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Question: How many pins does it take to block a huge-ass shawl with a fancy scalloped edge?

Answer: ALL OF THEM.

Quesion: How big is “huge-ass”?

Answer: 54″ across the top, and 34.5″ deep.

Question: What about the complete set of corrections – when is that coming?

Answer: All done!

I cannot wait to show you the finished thing. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’m SO knitting lace again.


41 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. twig

    I guess knitting lace *is* like childbirth. Once you see the baby (shawl) you forget about all the pain.

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  2. eunny

    Good grief. That’s some serious corrective surgery.

    I’m betting it was all worth it, though, challenge-lover or not. Just the tiny edge you’re showing us is delicious-looking.

  3. Jenn

    I’m in a pickle….I want to make that shawl, especially now that you’ve done all the work to figure out all the fixes– BUT I don’t want to give my $ to a company/designer who clearly didn’t have the end product test knit. I don’t want to encourage crappy knitting behavior. What would Grumperina do?

  4. Miriam

    eeeeee! *squeals* I haven’t been commenting but I’ve been watchign your entries with bated breath. I LOVE knitting lace and I was eagar to see how this would turn out for you as well as seeing how much it would get you hooked. Next thing you know you’ll be designing lace shawls for people to buy like I do because you want to knit lace ALL THE TIME! 😉

  5. Monica

    I can hear it now, the conversation between your grandmother and mother. There will be a little rivalry there, eh? 😉

    Scallops do take a lot of pins, but so worth the effort.

  6. Lisa

    My God Kathy – you are truly amazing. Your grandma is going to love that shawl.

    I do hope the designer incorporates your corrections into the pattern.

  7. lanea

    I think it’s wonderful that you persevered AND that you’re sharing your corrections to the pattern. You rock. I hope your Grandmother loves her new shawl, and I can’t wait to see it.

  8. Beth S.

    Once a lace knitter, always a lace knitter. It’s like socks–nobody ever quits sock-knitting for good. 🙂

    You did a stellar deed today by publishing your corrections to the pattern. Think of all the anguish and suffering you’ll be rescuing other knitters from! I hope that makes some of the angst worthwhile.

  9. Scout

    I thought you were going to say so NO doing it again. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

    I just posted my Odessa materials and am going to thread my beads today. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  10. lisa

    I would’ve held the corrections hostage until the pattern maker paid you for them.

    ps- i think it’s great you posted the source of the pattern and documented its errors.

  11. beth

    so how many pins? You could do a contest like count the jelly beans in the jar. Where do you block a monster like that? I can’t wait to see it. I sounds beautiful! I love lace. I love yarn overs. I love it all! I have only made one shawl though…..

  12. christine

    Ah, the magic of blocking……….get’s a retired laceknitter back into the fold every time. Can’t wait to see the finished project…..such a great color!

  13. Terry

    I am in awe! Wow. Bug-eyed me. (lots more similar descriptions…) That is gorgeous work, you should be proud of yourself.

  14. Julie H.

    Wow, you put a LOT of work into those corrections. I mean, I knew you had, but seeing it in print. Gah. You are spectacular. 🙂

    First lace shawl coming up for the Knitting Olympics. I’m hoping it’s been proofed for errors.

  15. Genny

    No wonder I’m such an impatient bad #ss – you’ve harnessed more than your quota and haven’t left enough to go around!!

    Well Miss Grumperina – you will be designing your own lace shawls instead of knitting other folks bad designs, and I will buy them because they will be test knitted.

    I really admire your tenacity.

  16. Carol

    Boy all the hard work on getting the pattern correct. You’re wonderful.

    Grandma is one lucky person to have you as a granddaughter (socks, shawl and love).

    I believe that yours is better looking (even the little bit that I can see)then the one on there web site!

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