A good friend, and a good yarn

My friends, it’s time to reveal the Secret Dyer.

Luscious wool/silk for my mom’s shawl, custom-dyed based only on her verbal description, and a perfect match. Brilliant fingering-weight wool, colors and yarn from Secret Dyer’s standard inventory, but the advice on color pairing was all custom ;). And Eunny’s silk, she described it much more vividly than I ever could, but stunning comes to mind.

The secret dyer is Sundara, who we all affectionately call Purly Whites. Her shop, Sundara Yarn is now OPEN and ready to satisfy all your yarny needs.

And even if you don’t have any yarny needs right now (hahahahaha!), go show the girlie some love. Purly has been a good friend of mine for a long time now, and I know opening her business has not been trivial. She has worked so hard, and for so long, because she is incredibly sensitive to our needs and desires as knitters and consumers. The girl has art training, an instinct for color, fingertips which can differentiate between soft and soooft, and a great business sense. I know with Purly in charge, no stone was left unturned, and that the standard selection of yarns and colors will not leave anyone disappointed. Not to mention all the possibilities for custom orders. I say these things as a loyal friend, sure, but you know me – I wouldn’t say them if I didn’t mean them, friend or not.

I’m SO proud and happy that Purly’s shop is up and running. Purly, I’m SO proud of you!

And now, some glorious photography, because the camera loves it some yummy Sundara Yarn yarn ;).

No one said a word yesterday, but, shit, my latest batch of Meg Swansen sock photographs sucked ass. I was so tired, I’m sorry. Let us try one more time ;).

And let’s not forget the 800 yards of absolutely glorious merino/silk left over from my mom’s shawl. I have been scheming for a very long time what exactly I want to do with it. I wanted something fluffy and flirty and simple, something I could wear every day, preferably around my neck. I settled on the Silk Alpaca Ruffle Scarf by Mac & Me.


It is a supremely simple pattern – K1 P1 ribbing, then stitches picked up around the circumference and ruffles added. I know with this yarn the drape will be fantastic, and the ruffles will add just the right amount of flirty. Or maybe I’ll substitute some other very simple motif for the ribbing, just keeping those gorgeous ruffles. No matter what I decide, for this one, I’ll let the yarn be the star ;).


21 thoughts on “A good friend, and a good yarn

  1. hillary

    I really didn’t notice anything substandard about the earlier pics but these are positively mesmerizing. I totally suck a stranded knitting but oooooo how temptingly easy you make it look. I bow before your greatness!

  2. yahaira

    it’s been so hard keeping it a secret. i’ve been mesmerized for months as she sent me sample pics and asked for suggestions. i’m so happy for her!

  3. Stephanie

    I’m glad you could finally reveal the secret and I’m absolutely over the moon that it’s Purly. The socks continue to be fantastic, of course.

  4. Becky

    The patterning on the socks is beautiful. Heck even the stranding looks lovely. I guess I just hadn’t commented on the socks cause the colors remind me of my junior high school. I hated junior high. hehehe

  5. carole

    ooooooh, more gorgeous yarn. I am in sooooo much trouble!

    Is she a boston knitter, too? There are so many of you! I think you all need to host a knitblogger convention!

  6. Meem

    What shape is the ruffly scarf? I need a mental image of it laid flat… (I’m in love with the ruffles, though!)

  7. Carolyn

    Checked out the yarn – man on man is it gorgeous. Mmmmm….. And your socks are looking mighty fine and beautiful. Lovely to look and so fun to watch you knit them, brave girl!

  8. Michelle

    I love that scarf, it looks really familiar. I think I have the pattern too. I finally posted lousy pictures of the Star hats on my blog! Thanks again for your help :^)

  9. wendy

    That is a GREAT picture of your socks, especially the first one!

    You’re doing such a great job (push….pull…grunt)

    There… you’re now on my sock knitter pedestal.

  10. maryse

    that is a beautiful scarf. are you going to make an itty bitty one?

    and there’s the sock without a leg for reference …..

    thanks for telling us about your friend. i’m going to check her out. you know, because i need more yarn.


  11. Nicole

    Your pictures yesterday were great, not suck-ass at all. And what a great friend you are! There’s no better advertising than buzz created by word-of-mouth testimontials and editorial content. I had to check out Sundara, and wow!

  12. heatherly

    the stranding looks beautiful. my mom always said you could tell how good some one was by the back of their work. so looks like you are pretty great!

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