Dimply, part 2

Not only is the shrinking ball of yarn puny, dimply, and unbearably cute, it also has two faces! Look carefully… Maryse suggests you tilt your head to the right to see one yarn face, and then to the left to see the other.

Do you see them? Answer in the extended entry.


Cute little yarn faces!


33 thoughts on “Dimply, part 2

  1. Barb outside Boston

    Yes, I saw the faces–how clever your readers are! You and the Harlot have convinced me that I MUST make a shawl right now (what?–I only have 5 projects going) and the new LYS that opened RIGHT HERE IN SUDBURY has some beautiful yarns (can you see me dancing through the computer screen? You have no idea how lucky you are living in Cambridge!)

  2. Marsha

    I see it, actually the one on the right looks like the man in the moon with fat cheeks. The one on the left looks like the sad version of a ‘smiley face’. Now, while I do see this, don’t expect me to see those ‘miracle’ faces in potato chips or dents in walls…….lol

  3. Jennifer

    You know you’ve been at work too long when you see airplanes in the “yarn Rorschach”.

    I’ve got two vertical tails, a wing, and two main landing gear in my view.

  4. Sarah

    I like the one on the right — looks as if it just swallowed something sour (you know, if balls of yarn could ingest things).

  5. Karen

    Actually, if you look at the little face on the right, it could look like a smiling face with a little button nose and dimples. Not so sad after all!

  6. Jess

    The one looks like a pumpkin, and the other looks like some serene french painting… interesting

  7. Michelle

    As my husband pointed out in a freaked out manner, if you back up about 15 feet this ball of yarn does a mean imitation of an up-close-and-personal photo of childbirth. Actually, he yelped, “WHAT are you READING???” Hee hee.

  8. Liz

    Yep, I see ’em, and also see the noses — and perhaps the chins. To me, they look a little like some really old people who have spent too much time out in the sun.

  9. Stephieface

    It looks like an old lady with a babushka to the left and a Campbell Soup kid saying mmm mmm good to the right

  10. marie in florida


    i didn’t see the second frown of concentration face a’tall. wonder if that’s some sort of phyc test? hehehe i would still so very much wear her on a t-shirt.as cute as if you could have planned such a thing.

  11. marie in florida

    ps, i just noticed that you put the purple highlight on the face on the right in a downward slide but i saw it upwards, smile smile smile; project going well

  12. marni

    i also see them both as neutral to happy, while you seem to have painted them both as pensive to sad. this must be some sort of personality test – or indicator of how much time you’ve spent on googlies, while the rest of us just admire the photos πŸ™‚

  13. Monica

    That second face is much better than the one I saw! Why are they both so unhappy? Wait, what’s that sound I hear… “I’m melting, I’m melting!”

  14. Susan

    I only saw the #2 face at first. Must take a linguist to perceive both faces. Ya know, I wonder if there’s some psychology here – like if you see one face, you’re a type X personality, and if you see another face, you’re a type Y, and if you see both, you’re a type Z. Or somethin’…. Too bad she’s going to go away soon. Or become really, really shrively and pruney – like a shrunken apple face.

  15. Daphne Jean

    How adorable! I especially love the face that appears when one tips their head to the left. “She” seems a little mischievous….

  16. celia

    I see it!

    Maybe you should ebay that ball of yarn πŸ˜‰ You knwo like the cereal that looked like ET and sold for thousands…



  17. betty

    how funny!

    yesterday, when i read this entry for the first time, i could easily see the face to the left, but was difficult for me to see the other.

    now, i’ve read today’s entry, and looked again at the dimpled ball, and it was the opposite! how weird am i?

  18. Maisie

    They are so cute! I wish my yarn balls would do that…Maybe one of them swallowed a DPN and that’s why he’s sad.

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