Not so fast, mister!

My friends, you’re all so cute :). Nothing like a little contest to make the lurkers and the quiet ones say, “hi!” Well, hi! Thanks for stopping by! And I love how all of you have your own special reasons for choosing one date or another, like a birthday or… Australia day.

So, we’ll see when the finishing happens (if it happens). Of course I have some rough idea of when I think it will be, but I won’t disenchant for now. And of course I now have closed the comments to the contest post just to make things fair and square.

I bet you’re dying to find out what the progress has been in the past few days ;).

What’s happened in the past few days is that I came across four typos in this pattern. Two were very obvious, and the other two, not at all. As a result of finding them, I’ve established contact with both the pattern distributor and the designer. The designer, Sharon Winsauer, has been very receptive to my comments, which I appreciate – it’s much better to have a conversation about the pattern than to grumble under my own breath.

Those four typos were little, tiny stumbles, resolved by careful counting and making sure I wasn’t imagining extra stitches. With a bit of fiddling, I was able to figure each of them out on my own.

However, as I continued knitting (last night right after I posted the contest), I came across THE BIG ONE. An obvious mistake that spanned 6 rows and about 30 stitches. Obvious in the sense that when I knit it, although the stitch count worked out, the pattern didn’t come out looking right. I counted and looked and compared, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what needed to be changed in order for things to line up.

Every knitter has her limitations, and although I can whip up instructions for sleeve cap shaping out of thin air (like magic!), designing lace is not even close to being a comfort zone for me.

I sent Sharon an e-mail explaining the problem the best I could at 3:30 a.m., and when I woke up this morning, she had responded that she didn’t see anything obvious, but that she’d swatch over the weekend to check.

The weekend?!? That’s like three days away, and I’d probably have to wait until Monday for a response! All the time I’ll be traveling this weekend will be… sans shawl!

So, this evening, I sharpened my pencil, got out some scrap yarn for swatching, and figured it out.

Yes, I did.

The solution was not at all trivial.

It took 4.5 hours to figure out how to change those three rows (only the right-side rows needed changes).


So much for speedy progress!

And I’m not even to the part yet where I make crazy mods, omit the “wings,” play around with the border, and so on.

Are you regretting guessing January 9th yet? Hehehe…

Obligatory progress schematic:

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – there’s been no noticeable progress.

Obligatory progress photo:

When fooling around, don’t be a fool, yo! Protect yourself by using a lifelife! Yo.


28 thoughts on “Not so fast, mister!

  1. mari

    Ugh… I’m sorry there were all those typos. I admire that you stuck with it and figured it out. But are you the first one to make this pattern? If you are, that’s kinda neat. Just a thought…

  2. Kati

    You know, given your experiences with typos and mine in my limited time knitting (about a year) it really makes you wonder about the editing process. In the first sweater pattern I knit, the shoulder shaping is wrong. In the shaw I just finished, I only used half the yarn the pattern called for. Does anyone knit these things from the pattern before they sell them? Kind of makes you just want to design everything from scratch!

  3. naomi

    It’s not just the contest…it’s also the fact that you switched to partial entries in bloglines. Once I have to actually click through to your site, I’m a lot more likely to leave a comment.

  4. Sarah

    Ah, yes. A lifeline. That would have been helpful when I started my Flower Basket Shawl last weekend and got halfway through it and found a huge mistake waaaaaay back at the beginning. A lifeline is now my best friend.

  5. Sarah

    You are the most persistent knitter I [virtually] know. If I ever make it to designing a pattern, I’m going to ask you to be my test knitter, because I know you’ll find — and likely fix! — any glitches.

  6. colleen

    I’m not sure that I would have the patience for that much fiddling. Great job, and the designer should surely credit you with the fix.

  7. Emily

    It looks like you are learning how lace patterns work the hard way. By the time you finish this shawl, you’ll be ready to design one from scratch.

  8. baast

    I think you should email the designer the solution you worked out, AFTER she tells you there isn’t a problem with it, because I bet that’s what is going to happen.

    Good Luck! Also, someone in my SnB recommended the Kiri shawl as a good first time lace knit. From the blog “knitting across the pond.” So if this one doesn’t turn out, there are options out there! I am sure you will persevere however.

    Enjoy your trip.

  9. Tara

    Grumpy, you are completely insane, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible! I wish I had one millionth of your patience or desire for perfection!

  10. Stephanie

    Well, of course you figured it out. But 4.5 hours! Wow. You remain at the top of my hero list. Good luck with the rest of the pattern – hopefully there won’t be any more major mistakes.

  11. marie in texas

    huh* pattern + yarn + time = priceless time; i’d be more upset than i have words to say. i found one little typos in the “candlelight shawl” pattern i started making day before yesterday, the shape of the pattern is very similiar to what you”re working, without the lace.


    this was a free pattern off the web and the typo only affected one repeat and took just enough time to figure out as to read, it was that obvious.

    i just don’t think the offer to check it over the weekend was a good enough response. shame on her! but good for you. knitting hero indeed.

    marie in texas

  12. Carolyn

    Why does this always happen to you? Do the rest of us doubt our knitting and think the mistake was on our part…fudge the knitting to make it work and continue? I mean, I have found the odd mistake…but I must pay more attention and have faith in my own knitting abilities.

    Now about the 9th…please say I am not the only one. I still have faith…you can do it…come on Kathy I need a prize here!

  13. Purly Whites

    So did you email the woman what you figured out? How is it that she had nobody test knit the pattern? I had my little freakin’ baby hat test knit before I offered the pattern.

  14. Sheila Mayhew

    Good Grief!! 4.5 hrs. You should be monetarily compensated for your time. I do hope you don’t find any other major anomalies in the pattern!!

  15. Jennifer

    I’m finally catching up on my blog reading. Just wanted to say I love the shawl for grandma and I hope the pattern doesn’t have any more problems though you rock for figuring the ones out on your own so far!

  16. maryse

    i have to give you credit for your persistence. i think had i come across this situation i would have said fuck it and called it a day.

    now i’m really glad i estimated a february date now 😉

  17. Jenn

    Whooo hooo! C’mon Jan 29th!!!!

    Of course, I don’t wish frustration and confusion upon you and your beautiful shawl but every little bit helps. 🙂

  18. Cindy

    Your meticulous attention to detail has certainly set a standard for me. I’ve been knitting about two years longer than you, but you have really inspired me to try new things (like combined knitting, which I LOVE, as well as more complicated things than I thought I could do). Thanks for the example you set! I’m sure there are many readers out there who feel the way I do. Hang in there on that shawl, now that you’ve fixed the problem!

  19. Emy

    Right, I should be gloating with glee as that’ll mean that you would be closer to my guesstimated deadline but seriously, I hate it when I have to break away from my knitting to do some serious maths for a reconfiguration!

    So I am with you.

  20. Laura Neal

    Good luck on getting it to go faster, this is one of the main reasons, I quit knitting shawls, it just takes too bloody long. So far, rather pretty. I hope your mommy likes it as well.

  21. Kenny

    You’re just amazing. The more I read your blog the more I admire you. Fix lace….that’s a super thing. i can’t even fix a simple feather and fan patter. Kudos to you

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