I was surfing around Etsy the other day, setting various preferences and such, when an innocent push of some button resulted in the following message:

Is this a bad April Fool’s Day joke?!? Ha ha. I’m not laughing. Well, then. Who does this “Etsy” think she is, and how is it that she’s pretending to know me? Clearly she doesn’t know me at all. I’m insulted! No favorite items… as if!!!

I SO have favorite items. For one, my new favorite, and the reason I created an Etsy account in the fist place – Greenwood Fiberworks cotton/lycra! And are there… solids now available? Mmmhmm! I’m only telling you because I already got all the colors I wanted :-P.

Also, how about my all-time favorite yarn, Louet Gems merino? So soft, knits up so evenly, such nice stitch definition, such smooth stockinette, feels lovely on the needles, doesn’t hurt my hands, withstands frogging, versatile – for sportweight: socks on 3s, sweaters on 5s – I could go on and on.

The one thing I cannot comment on is how well it holds up after extended wear – the only Louet item I’ve kept for myself is my Vintage Pink Cardigan (modeled below), and I’ve worn it maybe three times in the span of a year. Also, since I’ve always hand-washed my sweater, I don’t know how the yarn behaves in the washer/dryer. Those are important parameters for many, but not so much for me and my “it needs to be Arctic conditions to wear wool” lifestyle ;).

In celebration Flash Your Stash day, I will flash (some of) my stash(ette). Which part of the stashette, you ask? The only part that really matters – the Louet.

Oh, Louet, come close to the bosom. Mama loves you.

P.S. That’s not my entire Louet stash. Did you really think that was my entire Louet stash?


33 thoughts on “Insulted!

  1. April

    LOL! nice stash flash =)) I keep meaning to snatch up the stripey blue and green sock stuff in your new fav eseller of yarn stuff. They would make kickin’ Jaywalkers.

  2. Emily

    Hi dear, I was surfing this morning and came across a few things you might like!

    Silk City Bounce Cones

    Silk City Soft Stretch Cones

    Sock It to Me Collection Esprit

    I have to be honest and tell you I didn’t check your list to see if they are already there! All of these are cotton, no wool content at all. The first and the last are fingering weight, the other is sport weight. I have to say there aren’t much colours left but maybe they get in new colours. I don’t know much about Elann so I don’t know if they get in new stuff regularly. I haven’t tried the yarns of course but looking at the contents I think they would be great for socks.

    Love your knitting by the way!!


  3. Mary Jo

    That wool looks so soft, but alas I don’t think I can get Louet in Britain. By the way, socks are brilliant.

  4. Cara

    Very nice. But really, if I can lay my soul bare – you can do it too! 😉

    PS – And having seen that pink sweater in person, I can safely say I’d never really wear it either. It’s so magnificent I’d die if anything happened to it.

  5. Johanna

    It machine washes like a gem. 😉 I made two toddler sweaters out of it that get washed fairly frequently. They still look great. A bit softer, maybe a bit of a haze, but still look really great. Oh gosh, now I need to get some more to make another thing! I’ve had my eye on some green lately. Sigh.

    I’m glad to hear you have favorite things! Supurlatives are good things. 🙂

  6. Laura

    aw come on!

    We need to see your entire stash!

    (Yes I know it’s a pain in the rear to photograph it all. I used it as an excuse to organize my pitiful stash.)

  7. Kathy

    Louet, you say? Soft, knits beautifully? Washable (and one of your commenters says it washes like a dream)? I am so going to buy some, just as soon as I decide on the color(s). My son’s girlfriend picked out this when I offered to knit her something; I have already determined that 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together gives *almost* exactly the right gauge. We’s going for a slightly tweedy effect. Cascade 220 is a little too scratchy, but your Louet sounds perfect, and what yummy colors! Woo-hoo!

    Nice stashette, btw. Somehow I imagined your stash to be a bit larger 🙂

  8. Sarah

    I think “stashette” might be my new favorite knitting term. It’s certainly right up there with “rolag.”

    And hi, by the way.

  9. CatBookMom

    Stashette! LOL! I haven’t yet started the Backyard Leaves scarf with the green Louet, but that’s the biggie after I finish DH’s vest. He’s hinting about when will it be done…..

  10. Kim

    I can’t believe my eyes!! That Gems yarn is the yarn I had such trouble with that lead me to believe I was allergic to wool! I can’t believe you can stand to knit with it.. I am amazed and or flabbergasted. Oh the burning and the itching.. the missery..

    I just can’t believe it!

    But I think I will be stalking that sock yarn though : P

  11. Bertha

    I’m knitting my Sockapaloooa socks with Gems Pearl by Louet Sales and it’s my first experience with any Louet yarn! I’m really loving it! Glad to know the other weights are just as lovely! (Wonderful pic of your cardigan & stash!)

  12. Debi

    I’m a Louet lover too! I have a wee bit in stash myself (which I refuse to flash because it would take me days just to haul it out of all my little nooks and crannys!)

    Have you tried the Linen? Very nice!

    BTW, Gems Opal is what Koigu begins it’s life as before it’s dyed!

  13. Elspeth

    I did *not* need a link to the Louet Sales — their colors and yarn are gorgeous! I do have some Merlin though an just love it!

  14. Emily

    Can I please delete my previous comment? I should have known you already had these yarns listed, and I feel awfully stupid now. Sorry again, I’m dumb.

    Love the Louet, whish it wasn’t so expensive to get it shipped over here (to think of that Louet is actually a company based in The Netherlands, so silly!).

    Sorry again, I’m off to hide in a corner now …

  15. Suzanne

    Louet Gems Merino is indeed lovely stuff. Lovlier still is the vintage pink cardigan, which I have had the privilege to see in person. BTW, thank you for taking the time to chat with me at the closing ceremonies party a month ago. You made me feel welcome among strangers.

  16. Laurie

    Hell. I’ve got a 100 gram skein of Opal sportweight. Cherry Red.

    Do you want it?

    I figure I OWE it to you, after making my DH a Sharfik and I’m working on some Jaywalkers, now.

  17. keohinani

    i think that refers to if you have marked certain items or sellers as favorites; there’s an “add to favorites” link on the side bar…kind of like in flikr when you see a photo you like, you can add tab it as one of your “favorites.”

    i think you knew that and you were just using it as a segue for your post. hee.

    i have to stop typing out my interior monologues in comments…

  18. jude welles

    Thanks for explication of combination knitting. I was truly mystified as to why I could not achieve certain stitches. Also, as a psychoanalyst, I find your dreams pretty interesting. LEt me know if you’ld like some comments.

    Jude We;;es

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