SD strikes again

My friends, feast your eyes:

Say it with me, “Oooooooh!!! Aaaaaaaaah!!!”

The absolute fabulousness you see is another order from the Secret Dyer. You know who I’m talking about, right? She is the artist who precisely matched my mom’s request for bluish-gray yarn for her shawl. She’s also the one who supplied Eunny with silk for her Frost Flowers Shawl – just the right balance of the luminescence of a red wine and the depth of a ripe cherry. More Secret Dyer goodness will be available to all of us shortly, but until her shop is open, I’ve promised to keep SD’s identity a secret.

When I approached SD about getting some yarn for a two-color project, she was incredibly helpful, offering many possible color combinations, and explaining the properties of each one. We went back and forth a little bit, and with her help soon I settled on a violet-tinted dark blue combined with a yellow-tinted orange. Delicious, but even more importantly, they look amazing as a combination. You see, anyone can dye yarn if proper materials are available, but it takes training and good color intuition to know which colors will balance each other well when placed next to one other. Do I even have to tell you that the Secret Dyer has the necessary background and color intuition?!?

The yarn itself is fingering weight superwash merino, and “has an excellent hand,” as they say. That’s the other thing – the base yarn used for dyeing matters. Different yarns are… well, different – some are softer, or wear better over time, or dye more evenly, or hardly need any washing/rinsing before the dyeing process. SD has complete knowledge of what’s available out there (boggles my mind how much she knows!), and she has selected one of the best to serve as her superwash fingering weight base. If it sounds like I’m blabbing, let me put it in simpler terms – it feels goooood… and then I take it and squeeze it between my fingers, and it feels goooood… and then I run it between my fingers and it feels goooood… and then when I knit it up, it feels goooood…

Knit it up? Wait a minute, there’s been knitting? What am I up to now?

Trouble. Lots and lots of trouble ;).


36 thoughts on “SD strikes again

  1. stinkerbell

    I cant wait to find out the secret dyers identity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eunny’s silk yarn 🙂

    And this round of yarn is looking mighty pretty too! Cant wait to see what it is all about!

  2. Kim

    I want the blue yarn! I want it want it want it!!!!

    I can’t help but wonder what in the heck you’re making!

    I have a feeling this SD person is going to be veeery popular..

  3. KathyB

    Weird, just this morning I was flipping through the blogs as I was thinking about stranded knitting, and wondering if you’d done any. Question answered!

  4. Jen the Knittingspaz

    Hmm, knowing your love for Eunny’s projects (thanks for pointing me to her blog, I’ve enjoyed the beauty of her work and been scared by her in depth explanations) I’d agree with some of the above guesses and go with Eunny’s Deep V argyle vest. Although, I don’t see the diamonds…

    please tell us that at least your SD friend is on the verge of opening her store any minute now…

  5. Lee Ann

    This waiting for SD is getting deeeefeeeecult.

    I thought I recognized the back of that stranded knitting for something fierce, but now I’m not sure, since everyone else thinks it’s Eunny’s vest…

  6. puppymomma

    I was with Eunny last night and couldn’t get the name of the SD out of her. I MUST TO HAVE THIS YARN! What vibrant colors! And Eunny’s silk is so crunchy and good, I can only imagine the quality of the wool you are knitting with. Sooooooo jealous. Convulsions soon.

  7. Jen E

    Where we are, those are gang colors — we have two local gangs: UC-Berkeley and Stanford. You are in trouble with the Stanford crowd now…

  8. Linda

    I’m just going to say that I don’t think it’s Eunny’s vest because:

    1) it’s fingering weight

    2) it’s superwash

    and 3) the bottom doesn’t look like the vest pattern

    Boy, Secret Dyer was smart in allowing the two of you to test her stuff first

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