After I bound off, I bound off some more

Thank you guys for all your compliments on the votive sleeves! I got a fair number of interesting questions, and I’ll address them in a quickie post some time this week.

But for now…

(the t-shirt is clearly very tongue in cheek)



Looks like the needles are out and the yarn is cut.

Could it be that I’m done knitting mom’s shawl?

It’s done! I’m by no means breaking any records here, but that was pretty quick!

How quick was it? Well, there was the Saturday, the Sunday, the Tuesday… and yes, the Monday, but I was illish that day. Minus 3.14, plus working 6 hours on Saturday, the Pascal units cancel out, but then there was the votive sleeve knitting, divide by 9.8 m/s2, add prepping for and teaching my last class (I hope ever), I better throw Avogadro’s number in there somewhere, raise to the power of the sixteen thousand hours it took me to bind off 300-odd stitches using that funky-ass bind-off that I swear sucked the life out of me and my hands, and we get…



You know what it is? Sometimes everything comes together, and it’s just magic. The pattern is very well-written, the yarn is divine (it feels wonderful and has spectacular drape), I liked the needles and the way the yarn knit up on size US 7, and although the chart was always by my side, eventually I could watch TV or talk while knitting (apparently this is a must for me, otherwise I feel too idle). Ahhh!

All you Leaf Lace knitters out there – what is UP with the bind-off in this pattern? I really hope that it has some decorative or functional purpose because, damn, it was the most tedious thing ever.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotsa get my block on (link courtesy of Savannahchik Jody).


36 thoughts on “After I bound off, I bound off some more

  1. gali

    Congratulations on the beautiful and quick knitting. Crazy coincidence – i just finished a leaf lace shawl for my mom too! Took me much longer, as it was my commute project. As far as the bind-off goes, it’s very stretchy, which makes blocking out the leaf edges into points possible and relatively painless. The Kiri shawl uses the same bind-off, and also has the pointy/scalloped/bat-wing edge. Your mom’s gonna love it!

  2. eunny

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to see it blocked. Is it that awful k2-k2tbl bindoff? If so, it’s a damn pain, yes, but it’s stretchy and makes a pretty double chain edge.

    That color is amazing. Cheers!

  3. jody

    Ooooh exciting! I can’t wait to see it blocked out! I always think that blocking lace is like waking up with a brand new FO the next day — the transformation is so fun!

  4. Zarah

    Very pretty and yes! VERY FAST! I’m sure your mom is going to love it — especially with the beautiful custom-dyed yarn.

    If you’re teaching your last class ever, does that mean you’re finishing grad school?

  5. Laura

    I’m afraid that you messed up your calculations. You forgot to use Plank’s constant.

    congratuations on your first lace shawl. I can’t wait to see it blocked!

  6. Carla

    Grumperina! I am so psyched about your blogola! I am working on a cable knit scarf (pictures on my blog), and after many hours of using my cable needle, I was excited by your tutorial on cabling without a needle – yours is by far the least fussy way to do it. I also love the wire candle sleeves. Whooeeee!

  7. Kathy

    ok – so you are like the most amazing knitter ever! Not only do you get things done fast, but your projects are interesting as well.

    I think your votives look prettier than the ones in the book. I may try them myself now…lord knows I already have enough beads to make 100 of them.

  8. Karma

    Do your fingers ever start smoking or catch fire while you’re knitting so quickly? Just askin’. I can’t wait to see how that beauty blocks out. Your mom is going to love love love it!

  9. Kenny

    Dang girl…. that is super fast!!!! I’m so envious. How do you make an entire shawl in 4 days? That’s like super knitter. I wish I could knit that fast. I can knit for an entire hour and only like get 1 inch of knitting done. Not sure what the problem is. Anyways, it looks great. Love your blog.

  10. Christie

    Um, whatever Miss 4 Day Shawl Maker. Don’t mind me, it’s just the jealousy talkin’. It looks good, can’t wait to see it all blocked and ready to be gifted….grrr…4 days…whatever… 🙂

  11. Stephanie

    Well crap that was quick. Why can’t I finish a darn thing and you’re just whipping things out right and left? I’m jealous, but think the shawl is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it blocked.

  12. Karen B.

    Man, you are a knitting machine! And the results look fantastico. You’re Mom will get exactly what she wants which means she will use it – and happily.

    BTW, nice use of Avogadro’s number. Makes the former scientist in me repeat over and over “6.023 times 10 to the 23rd…”

  13. Jennifer

    That was fast! I’m looking forward to seeing it blocked! Will you give it to your mom right away or wait a few months so she thinks you slaved over it for a much longer time 😉

  14. gail

    wow! congratulations. Did you eat and sleep during the four days??? Very impressive knitting and very impressive finished object. Your mother will love it!

  15. Tipper

    You will not regret that bind-off when you block. Me, I bound of as usual because I didn’t bother reading the part where it said “BIND OFF THIS WAY” and ended up with something entirely unusable. I haven’t had the heart to rip out that edge and re-bind off. In fact, I don’t even know where the damn thing is now.

    Your mom’s shawl is gorgeous (after blocking it’ll be breathtaking). The yarn was truly perfect.

  16. Carolyn

    Beautiful! I love the colour of that yarn…I can’t wait to hear where we can get it! That pattern is gorgeous…I must try it. I really love wearing my shawl as a scarf, I was sporting Ene’s all day today!

  17. Mary

    Wow! You are a fast knitter! I just finished the Leaf Lace shawl and although the leaf lace pattern was easy to memorize, the last 20 rows took forever…it took me 10 days total to knit my shawl (fingering wt on size 7). The bind off was very painful, but it is soooooo elastic and it blocked beautifully. You’ll love how the edge looks when it’s been blocked. I love the color of your yarn. 🙂

    Happy knitting!

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