Back from the exotic

As much as I enjoy spending time with my family, nothing beats being here in my own surroundings. Aaaah! I welcome the regularity and predictability of the tough weeks ahead, even though I’ll probably be nostalgic for lounging around on the sofa and watching soaps with my grandma in no time at all.

Check out the fam:

Me and grandma! She’s wearing these Nancy Bush socks.

Oh, I really want to show you this picture:

That’s also me and grandma, except like 23 years ago. Look how she’s trying to reason with me about something, and look at all that grumpiness at such an early age!

That’s mom (in her shawl) and dad (in his Sharfik). I must say that seeing my mom in her shawl made me realize that I knit the perfect size. I mean, it’s just right for her, not too skimpy, but not overwhelming. Sigh of relief!

I am often asked to post pictures of my family modeling my handknit goods (which is a sort of odd request, don’t you think?), but I can’t produce results on the spot because I live more than 200 miles away. But, during my tri-annual visits, I try to get everyone on camera, so there you have it!

There has been minimal knitting progress this weekend because I was grading lab reports pretty much every minute that I wasn’t spending with my family, including the 9 hours of travel time.

The socks: turned the heel and knit a little bit past it.

The shawl: found a gazillion more typos (yes, I’m keeping track of them), and another HUGE mistake that included changing several stitches over two right-side rows. It wasn’t the same mistake as last time, but of the same kind, and with a similar solution, so at least it only took me 15 minutes to figure it out this time.

The shawl schematic:

And now, guess what? More grading…


44 thoughts on “Back from the exotic

  1. Chris

    Not an odd request – because it’s fun to see people in the gifts knitted for them! Dang, you’re making better progress on that shawl than I predicted… Don’t you have more grading to do??

  2. Agnes

    The heel of the sock is interesting … I have to check my own book! Doesn’t look like short row, but I don’t see a heel flap either!

  3. Wanett

    You look like your dad, just like me. My mother always told me that she hoped when I had children they would look like their father (she was tired of hearing how it looked like he spit me out, who came up with that expression anyway) and they do, they are 4 and 4 months and I am tired of it already. Love the shawl progress even if I was wrong.

  4. Rita

    Lovely pictures of your family.I can see how happy Grandma is in her socks and having you close by. The shawl and scarf are great on your parents.Is your brother away at School? let me guess. Are we looking at your maternal or fraternal Grandma? My guess is fraternal.Rita

  5. marie in florida

    lovin’ you and your Grandma in your socks feet!

    lol…cuteies both.

    did you hear anything from the pattern makers?

  6. Saun

    You so much like both of your parents.

    That has got to be the worst shawl pattern ever but I like how it is turning out. It looks nice.

  7. Ruth

    Your family are so obviously proud to be modeling the beautiful things you have made for them … it’s sweet to see.

    Ugh on the shawl pattern. I’ll be interested to see the final error tally.

  8. Kim

    I feel secure in my date that I picked.. yes I do ; )

    Your family IS cute.. and your moms shawl did turn out to be just the size she wanted.. greatness!

  9. Norah

    Your family are so cute and it’s so great to see photos of them enjoying wearing the things you knitted for them.

  10. Vicki

    Your family are too cute! Don’t stop filling us in on them and photographing them. You too are cute, my little girl looks just like that sometimes, if she grows up to be a grumperina like you that will be fine by me. Great knitting too!

  11. Laura

    Your mother’s shawl is beautiful. It is exactly the right size. Quite a feat from a 200 mile distance.

    Does patience run in the family, as well as grumpiness? Because with that many mistakes, I’d have thrown that shawl pattern in the fireplace by now! 🙂

  12. yahaira

    I love that they all have a grumperina knit. You’re family is too cute for words.

    Good luck grading papers and not knitting that shawl (which I would have buried in a ditch already since burning would be too kind to it)

  13. diana

    Your family is lovely! And the picture of you and your grandmother when you were a little girl is just too funny.

    Good luck grading!

  14. Carolyn

    So what your saying is you didn’t finish the shawl!? The sock looks great…love the family shots! I can’t believe the mistakes you are finding in this pattern. That is just unreal.

  15. ChiaLea

    After all that worry about your mom’s shawl, it really does look like the perfect size on her. Congrats 🙂

    I just found your blog, Grumperina, and read through your archives. I’m very relieved to have found a knitter who’s built quite a bit like me (well, I think I’m a good bit taller, but on top…). I’m more relived to see that short-row shaping covers a multitude of “sins”; you’ve inspired me to add that to my growing toolkit earlier than I had planned. Thanks!

  16. Jenn

    Slow down woman! I’m never going to win if you keep cranking on that shawl!!!!

    It looks faboo, btw! And how freaking cute is your family???? The shawl is the perfect size for you mom and I’m loving those socks.

    You are my knitting hero!

  17. Eva

    Is your family Ukranian? Your mom looks like a friend of mine. They could be twins. I love seeing all of your family and their knitwear. 🙂

  18. sara

    That picture of you with your grandmother made me get a little weepy… it reminds me of old photos of me and mine.

    That shawl is gorgeous!

  19. Nancy J

    Pictures of your family in your handknits will be your treasures…we just happen to enjoy seeing them! Glad you had a good time even if you did have to grade reports. I was wrong on the shawl, but that’s OK, didn’t account for multitudinous pattern glitches.

  20. paula

    Definitely a cuteness overload over here. 😉

    It looks like they dressed up specifically for this photo shoot which makes the whole thing een CUTER (if that’s even possible)!

  21. Angela

    Awww, I love seeing pictures of people’s parents. I’d get around to showing mine one of these days if I’d finish, actually start, some of their knitting.

  22. Laura Neal

    Your family is so cute. I sometimes wish my family were smaller, try to get about 35 bickering people together and you will see some interesting things happening. I love how the shawl and socks are turning out.

  23. Samantha

    What a nice family you have to model all your lovely knits for you. 🙂 I love the picture of you and your grandmother 23 years ago. It’s a treasure. 🙂

  24. Julie H.

    I bow before the knitter who can find mistakes and remedy them. I would have gotten partway through and thrown the damn shawl across the room!

    And I take pictures of the people I gift to when I’m able. Nothing better than seeing a happy face as they open the present you gave them!

  25. Melanie

    Since you have contacted the designer about the errors in the pattern, do you know if the Alpaca Yarn Co. will be posting errata? I have this one in the queue.

  26. jennifer

    so sweet of you to post pics of the family looking so happy in your knits! good luck with the grading – that’s one thing i don’t miss about teaching.

  27. julia fc

    Hey, if asking to have you family model your handknits gets you to do that, what else can we get you to do?

    Stick your foot into a half-finished sock?

    Hey! It works!

    You’re so easy.

  28. Juli

    Damn… didn’t they have any test knitters or pattern checkers work that thing out before they decided to mass produce it??!! Really, that’s just lazy. Love your Fam! They look great all outfitted in Custom Knits!!

  29. Kathy

    Your mom looks absolutely gorgeous in her shawl! The color really is perfect, and the sizing is dead-on as well. Smaller wouldn’t have worked as well.

  30. Kenny

    Great job on the photos. It must be nice to finally see your own family modelling your knitted goods. And your knitting projects are phenomenal by the way.

  31. Kenny

    Great job on the photos. It must be nice to finally see your own family modelling your knitted goods. And your knitting projects are phenomenal by the way.

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