Victory lap

You’d think I’d be completely, utterly, disgustingly pleased with myself upon finishing the stranded section of Meg Swansen’s sock, and I totally am. “Smug self-satisfaction,” as some would say.

But what really made my day was the realization that I no longer have to throw with my right hand, and therefore, no longer have to use the 2-circ method. In fact, as soon as I knit the last two orange stitches, I immediately transferred all my stitches onto some comfortable, familiar, slinky dpns and took the equivalent of a victory lap – knit one round, with only one color, on dpns, Continental style as typical. AHHH! It felt SO good. Oh. My. God. It felt GREAT.

It’s hard to describe what exactly my beef is about knitting on two circs, but I just know I don’t like it. It gives me the heebie-jeebies, like accidentally scraping the sidewalk with a metal shovel. Shudder! Details don’t matter – needle brand (even Addis), cord length, socks or something bigger – to me, it’s all highly unpleasant on two circs. And don’t even get me started on Magic Loop, because I couldn’t think of a more disturbing analogy than “shovel gracing sidewalk.” I’m certain that others feel about dpns the way I feel about 2 circs or Magic Loop. Good thing we all have options… and that no one is forcing anyone to knit one way or another ;).

So, yes, the stranded portion of the sock is done. Woo!

I had really, really long floats where the last pattern repeat tapers into the foot of the sock, the last 10 rounds or so. I had to secure them by twisting the yarns, and I made sure to leave them loose.

Not my best work – the floats are perhaps a little too loose, and you can see places where I caught the unused yarn peeking through. I’m definitely depending on the miracle of blocking here. But not before I finally get to the cool part – the foot with arch shaping!


53 thoughts on “Victory lap

  1. victoria

    They look really cool! Kudos to you for figuring out how to do the continental style of knitting. It’s so much more efficient, and easier on your arms.

  2. Peg

    Beautiful – you certainly always rise to the challenge. I am just teaching myself to knit continental style – the knitting stitch is fine, it is the purling stitch that is the challenge to me. I am a long way away from your skill, but it is about the process! Where have I heard that before, and I do agree!

  3. Elizabeth

    Damn, you finished that fast! It looks fantastic – can’t wait to see the finished pair, which I’m sure you’ll have whipped up in a few days or so… Lovely work.

  4. Kat

    I would probably use dpns instead of two circulars if only I could figure out how to not have ladders between the needles. Any pointers on that? I can never find anything written saying more than just “pull tight.” That doesn’t work.

  5. Laurel

    The sock is absolutely beautiful, the color combination is, of course, just fabulous. As far as two circs vs. dpns, I tend to use two circs when I can, even though I learned on dpns, first. Although, I do hate the clicking all the time of the hanging needle. And I need to teach myself the Continental method of knitting, I do color knitting with both hands, so I don’t see why I have such a hang up about it.

  6. Beth S.

    There’s no magic looping going on around here, either. DPNs all the way, baby!

    These socks are so cool I can hardly stand it. I love the pattern, the colors, everything.

  7. freecia

    My peeve with the 2 circ method and magic loop. I dislike having to shift the needle along from needle (side a) > cord > needle (side b). Having to push all my stitches up onto the ‘B’ needle makes me cranky. It just feels darn inefficient and slooooww. Of course, I knit too tight so it is hard to move those stitches up sometimes. Maybe that’s where you can put some of the sidewalk chalk blame.

    The sock looks lovely and well fitting!

  8. Valerie in San Diego

    For those of you who have trouble with ladders in your DPN work: the secret is that pulling tight on the first stich following (on the new needle) isn’t sufficient. You want to pull as you make your second stitch, too. That has the effect of snugging up your three needles (previous and current plus working), and really knocks out those evil ladders.

    I love DPNs for public knitting, they really intimidate people! Hee hee. All those poke-y bits.

    May I just add Grumperina Rocks! I’m making Odessa right now (in CashCot, for a chemo cap) and it’s just about the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. So simple, yet magical. Plus the rhythm of the stitch pattern feels GREAT on the hand.

  9. Aija

    Those are simply fabulous socks! I prefer 2 circs myself, but the great thing is we have so many options to us 🙂

  10. Alliesw

    Those socks are gorgeoous–and very inspiring. I have odne just a little two color knitting on socks (The Road to Oslo socks for my norwegian-descent mom); and I still find it so intimidating! Thanks fort showing yours!

  11. Angelia

    The socks are beautiful! Amazing!

    I finished my first Odessa (yes, I plan on making more!). I love, love, LOVE it! Everyone I show it to is so impressed (& they don’t believe me when I tell them it’s not complicated). I carry it in my purse, always. I’m not a big hat person, but I do wear it on the really cold days. Thank you for such a beautiful hat!!

  12. alice

    You’ll love the arch shaping! It felt really weird and unintuitive when I was doing it, but once I’d done enough that I could try the sock on and feel how it was going to fit, I was hooked. It really does feel wonderful.

  13. Mary Lou

    Girl, when do you sleep? You are the fastest, bestest knitter I know! The sock is beautiful!

  14. Jessica

    Your socks are coming along well. The colors and patter look great together. I look forward to seeing the finished project!

  15. SpindleRose

    Wow–stunning sock leg. And so speedy.

    I’m totally with you on the two circs and magic loop. I’ll do ml in a pinch (when I’m about to finish a hat and forgot to pack any dpns), but would never voluntarily knit an entire garment, even a sock, using the magic loop.

  16. Kate

    They are gorgeous! You are a truly fearless knitter. If you must abandon the circs, you must. As someone who has nearly put her eyes out with dpns, I’m glad we all have choices in knitting.

  17. Carolyn

    It looks wonderful! I hate twists…really…everytime I try them, I see them through the RS. Weaving is not working out for me either. Hmmm. But I love fair isle! I have just cast on for another pair of Komi mittens. Can knitting get any more addictive?!

  18. Angela

    Gorgeous! I really love the pattern and I agree completely about the 2-circs. DPNs all the way, even though I do knit English-style. I’ve learned how to knit Continental, but purling still eludes me. Every time I try to practice I get annoyed and switch to throwing. Congrats to you for sticking with it!

  19. Jen the Knittingspaz

    I’m sure that the knitting suppliers all thank us for our differences as well. The leg pattern looks really cool, and arch shaping… looking forward to seeing how that works!

  20. Michelle

    How about, “cheap metal butter knife scraping between the burred tines of a cheap metal fork”? That might be the only thing worse than the shovel.

  21. sarah

    LOVE the sock. It is SO beautiful!

    Have you tried knitting socks on a 12″ circular addi? I dont like knitting socks on two circs, but one 12″ circular is my preferred method.

  22. Norma

    I somewhat agree with you about the 2 circs. I keep trying to love it, because I feel I should, but it still feels awkward. And Magic Loop — can I just publicly admit that it’s the name that turns me off more than anything? I haven’t tried it and really don’t care to at the moment. I really think I might like Bryspun DPNs, but I need smaller than size 2s, and haven’t seen any yet, if they are even made.

  23. Beak Knits

    They look great! I can’t wait to see how the arch goes.

    And I agree on the two circular thing. I go MUCH fatster with DPN’s…no pause to move the stitches around.

    Great job!

  24. Stephanie

    It really looks great. And isn’t knitting wonderful that there are so many options and we can use what we like and discard what we don’t (or change our mind in the middle). I can’t wait to see the arch shaping.

  25. Robin

    Your sock looks wonderful! I love the graphic design. And cudos to you for challenging yourself once again. You rock!

  26. Jacquie

    I bought this beautiful sweater kit from the Poetry in Stitches collection and I’m in a total quandry about whether to strand or weave. It’s a black on white pattern for a child. If I weave, won’t the white show through? If I float, won’t it be too many floats for a kid’s sweater?

    Of course I don’t know yet how to weave. I have to look at the Philosopher’s Wool video again. Does anyone know of any online videos about two color weaving versus floating?


  27. Kenny

    Hmmm…. it’s funny, I’m starting to hate Magic Loop now after all that I went through on the project that I’m starting.

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