Have you ever been to… Odessa?

I’m on a roll today! Look at all the posts!

Pattern and all the details: Right over here!

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to call the hat Odessa. The color of the original was identical to the color of lilac blossoms (strikingly so), and lilacs always remind me of Eastern Europe, Odessa in particular. In addition, I think it’s a memorable name, and easy to roll off the tongue. To seal the deal, Sarit’s mom and grandmother (my godmother) are from Odessa (Odessitki).

I am eternally grateful to Kerrie and Alexandra from MagKnits for bringing this pattern to you on such short notice (2-week turnaround as opposed to the typical 2-month, at the least). You see, I pleaded with them for the pattern to be published in this issue so that you wouldn’t have to wait too long and so that the pattern would be in-season, and these two generous women entertained my whims – thank you.

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93 thoughts on “Have you ever been to… Odessa?

  1. Catherine

    Yay! I have been eagerly waiting for this to come out and I was so happy to see it in MagKnits this morning! It’s already printed out, I’ve got my yarn, and I just need beads. Everything you knit is so beautiful!

  2. Cyndi

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the name too… I haven’t been to Odessa, but I’d love to go someday – my great grandparents were born there.

  3. Susan

    Thank you for your pleading to get it up in a timely fashion on MagKnits. I’d been keeping a printout of Sarit’s hat on my desk top waiting for the published pattern to appear ever since I saw your words “the pattern will be up shortly … a few weeks.” That hat is gorgeous. You really ought to consider publishing a book (if you’re not already). Not that I need to spend my money when I can get your patterns for free, but for your sake. After all, who couldn’t use a new black knee-length wool pea coat?

  4. Jody

    Yea – I’ve been waiting for this one – thanks so much! It’s beautiful. Your shawl is amazing too! The designer should give you a whole truck load of yarn for fixing it for her!!

  5. Kerry

    That is really the best hat pattern I’ve ever seen, I can’t wait to knit it. The beads are the perfect touch! Great job, and thanks again for the newest pattern!

  6. sara

    I love this pattern… and I have a strong feeling it is going to become as popular as your Jaywalker pattern. I love your patterns!

  7. Jess

    prettyprettyprettyprettypretty! I want one now! There are precious few elegant hats out there, IMHO, and this is the best I’ve seen.

    This is a really inspired pattern. It looks straightforward but not boring, and the beads add a nice challenge.

  8. Jenni

    I positively can’t wait to knit this (I’ve been frothing since you first pictured it)! Thanks so much for posting the pattern – and kudos for a MagKnits pub (can that go on your CV?!).

  9. KathyB

    Dude you suck. I have way too much to be knitting than to drop everything for this hat.

    You are also the most talented knitter I know. 🙂 Thank you for leaning on Magknits, just in time for my sister’s semi-monthly yarnstore bonanza!

  10. janna

    My first thought was “Odessa? Texas? Out there by Midland?” Then I realized that I have lived in Texas for way too long….

    Anyway – the hat is gorgeous, and it’s on my list. I’ve never knitted with beads, so it will definitely be a learning experience!

  11. Jayme

    I haven’t been to Odessa but my family is from there. Were German by way or Russia. Gotgeous hat, thank you for another gorgeous pattern.

  12. Zarah

    Yep, it doesn’t remind me too much of Odessa, Missouri (truck stops and outlet malls) either. =) But it looks great. Congrats for getting another pattern published.

  13. TracyKM

    Great hat!

    First thought was Odessa, New York, then Odessa, Ontario…and lilacs in Eastern Europe? They’re a staple in southern Ontario, LOL. But the colour in your picture is not at all like any of the lilac varieties we have here. All ours are shades of purple, or white, and I think there might be a hybrid that’s a sort of pink. Your picture on my screen looks sort of coral-fuschia-deep red/orangey…very pretty though.

    Going over to magknits right now…

  14. Katherine

    OK, I’m not from Eastern Europe. So, while I can only imagine what the “real” Odessa may be like, I have in mind something a little different. I’m from Texas, where the town of Odessa is a very wealthy oil town, and is very dry, flat, brown, and stinky. In a word, dreadful. No insult to your beautiful hat (which I plan on making shortly, sans beads, for my father), but it’s funny to me to make a hat named Odessa. My father still lives in Texas, and knows what Odessa, TX is like, and can puzzle over why “I” named the hat that way. Maybe I’ll tell him, maybe I’ll just let him wonder…

    Thanks ever so much for the pattern. I was thinking I would need to work something out myself in order to hit my dad’s birthday deadline, which I don’t really feel like doing. You have made it much easier!

    And, by the way, it really is too bad that the Texas Odessa doesn’t live up to its namesake.

  15. Peg

    Waht a wonderful pattern. I will certainly make this one and you are a beautiful model of your fabulous knitting. The shawl is ‘growing’ and it has been wonderful to read of your problems and the solving! You certainly are one talented knitter. I will wear an Odessa with pride!

  16. TracyKM

    Okay, went to magknits, and saw the lilac coloured version. Soooo pretty! The colour of my girl’s eyes! But there’s also the coral-ish one there too!

  17. stinkerbell

    Absoluetly divine… makes me want to make a trip to Odessa! But first to make an odessa hat 🙂

    What a great project for me to take on knitting with beads for the first time. Lets see if I can get to it before the end of the month!

  18. Juliana - Bsb

    This hat is so cute! I never thought I would knit a hat and knit it during Brazilian summer (yes, I am from Brazil and I read your blog almost everyday)! But my niece must have one when winter comes. I can’t hardly wait to start it.

    Thank you for the pattern and Congratulations on your blog!

  19. Julie

    Heheh… I live near Odessa, NY, so I’ve been to Odessa, but something tells me the ‘real’ or ‘original’ Odessa would be a much more interesting trip. 🙂

    This pattern is just lovely. Hopefully I will make it someday… but I can’t buy yarn for it until the Stashalong is over. 🙁 (I’m not on the official Stashalong list – missed signups – but I’m sticking to it just the same.) Thanks for sharing it!

  20. Emily

    Kathy, I have had yarn and beads ready, just waiting for this day. Thanks so much for sharing. This is a great pattern!

  21. terhi

    Kathy, you’re genius! I love this hat, it’s so beautiful! I haven’t knitted with beads before, and I think this is a perfect pattern to start with. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  22. naomi

    I’m beginning to doubt that we’ll actually have a hat season in Philly this year, but I may have to knit one of those anyway. Thanks for publishing it!

  23. Beatriz

    Your knit designs are fabulous! Thank you for sharing your knit designs; you are inspiring, have great taste (I love Cashsoft DK, and you look great in this lovely hat.

  24. Mary K. in Rockport

    For the second time today, also seconding above opinion, yes, you are a knitting genius! The “Odessa” is perfection embodied. Haven’t tried Jaywalkers yet but am about to – after Odessa (and a few other doodads that have lost their initial appeal now that I am lusting after Odessa.) Thanks for getting it out so quickly.

  25. Isela

    Awesome!! The design is simply superb. Off to find yarn needles, oh–no beads, must buy some! Off to write on the blog about it then. Lovely design.

  26. Kylie

    Your hat is beautiful. Must. Knit. Hat. (picture me with arms outstretched, zombie style, walking towards lys for ball of Rowan wool.)

  27. Frarochvia

    Odessa knitalong would be wonderful! But it would be a pretty short one, wouldn’t it? Hee. Thank you again, Grumperina, and I’m so totally adding this to my Week of the Hats lineup for my vacation in March – a hat a day keeps the Fraro happy. Or something like that.

  28. Leslie

    Love the pattern!!! I have a question for you….I have read that you love louet….is this true? Is it a good yarn to knit socks with? How has your grandmothers socks held up? Do they pill or fuzz? What is your overall impression of this yarn and why? I’m only wondering because I want to knit socks with Opal but am afraid that the yarn is too soft to hold up well.

  29. Manise

    This is too funny! I was thinking about you and the shawl woes today and about Odessa of all places. I had to laugh out loud when I saw this post! I have been to Odessa as a child when my parents lived in Istanbul,Turkey for a year. We took a boat up the Black Sea which made stops in Yalta and Odessa. I too have many wonderful memories of Europe having been born and raised in Greece and especially the lilacs. My mother used to adorn our Easter baskets with the same kind of lilacs!! I can still smell them. Another is the sea..your photo somewhere in your blog is very similar to the views in Greece in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    At any rate…the hat is stunning and looks great on you. I look forward to making one in the future.

  30. Pamela

    Lovely! I’ve been admiring this hat since you first started posting pictures of it. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us!

  31. Sarah

    Oh thank GOD! 🙂 I have been stalking your site hoping for the pattern every day! I can’t wait to knit it up for myself. Plus it will give me a great excuse to visit the new bead shop by my house.

  32. Becky

    Love the hat. I can’t wait to give it a try. If it doesn’t fit my big ole head, I’ll just gift it to my sil. She has a puny noggin. hehe

  33. Margot

    That was fast. I was amazed to see it in MagKnits this AM. It’s a gorgeous design; definitely in the ‘to do’ queue.

    Thanks and congratulations for another published pattern.

  34. Irene

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m absolutely in love with your Odessa. You’re absolutely wonderful for sharing it with all of us.

  35. baast

    I cast on for Odessa this morning as soon as I read your post. I am four inches in and hope to have it done by tomorrow night. I LOVE this hat! And the pattern is so simple, yet SO effective!!!!

  36. CatBookMom

    I think you’ve made another hit with Odessa. As others have posted, I’m sure there will be a lot of knitters making this hat. And, perhaps without the beads, you have created a lovely pattern for chemo hats, especially since you have chosen such a soft yarn and the pattern can be made with only one skein.

    BTW, the pictures are up to your usual excellent standard, and you look terrific!!

  37. Rossana

    Odessa is beautiful! Swirly-Pearly/Purly!

    I LOVE any excuse to knit with the CashSoft DK. I LOVE that stuff!

    Thanks for sharing your pattern with us!

  38. Karma

    Absolutely beautiful. You have probably just created another Jaywalker monster! We’re going to see Odessas everywhere in blogland and I can’t wait to see all the different finished hats that result. Thank you for sharing!

  39. mary

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! for this pattern. I can’t wait to knit it up; it’s simply beautiful.

  40. Whit

    I started a KAL for all of you who want to make the hat. The site is HERE. You can email me to make you a member so you can post and all that good stuff!!

    — Whit

  41. evelyn

    By any chance were you standing on Inman Street in Cambridge when that pic was taken? I’m a homesick Catabridgian and that spot looks familiar to me.

    I can’t wait to hit the LYS and scoop up some yarn to make this hat. You must be thrilled at how your creation is being received. Thanks so much

  42. Cindy D

    Kathy,I’ve got the yarn and the beads and I’m ready to begin Odessa. When you prestring about how much yardage do you allow for the ribbing to be bead free? Does pushing back 150 beads become a problem.

    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with the knitting world. We are so lucky to have you in knitting cyberspace.

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