The most beautiful color in the world…

… is this one right here:

I saw it, and I loved it (“it” being cotton/lycra from Greenwood Fiberworks). It’s actually not a color I would have typically chosen for myself, but I’m glad I was overcome with some whimsy when I placed the order – sitting here in front of me, it’s perfect. I’m trying to figure out the best way to describe it. Carolyn calls it lavender, which is pretty accurate, but it has those gorgeous pink and periwinkle undertones. Amethyst?

I don’t know, I don’t think it matters what we call it ;). I had a very long, very hard day at work, but because Carolyn’s package was waiting for me when I got home, I’m now in a good mood. I look forward to knitting with it, I even have a pattern in mind (I have to dig through my IKs, I can’t remember the name right now, it’s a few issues back).

I also got a skein of raspberry, a lovely color which, as it ends up, is my Odessa’s long-lost twin.

Once again, a lovely hand-written note was enclosed with my order. Carolyn writes me that she doesn’t scent her yarn (I actually didn’t think she did). That gave me a little giggle, because the yarn, once again, smells really good. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I like sniffing many yarns. I know there are many other yarn sniffers out there, so don’t be giving me weird looks, okay?

On the Sock-A-Pal (read that as you will) front, I finished the first sock.

I’m very pleased with how it came out, but now I’m having a hell of a time motivating myself to knit the second. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’ve already knit the equivalent of like 6 socks with this yarn, 5 of which have been frogged. Good thing there’s a deadline – I need one, that’s for sure.

Other stuff: Mata Haris: definite progress, gray scarf: I owe you a photo, but no recent progress, dinosaurs: have to make one, lace: back on my mind, stranded knitting: back on my mind. If only I had all the time in the world ;).


33 thoughts on “The most beautiful color in the world…

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve made tons of those dinos for friends and friends’ kids and they are the biggest hit. Everyone loves them! That is some gorgeous yarn!

  2. chris

    I sniff yarn too!!!! I thought I was the only one – and embarrass myself regularly – did you ever have the misfortune of sniffing yarn that you didn’t know came from a smoker’s house? I just did that the other day and it was enough to make me think of giving up the sniffing……

  3. Emmie

    What does your yarn smell like? I have only sniffed a handpainted yarn, but that smelled like vinegar :/ So why do you keep sniffing? And what are your faves to sniff?


  4. Anna

    I’m a sniffer as well! I always smell yarn and books, and my hubby thinks it’s quite strange.

    The yarn looks lovely, and your knittins is fantastic, as always!

  5. marie in florida

    yesterday, shortly after the store opened, a tiny tiny girlie, about two years old, strolled down the row i was working on, dragging a hugh basket. she left the basket half way and continuted down the aisle of yarns, touching each one. she didn’t pull any off the shelf, good girl, but her momma handed her one skein of Sugar and Cream to hold. she turned it over end on end a few times and then took a lick, and i just had to giggle. yes, sometimes the yarns are just that pretty.

    my cats smell good to me, like the trees and grass they play in.

  6. April

    My 5yr old daughter – the model of the BabyJays – is already a sniffer of yarn. It cracks me up =) I mean, I don’t think she saw me doing it, I think it just comes naturally to some =) she’s going to be a hard core yarn snob, I can tell =)

  7. Rachel H

    I can’t say I’ve ever actually sniffed yarn. Now, of course, I’ll have to head right upstairs and stick my snoot in a stash basket, just to see.

  8. trek

    I feel your pain: last pair of Jaywalkers I had gauge issues and could have finished at least three socks by the time the pair was done.

  9. Robbyn

    Another yarn sniffer here 🙂 I’m particularly fond of the lanolin scent in gently or minimally processed wool.

    Your color – mauve maybe? Very beautiful, no matter what you call it!

  10. Oiyi

    The lavender is lovely. I got my skein of Faded Roses yesterday and I love it. Thank you for reccommending Greenwood Fiberworks.

  11. Dani

    Wonderful sock pal socks! I love smelling yarn too and seeing all the difference between companies. Oh, and Kathy, feel free to add my Jaywalkers to your gallery 🙂 Thanks for asking! they are just so fabulous.

  12. Stephanie

    Yummy yarn. I think amethyst is the perfect word. When you figure out how to get more time out of day, let me know. I could use a lot more time.

  13. Martha

    It looks kind of puce to me, but that could be my monitor. You smell your yarn? I have to admit I am giving you a weird look right now.

  14. Yasmin

    Oh Kathy, you did it!!! The socks are awesome! Your pal is going to absolutely love those as much as I love the socks you made me 🙂

  15. JennyRaye

    Love the socks!!!

    I’m also a yarn sniffer, smeller, whatever. In yarn shops I often find my hand almost of its own will lifting the squishy goodness of the yarn to my nose for a quick sniff. I quickly lower my hand before the deed is done….but once I’m home….or let’s be honest….in the car, the yarn is out of its bag, and I’m inhaling all its fibery loveliness. My stash it also fair game to be petted and sniffed, and as I keep lavender soap in with my yarns, it is always a lovely smell. Ahhhh…. So, do I give you strange looks and think you’re weird…not at all! ;o)

  16. freecia

    I sniff, too.

    Of course, I also like the smell of vinegar, especially when it is on my food. I also test sniff about 6″ away if I know that something has been stored in someone’s home, just to avoid getting smoke/pet-odor ambushed. I don’t sniff other people’s yarn, though, like friends’ stashes. Just stores occasionally and my own.

  17. Alyson

    I just bought my first skein from Greenwood Fiberworks…she calls it “Amethyst”…sure looks a lot like your “Lavender”. I guess she agreed with you!

  18. Norah

    Oohhhh, I love that yarn color! I call it “mauve”; I’m not sure if that’s correct or not. Whatever you call it, it’s beautiful.

  19. Christina

    I smell my yarn, too. Nothing wrong with it. It’s the full yarn experience: look, touch, smell, knit. We’ll be chewing it next. 😉

  20. Lou

    I love the name Amethyst for that color. It’s a beautiful color.

    Your sock looks great. I’m sure your sock-a-pal will love it. Who wouldn’t? I know what you mean about needing a deadline. I ALWAYS need a deadline.

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