Not a knitter’s friend

I have a lot of knittery juiciness to report, but for now, while all is quiet on the blog front, I am posting about more simple matters.

You guys are a riot! I feel the makings of some comedy show here – I mean, did you read some of your answers?!?

I’m not one to pick favorites (yes, I am), but this one from Twig had me laughing until my side hurt: Apparently, the big ball forgot the birth control and had a litter of little balls. I feel sorry for the runt of the litter in the front left.

Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

Well, friends, the unfortunate series of events that led to little balls of yarn exactly resembling Brussels sprouts in shape, size, and color (by the way, I have no particular aversion to these cute little cabbages) did not have anything to do with a demonic swift and/or ball winder, and there were no knots to speak of. I inflicted the damage purposefully as I snipped the yarn cleanly and carefully into little tiny bits. And the answer has been right before your eyes all along ;).

Take a close look at the picture of my Lorna’s Laces stashette from a previous post, and lets zoom in on one of the green skeins:


As I was putting away the stashette, I noticed what we can all so clearly see in that picture – a stain. A big ol’ nasty stain. A gooey, sticky, soaking stain that could only be identified as ink from a ballpoint pen. It ran through several strands and layers of Lorna’s Laces goodness and it was a stain that threatened the integrity of all other skeins stored in the same plastic bag. It had no chance of being washed out (without an even greater chance of just staining more).

I HAD to cut it out. Gently, but thoroughly. I rescued the majority of the skein in that big ball sitting in the upper left corner, but the rest of it is now in small pieces equivalent to one, two, or three rounds of the skein. Fortunately, I believe I have enough yarn for an average pair of socks if I combine the unadulterated skein and the big ball I rescued from this sullied one.

How did the stain get there? I don’t think it was there when I bought the yarn, so I’m guessing between sitting on my coffee table and being put away into the yarn bin, it had an unfortunate encounter with a ballpoint pen.

Let this be a lesson to all – run, do not walk, to your pencil drawer, and take its title to heart – ballpoint pens are not a knitter’s friend!


10 thoughts on “Not a knitter’s friend

  1. Nancy J

    😉 Ballpoint pens have a history of leaking upon that which cannot be made clean. (White shirts and now yarn. Sigh.)

  2. Laura Neal

    You need a bottle of Incredible, it gets ink out of everything, it even gets red wine out of white carpet. Alas it is only available in Houston. Let me know if you want a bottle, I can ship it to ya.

  3. Theresa

    That reminds of NASA (stay with me here) – in the early days of the space program they spent years trying to develop a pen that would work in zero gravity. They finally did it with vacuum tubes, and you can now buy the souvenir versions. After we started talking to the Russians again, the astronauts asked the cosmonauts how they made a pen that worked in space. The reply? “We used a pencil.”

  4. eunny

    Ack! Grumble, grumble…at least it was in the skein and could (sort of) be remedied…what a nightmare for that to happen to a finished or in-progress sock!

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  5. sara

    You handled it much better than I would have… I probably would have been so mad I would have thrown said skein across the room!

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