This last week was kind of crazy. Is it just me, or is the world spinning so fast that I can’t keep up? Oh, mamasita! As a result, knitting progress has been nearly nonexistent, but interesting enough to post something (I’d rather not bore you, you know).

Looking at the picture of the Misty Morning Shawl, one thing in particular really caught my attention – the outermost border, all scalloped and lacey and flirty. I suspect that my grandma doesn’t very much care if the center triangle contains leaves or another design element, but I know she’ll be gaga for the scalloped edging. Wouldn’t you?

Pretty and delicate.

I’ve completed a few repeats, but I’m far from done. Like I said, crazy week ;).

The narrow border along the neck-edge and this last border only have minor mistakes in the charts, and now that the whole shawl is coming together, it’s almost like I’ve forgotten all the craziness we’ve been through together. Is that typical? I planned to write a mini-essay expressing my feelings towards this mistake-ridden pattern, and also to explain why I chose such an esoteric pattern and stuck with it (curious?), but at this very moment I’m having a hard time evoking the right spectrum of feelings; they are all shifting towards contentment.


22 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. Ruth

    My guess is that the contentment is due in large part to your having stuck with this shawl and made it work, all that brain power and effort going towards making something beautiful that you know your Grandmother will love.

    The amount of effort this project has taken is a clear reflection of your love for your Grandmother, which makes it very, very special.

  2. Isela

    I love your words “right spectrum of feelings” hehehe. It is look fabulous and you have definitely stuck with it and that alone says quite a bit. It is going to be gorgeous!! I will await the mini-essay reviews on the pattern.

  3. marie in florida

    you have every right to feel’ve fought the good fight i admire ya for that!

  4. Laurel

    You should feel contentment, if only because you outsmarted the pattern. It takes a lot to figure out lace mistakes. And it is really a beautiful shawl, the colorway you chose is gorgeous.

  5. jody

    i’m so glad your feelings toward the shawl are starting to move to a happier place! that doesn’t excuse the plethora of mistakes in the pattern, but in the end grandma is getting one gorgeous shawl, and i’m glad to read that you’re starting to shift toward thinking about that instead. the end is in sight!

  6. Tania

    It’s like a woman giving birth who forgets all about the previous nine months and the labor pains the second she holds the child.

  7. Linda

    Its kind of like a husband. He forgets to take out the trash, he doesn’t get you a card for your birthday, he tracks mud in the house. But one day he comes home with a bag of Rowan Magpie that he got on ebay because he heard you complaining about it being discontinued and you really wanted some. That’s love.

  8. Angelia

    Well, I have wondered why you’ve stuck with that pattern.

    Now I see why – the shawl is so beautiful. Your Grandmother will be thrilled!

  9. April

    Don’t ya HATE it when the mad wears off before you get to do the butt kicking? lol Just copy your blog entries and the comments it got, that should get their attention, esp since most of us are scared of buying anything from them EVER b/c of the horrors you experienced. I’m glad though, that the frustration has lessoned, at least you can knit happily now!

  10. julia fc

    It’s so pretty, I am tempted to put up with all the frustrations you’ve had. But i have to say that I have especially enjoyed the electoral college approach to mapping the progress on your “virtual” shawl.

  11. teyani

    the shawl is going to be fabulous – and definately yes, gran will love the scalloped edges, who wouldn’t. no wonder you are content – dang, I’d be purring like a cat after having solved that crazy pattern! Congrats!

  12. Nunnun

    Hi! The shawl will become beautiful but that edging seems to be quite a handful. I just wanted to say that I have knitted the Mia Shrug – your version of the pattern. Pictures in mye (norwegian) blog.

    Have a nice day!

  13. Heidi

    There’s nothing more addicting than a lovely lace pattern, is there?! It’s gorgeous (and that color..!), and you keep demonstrating what a great knitter and intelligent and tenacious person you are. Not only that, but also you look absolutely beautiful in the Magknits photo wearing the Odessa hat. I hope you have an ungrumpy day!

  14. moody knitter

    It is a lovely shawl!! I think that I would plot devious things against the pattern writters for revenge, though. Oh, sorry. That was my evil twin. Damn mood swings.

    The only thing that matters is the end result and that it was mad out of love.

  15. Jackie

    What’s the old saying – all’s well that ends well? Don’t know if I buy it, but from what you say it seems to be true in this case. The shawl is lovely.

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