WIP it, WIP it good

When you’ve got fab yarn, a genius pattern, and my favorite dpns in the whole wide world, this happens in 48 hours:

I love it. All of it.

After I knit a bit more, and looked at the sock from a distance, it became apparent to me that the yarn was pooling after all, but in a most unusual, subtle, and, dare I say, pleasant way. I think you can see a wave of gray moving diagonally across the sole:

Let us revel in the amazing stitch definition one more time:


34 thoughts on “WIP it, WIP it good

  1. Carrie

    Gorgeous socks. I’m trying to decide what I want to order from them myself. From what the ladies at Blue Moon have told me, no one has pictures of all the colorways. (It makes me want to go there and take pictures and do a website for them, if they’ll just give me a little discount.) There are many many pictures at http://www.handspinning.com/thefold/yarn.blue.html but as far as anyone I’ve found knows, that site has the most pictures of all. If you’ve found a site that has more, please let me know.

    And YUM on thos socks – is there more than one Nancy Bush sock book? I think I’m going to have to get that book.

  2. Carolyn

    I am loving that yarn. Ohhhhhhhh I need it! It’s also time I break down and get that book. I haven’t been able to find it around town…online shopping here I come.

  3. Erin

    I’m newish to your blog, but I keep coming back because you always make the most beautiful stuff! (Loved the shawls!) I’m a novice in knitting socks, working on my second pair ever, but I just got some StR in “Jewel of the Nile”, and after seeing the way yours knit up I’m really excited to start on mine!

  4. joelene

    i picked up a bunch of that yarn this weekend and that looks like the perfect pattern to show off the yarn. of all the socks i have knit so far, the ones i made with the socks that rock yarn is by far the coziest!

    Love them!

  5. hillary

    I love your stuff!! It’s gorgeous. I think that I’m enjoying Azalea most of all – if I weren’t struggling with a shawl at the moment I might be tempted to knit one for myself. I have to agree with you on the STR. It’s awesome and so soft. Hubby got super-jealous of my socks so I e-mailed Blue Moon and they’re dying some green “surprise-me” colorways so that I can make hubby his Jet socks. I couldn’t choose among all of the great variations myself!

  6. kim

    omg – those are my favorite needles, too. i used to knit socks in private because i was worried about what my knitting maven friends would think of me using SUSAN BATES. i have long since “come out” and sing their praises to all who will listen. love this sock, too. I think I will do it with my str stash. thanks for the inspiration.

  7. jennie

    Socks that Rock yarn IS amazing… I’m knitting jaywalkers with it now, actually, and am absolutely in love [with the yarn AND the pattern :)]

  8. kristen

    nancy bush has two sock books that i know of – knitting on the road: sock patterns for the traveling knitter, and knitting vintage socks. hope that helps! your socks look gorgeous. ^_^ (this is a delurking comment – i’ve never commented here before. *shy*)

  9. Beatriz

    There’s a reason why I keep your blog as a bookmark…these beautiful creations you come up with and share with the rest of us. Now I’m getting this yarn…must have pink and purple socks that rock. I hope you’ll take imitation as flattery!

  10. Katherine

    I..am…losing..the…will…to…resist…buyingawholebunchofSocksThatRock. Seriously, I am trying to cut back on the purchasing, but really, the blogosphere is singing this yarn’s praises everyday, it seems. I must stop staring at the Blue Moon and The Fold sites all day long at work…

    Hmm. Maybe I should look at the SB DPN’s, too. I love Inox, but I’m flexible…

  11. Angela

    Love that subtle pooling. I wouldn’t have noticed it if you didn’t say anything. But I think without it, the sock would look a little bleh.

  12. Stacey

    Very nice. I’m (trying) to hold out until MD S&W to get some STR. What cast on do you use for socks (or for these in particular)? It looks nice and stretchy!

  13. trek

    I am more torn than ever after seeing your sock: do I cast on my only hank of STR or do I loving store it, occasionally taking it out to touch, reserving it for that special pair of socks???

    BTW, do you think that I could get a full pair of Jaywalkers out of the new hank of STR (I use 84 sts cast on and size 2 dpns)?

  14. Bridget

    I just got some Prove It All Night. I love your socks! It’s great to see how it looks knit up so I can figure out what sock pattern I want to use. I’m thinking of the Conway socks from Knitting On the Road.

  15. Ruth

    I am a new convert to STR as the most buttery yarn I’ve ever felt. I’m so in love…! Is there a good place online to get the yarn besides The Fold? Seems folks are always out of most of the colors they show.

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