Is that… homework you’re doing?

“What’s this,” you ask?

Oh, just a little pattern maintenance homework, if you will ;).

When it became apparent that many knitters were not able to get a properly-fitting Jaywalker following my pattern, I decided it was time to do a little update and write up two more sizes – bigger is often better, especially when it comes to tight socks.

But before I could give out any numbers to the trusting knitters out there, I certainly had to sit down and at least turn a heel or something. Which I did, and of course I caught some mistakes, so it was a good idea :). I also followed Natalia’s toe-up Jaywalker instructions to double-check the numbers. While I didn’t check or work the actual toe-up flap heel (how cool is that?!?), the rest of the numbers matched up to the original pattern perfectly – thank you, Natalia!

Oh, and Cara is the fab Jaywalker KAL hostess with the mostest over at january one, so pay her a visit! Just a few days ago she put together a post with some very helpful pattern info.

If you’re saying to yourself, “geez, I already finished my Jaywalkers!” then you should consider having a picture of your little bundle of joy in the gallery – leave me a comment if you’re interested!

But for all of you still working, for all of you who perhaps aimed to make a Jaywalker with an 8” circumference, but came up with something that was only 6.5 inches, here’s the deal:

If your gauge is significantly tighter than the specified 38 sts over 4 inches / 10 cm in zigzag pattern stitch, you may want to try knitting the sock using more stitches, an obvious first step. Starting with 84 sts gives a sock that’s 10% wider than the smallest 76-stitch sock; starting with 92 sts, the sock is 20% wider, and starting with 100 sts, the sock will be 30% wider than the smallest 76-stitch one.

The instructions for the 84-stitch sock are in MagKnits, and the details for the 92- and 100-stitch socks can be found on the new Jaywalker page.

And if you catch any boo-boos, you let me know, okay?


13 thoughts on “Is that… homework you’re doing?

  1. Jesh

    Oh, thank you so much! I think I cast on for these lovely socks about five seconds before I saw this, all the while worrying that it wouldn’t be big enough for my ridiculously large feet. Now I’m sure they will be! 🙂

  2. adele

    Thanks for doing this Kathy. I suspect my problem was gauge which I didn’t check properly. But it’s good to have more options if I need them. 🙂

  3. alice

    My problem was gauge. I first started the smaller size, and then couldn’t get the sock over my heel. So I checked gauge, went up a needle size (to 2s) to get gauge, and made the 84 stitch size (which is what the math told me to do). The actual fit is OK, but the fabric isn’t. I was using Lorna’s Laces, which really needs to be knit with needles smaller than 2s, so the leg of the socks sags way to much for my taste. I did the soles with 1s, and the fabric there is fine, but there’s enough give that I hope a trip through the dryer with my next batch of towels will tighten them up a bit, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope; that only happens when I don’t want it to (anyone with size 5 feet want a lightly felted pair of crew socks in KnitPicks sock landscape hydrangea colorway?).

  4. Linda

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My 11 wides are going to be so very happy they can have stylin’ Boston socks now!

  5. Bethieee

    I shrunk my socks by just subtracting one stitch from the stockinette section on each needle (K6 instead of K7). I didn’t want to change needle size or yarn, and this seems to be working just fine.

    This pattern is fabulous, thanks for publishing it.

  6. Jill

    I finished my jaywalkers on Thurs. and I made the larger size that appeared in Magknits and they fit perfectly. At first I thought they were a little tight but I re-tried them on last night and realized that they fit my foot (especially my heels) perfectly. I currently only have 1/2 finished pics on my blog but I will have some more pictures next week. Thanks for the great pattern.

  7. marie in texas

    size one needles, sock it to me yarn and folded flat my sock is 4inches wide, using the instructions for the larger size. i’m guessing that is right on gauge. i’m a few rows into the gusset on the first one. LOVE it. love what it is doing to the color of the wildly short run color of the sock it to me yarn. i wanted to make the birds eye heel flap but decided to try that on the next pair. now, if only i can get the second skein of the wool shipped to me from florida to my new home in texas sometime soon, i should be good to go. sorry i have no way to digi-cam this, not just yet. what would you suggest for making that birds eye heel? p.s. you and i are both posters on about dot com! i didn’t realize it

  8. Sarah

    Thanks for the comments about Jaywalker. When I am finished my Christmas projects I want to revisit my Jaywalkers which weren’t coming out right. The cuff is really stiff, must be my gauge. Because I love the pattern and the design the yarn is making.

  9. Molly

    I did my Jaywalkers toe-up (that is, I used your *kfb, k(x), dd, k(x), kfb* and, er, didn’t read the rest of the pattern), so I didn’t notice any problems, but good for you for this work! I loved the socks already, but now I’m going to keep an eye out for your other designs.

  10. jpt

    Thanks for the larger sizes! I’m giving my brother socks for Xmas–now I can add JW to the list of possible patterns he can choose from.

  11. Laura

    Just because I had US 2s with a lot of differnt sock yarns and didn’t want to bother with shopping before starting my Jaywalkers… I did a test swatch, then modified your pattern to 68 cast on stitches. With 17 stitches on each needle, the socks fit mine and my daughter’s size 7 feet PERFECTLY! This is the best pattern, decorative with the repeat pattern easily memorized.

  12. Joelene

    Wow thanks for doing this! Gotta say I love the pattern! But I have decided they are just not for me. My heel/ankle size is just too big for a comfortable fit. The socks would need to fit around my knees in order to fit over my heel, even with some tuggin…

    Next time and next year I am going to give toe up a try!

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