonymous” e-mail address (in other words, too many of you already know it; I’m making up a whole new address next time). I’m pleased to say that I didn’t prematurely out myself, and that Ashley loved her socks. What a relief! The sizing seems to have worked out, and I have grandma to thank for that – she and Ashley have nearly identically-sized feet.

Last, I would like to share with you the notecard that I mailed to Ashley. I hope she doesn’t mind (I don’t think she will). The postcards around here have a major cheese factor, so I was thrilled when I found this notecard by a local artist: (I figured local artist, local postcard… good enough)

The caption on the back says, “Two jobs at the same time! Huancavelica, 1995, Peru”. The credit goes to Illari Productions, photo/design by Behrooz Ghassemi. He (she? they?) are located in Newton, MA.


21 thoughts on “Why I hate my neighbor

  1. Scout

    I just want to know if there is a security camera there and someone is going to contact you about taking pictures of other people’s mail! LOL!!

  2. Carolyn

    Yeah, what about photographing another person’s mail…if another tenant saw you…hahhhahahahhhhhhhhaaaaa! YOu are hilarious! I don’t know if my sockpal got her socks…hopefully her address was right…who knows! I have tried emailing her once before…maybe she doesn’t even exist! Where are you sockpalers?

  3. Angela

    Maybe your sock pal got nervous when she found out her sock pal was…”Grumperina! She’s famous! What if she hates the socks I make…they have to be perfect…these are all wrong, I have to start over….” That sort of thing.

  4. twig

    I would be soooooooooooooo nervous if I had you to knit for. Your socks always look so great and mine are… um… let’s just say not so great. I hope your sock pal is out there.

  5. Cara

    I hope you hear from your sock pal soon! I know what it is to wait for socks and never get them. Totally sucky!

  6. Kim

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m waiting on my socks to arrive as well (‘course I just sent my pal her socks yesterday… oops!)

    πŸ™‚ Hope your socks arrive soon!


  7. Ashley

    Ooh! Ooh! Hi! I do love my socks–so much that they are already on their second washing! We’ve been having that same crappy weather, which is bad for going outside, but great for wearing handknit socks πŸ™‚

    I hope your pal contacts you, but if not I am first in line to be your own personal Sock Savior.

  8. Kimberly

    Hi Kathy,

    I must agree with Angela and Twig. If I had to knit something for you, I would have to take time off from work to make sure it was perfect! Hope you here from your pal soon, because we all know that the waiting is the worst part.


  9. JudyB

    Maybe your neighbor is part of Stitch My Square, a community on LiveJournal. They trade knit or crocheted 8 inch squares – eventually to put together as blankets.

    Judy in Fullerton, CA (not part of Sockapaloosa)

  10. Mary K. in Rockport

    May I backtrack to talk about the previous sweater post? I want to revisit my comment about the pentagrams in which I said I liked them better ribbed but didn’t know why. Yesterday, I was sitting in our car waiting at the train station in a giant puddle almost up to the bottom of the door. The wind blew a series of ripples in the water which hit the curb, started backwards, and met the next series of ripples heading toward the curb. An intricate pattern emerged with a sort of pinwheel center and criss-crossing ribs, ever evolving – aha, thought I, I’ve seen this before, and recently. I think that’s why I prefer the ribs because they’re so natural.

  11. Carrie

    Forget it, if Grumperina the Great Sock Knitter was my sockpal, I’d bribe Nancy Bush or Eunny or Anna to make a pair of socks I could pass off as my own. And then I’d create a whole new blog to act like I was an expert knitter.

    Glad your socks are coming along.

    I wish that was our weather for a little while – it was 82 degrees here this morning at 8am!

  12. elizabeth

    I have the same mail problem except my lobby is one of those teeny little airlock hallway things. “Kittycake” gets about three HUGE boxes per day that make it impossible to walk through to the second door. And we have no idea what she’s getting, we just know she gets a lot.

  13. Laura

    C’mon Kathy’s pal….. at least tell her “hi, I’m here and you will be getting some socks!” I seriously think they need to add a certain new guideline to the exchange: communicate! It’s no fun to sit and wonder what in the world is going on. But do you think maybe the sock sister system is helping? Think they’re keeping an eye on every knitter so that people don’t skip on their commitment? I hope so – at least it would be very kind of your pal to say “Hi, I’m out here.”

  14. Dana

    Well, you and I are waiting together. Ashley was lucky to receive such beautiful socks from you, my sock pal loved the socks I made for her, and here you and I sit. Hopefully ours are flying thru the mail toot-sweet and not sitting in our neighbors mail boxes! Good luck to you!

  15. Kim

    i will vouch that you were a bit stressful to knit for, but well worth the effort. thank you for the very complimentary story. i’m glad things are working out for you!

  16. Kara

    I’m sorry you haven’t heard from your sockpal yet. Mine dropped out and Alison is assigning me a sock savior so I’m patiently waiting (again) for my socks too.

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