A lil’ follow-up

I had such a great time reading your comments to my last post! I mean, really, how can my mom “forget” that she told me exactly what she wanted?!? Down to the minute details of the color – gray with blue undertones, like steel, blah, blah, blah. Okay, I guess considering I didn’t breathe a word to her about it since that conversation, it could have been easy to forget… for the time being. Were I in her shoes, as soon as I opened the package, I would have remembered, yes, I asked or suggested that Kathy knit me this some time ago. But according to my grandma, she had no idea, even after she opened the package! And when I was speaking with my mom, she eventually just caved in and said, “I guess I remember,” which means she actually didn’t. What is up with that?!? My two favorite tidbits were when my mom commented that the shawl was warm despite all the holes (hahahahaha!) and when my grandma, instead of straightforwardly asking me to knit her a shawl took my mom’s tactic and just said, “Let’s not speak of this again.” Grandma is the funniest.

Which brings me to my next point – no, my family doesn’t know about this blog, and they do not know that I transcribe our conversations here, and they do not know that sometimes I even make a little fun ;). It’s like this – I would love for my mom and grandma to read this blog, but they are both computer-illiterate. That’s the first thing. The second thing is that grandma doesn’t speak a word of English, and mom speaks so-so English. My writing would be a bit too complicated for her to understand, I think. As for my dad, he is computer-literate and his English is good enough to understand most of what I’m saying, but he’s simply not allowed to know. He’s the type of person who would leave me comments on every single entry, the type of comments that would make me roll my eyes. And then he’d insist on discussing the happenings on the blog during our bi-weekly phone conversations. No thanks!

As for my friends, most know about my blog, especially if they’ve expressed interest in my knitting. When something particularly exciting happens, I urge them to visit, but otherwise they don’t really bother. However, some of my close friends (including my best friend) don’t know about the blog – these are the people who giggle and make a confused face any time I mention knitting. Okay, so knitting is not our common language, I can deal with that. I try to keep my knitting separate from my work, and for that reason my adviser and many of my coworkers don’t know about the blog. They know I knit because they receive gifts and see me knitting sometimes, but I figure announcing my blog to them is unnecessary.

A year ago I would have added that a large number of my friends don’t even know I knit, but it’s too late for that – I think everyone knows by now.

How about you? Who knows about your knitting and your knitting blog, and what are your reasons for revealing (or not) its existence to these folks? Don’t just leave me a comment – rather consider this a meme and answer on your own blog ;).


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  1. cant_talk_knitting

    My only readers are those that have stumbled on me over the internet, which is probably why I have so few. That, and I’m not a very prolific blogger or knitter. 😀

    Mr. CTK knows I have a blog, but don’t know the name of the blog.

    My dad would comment like yours — I giggled when I read your description.

    OK, I didn’t follow the rules and treat this like a meme, but since I’m a first time commenter, how would you even know that I answered on my own blog? 🙂

  2. Kathy

    My dad would also comment like yours. Well, his comments would probably be less intelligable and more stream of consciousness. I already get at least on email every day from him, which is *plenty* for me.

  3. Kira

    I can imagine my (Russian) grandmother would have had similar conversations with me and my Mum!

    As for my blog, my non-knitting friends look at my knitting as a bit of a joke, so I would probably not let them know about it. My family & friends will know about it now because my lovely husband mentioned it in our Christmas newsletter (not the location though, because he doesn’t know where it is)!!

  4. Kat

    The family does not know about the blog. We were talking about blos in general the last time I was home and they think it sounds like a stupid idea. They think my knitting is silly too. Well, the finished items they get as gifts aren’t silly, the time I spend knitting them and looking at patterns and fondling yarns is silly. They are soo NOT about the process. Combine those two factoids and I am not telling them about the blog. Four non-knitting IRL friends know about it, but I only sent the link to one of them. She thought it “cute.” The others don’t know the name of it.

    I don’t want my family to know about the blog. It’s funny how I’m willing to share information with total strangers but not my family or friends.

  5. Veronique

    Well, I told one person in my lab about the blog. His wife knits, and he’s always curious about the knitting world. (How does one pattern become popular? How do I know about online sales?) The next thing you know, the entire lab is reading my blog! They even asked me for knitting gift ideas — via an anonymous comment. I had no idea who had left that comment, until they gave me the gift.

    I’ve told family members (even those who do read english), but they can’t sustain an interest in the technical aspects of knitting, so I suspect that they don’t read my blog diligently.

  6. Stephanie

    Oh, excellent topic for a meme. I’ve often wondered about other people and their willingness to share their blog. I’ll address this tomorrow.

  7. Julie H.

    Two friends and I just started a knitting blog, since our non-knitting friends didn’t appreciate when we would do knitting posts on our regular blogs. You just can’t talk knitting to non-knitters, we’ve found.

    However, as for my non-knitting blog, my mother knows about it but has learned not to comment. Several family members also know about it and after a huge blow-up based on a post I wrote, I don’t talk to those family members anymore. But at least my blog hasn’t gotten me fired! 😉

  8. Jody

    I’m totally cheating – because I think I’ve addressed this on my blog before. The first time I told one of my non-knitting friends about my blog – she almost suffocated herself laughing. No kidding – she couldn’t stop laughing for like 15 minutes. I don’t tell many people anymore. My mom & some of my stitch n’ bitch people know but that’s it.

  9. marie in texas

    i don’t have one because i don’t have a digi-cam with which to post photos. but; i do have a name for one picked out for future reference!

  10. Petra

    That’s a really good question: both my sisters know about my blog but I doubt that they are regular readers because they are non-knitters. My parents and in-laws both don’t know about my blog, same goes with friends. Sometimes I just need a place to vent, so it’s good if not everybody knows where to look 😉

    But I found a few new friends through the internet and knitting email groups who got me hooked on blogging, so of course they know 🙂

    I am going to take that question and post it in my blog.

    Best wishes from Germany


  11. beth

    I was going to comment on your grandma/mom post! And saw this. I will definately do this meme. But when…….

    I think that whole conversation with your grandma was adorable! She sounds great! I wish I still had mine around. She crocheted me these horrible granny square dresses. Note to self, I need to find some pictures of those…….


  12. Kris

    I didn’t tell my family about my blog. My parents (divorced) are ones who want our entire relationship to revolve around them telling me what they are interested in and them ignoring anything I feel is important. Or… them making fun of and demeaning all that I enjoy, etc. So, I never confessed. It’s my business, my blog, my creative outlet etc.

    So imagine my shock when my father sends me an email with a link to my blog. I about choked. He was doing a search on something related to my half sister and I popped up as the #2 link on Google. I was totally outted by Google. Needless to say I immediately deleted any and all posts that could be identified as “my family” that were at all questionable and just tried to hide for a while.

    I have only 11 subscribers and I don’t think I have a whole lot of lurkers… I never thought they would ever, in a million years, discover my blog. Just my luck!

  13. Mary

    I will take your meme and respond to it on my blog – great idea! I’ll post it tomorrow, I think, so stop by, if you’re interested: http://marysvirginwool.blogspot.com/.

    Regarding your mom forgetting – I do think that’s cute. My mom, however, has some dementia and forgets absolutely everything these days, so it’s no longer cute. I’ve gone thru all the emotions – exasperation, grief, gut-wrenching worry, and I think I’ve finally accepted it, sadly. I envy folks who still have normal conversations with their mothers. Cherish that.

  14. Barbara

    Just want you to know that this computer literate “Mom”,has a fantastic knitter daughter named Jacq who shared your blog/narrative about the shawl because she is trying to plan the “perfect color and pattern” for my gift shawl…we relate totally to you, your Mom, and yes, your grandmother too!Thanks for sharing.


  15. gail

    Interesting question. I told my family about my blog, but I don’t think they read it. I’m very hurt! My dad reads it periodically, but hasn’t successfully commented yet. My knitting friends in Barcelona read my blog assidiously and even leave comments!! They are the best! I’m starting to pick up some other readers in the U.S.

    I love reading knitting blogs in French and Spanish. It is so amazing that they are doing all the same things, more or less, and they all seem to order patterns and yarn from the U.S. and England.

    What language/s do your parents speak? What languages do you speak?

  16. Angela

    I wish I could speak Chinese so I could have conversations like that with my Grandma! She’s even a knitter–or used to be before her stroke, and her cataracts. My 19 year old stepdaughter knows about my blog; I knew she had one (non-knitting-related), so when I started mine (a whole month ago!), I told her. She wanted to see it and was kind enough to laugh indulgently–AND she showed me hers–a first. My husband: “What’s a blog?” The only other family member who knows about my blog is my (non-knitting) sister. I asked her to look at it; I was fishing for positive feedback after yet another day when I had only 2 or 3 visitors (and those probably doing a search on Georgia O’Keeffe or Paris, mentioned in 2 of my posts). She said she didn’t understand all of the knitting terms. Anyway, I reply here rather than on my blog because, well, if a question is answered on a blog which nobody reads…(if a tree falls in the forest, etc.).

  17. --Deb

    My family and friends do know about my blog, even if none of them share my obsession with knitting. It occasionally means I can’t say something I’d like to say, but mostly, I figure it means I can keep in touch more easily.

  18. Siri

    I covered this topic very briefly the other day. I was going to “gift” my blog to my mom for her 74th birthday but, as her computer is essentially extinct and she wouldn’t be able to see my blog in it’s entirity on it, I made her an alpaca hot water bottle cover instead.

    I just love seeing how other people’s families work. Yours is beautiful.

    Just when I think I might be ready to share this blogging thing, I chicken out, and for good reason, I think.

    It’ll be interesting to see what others have to say on the topic.

  19. Typesetter

    I have my own ideas on why and how your mom did not remeber about asking you to knit the sawl. When I first read your original post about the sawl and saw that she asked to never talk about it anymore, I though that your mom wante a surprise shawl. I know, it’s not really a surprise shawl, she saked for it, but she wanted to play, to stage literally, the surprise. It’s like me buying myself one (cheap, cheap, cheap) ring, than showing it to my former boyfriend (no, he’s not an ex because he’s cheap, he’s and ex because he has a mom, a whole lotta of a mom 8-/) and saying “thank you for this beautiful gift”. The sahwl was to be asurprise gift to your mom, mo matter that she asked for it in detail. ^_^

  20. Susan

    My blog is new, so not a lot know about it. My family does know, however, so do my friends. I’m not quiet about it. Only one comment so far, from a cousin in Ohio! Oh well.

    Now be easy on your mom and her memory lapses. I’m now 41 years old and I forget the strangest things with increasing alarming frequency. It is a fact of diminishing hormones that you become forgetful. I used to roll my eyes and be exasperated at my mom’s lapses. It’s come back to bite me now.

    Hey, look on the bright side, we older women are more easy to surpirse!


  21. Sarah

    This is a great topic for discussion, and it’s really gotten me thinking. I’ll post my response on my blog later in the day.

    Your mom and grandmother sound so charming! Your grandmother especially makes me think of my bubbie, who just passed away this fall. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with her, and she cares about you (and your knitting!) very much.

  22. Silvia

    I think most friends who don’t knit really have no idea what we’re talking about. My friends know I blog (though many don’t really know what that is) and some peruse it occasionally to see what I’m up to–I’m a bad phoner. They also get gift ideas and I sometimes get gift certificates from yarn stores I mention in the blog! Score.

  23. Sandra

    I don’t have a blog, but have been toying with the idea. Would I tell my family? hmmm, then I couldn’t talk about them – the fallout would be massive. But if I didn’t tell them, who else would care enough about my life to read it? The true catch-22…

  24. Mothlady

    Funny, I have been pondering over this topic for a couple of days now because of a thread on blogs in Knitters’ Review.

    My only readers are those who have accidentally stumbled upon my blog. I use a pseudonym, I don’t use anyone’s real name and I hide my ip address with Anonymizer. No, I’m not paranoid, I just don’t want my family and friends to know how much time and effort I put into gambling 😀 Even if I wasn’t a high roller I would still probably blog anonymously as my friends wouldn’t understand the joys of putting quite a bit of money on gorgeous yarn.

  25. Monica

    Your mom probably doesn’t remember, I know it sounds so funny. My mil doesn’t remember she told me pink is her favorite colors a dozen times, or that her mum’s is robin egg blue. I don’t know why. The only time I haven’t remember I made a comment is when I drink margaritas!

    I answered your meme on my blog as well. callingonkahlo.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the meme.

  26. LC

    I am a lurker on your blog, love reading it! My family doesn’t know about my blog…only a few special friends who were the inspiration for it in the first place! It’s like my own little online “girl’s night”!!

  27. Mardel

    You have posed an interesting question. Most people I know don’t know about my blog. I told a few people, I don’t believe they read it, or they have never commented if they do. Since I didn’t know anything about blogs, or knitting bloggers when I started, I don’t think anyone reads my blog as I have probably done nothing to let anyone know it is there.

    I will have to address this whole issue on my blog later this week as it brings up issues that have been floating around my feeble brain of late.

  28. Stephanie

    What a funny family! Not so different from mine. I should start writing down our conversations just so I know I’m not crazy sometimes! I am making my Mother a shawl right now that needs to be finished Friday before she arrives for Christmas. My friends and family know I knit, boy do they know, a few know about my blog and they worry about the “kind of people” in blogland. I have not run across any knitter more obsessed than me and if they are then they’d be my hero! I love the stories, the locations of people, the finished projects, the inspiration. These are people I’d have no way of knowing if not for this line of communication. Merry Christmas! I found you through Stephanie at Unwindknitting.

  29. Jeanne

    I had to tell my husband that I was starting a blog, because I needed his help setting it up! He does read it, which I find very flattering since he is not a knitter, nor even a wearer of knits (being rarely cold). I sometimes find him following links around the knitting-blog community, which he finds fascinating, I think in a kind of anthropological way. My family has almost never posted comments on my blog, but I know that my mother-in-law reads it, as she remarks on the things I wear — “Oh, is that the Tasha Tudor shawl?” and such. She is not a knitter, either, but my own mother is, and oddly enough, I don’t think she reads my blog — she has certainly never mentioned it. It’s tempting to announce my blog to more friends and family, as I actually don’t know if there are any other knitters among them!

  30. annie

    Hey you!

    Following the thread of the shawl for your mom – and the seedling of a shawl idea for your grandma – made me smile and also weep! You are lucky, you know, and your mom and grandma are quite lucky, too!

    A lot of folks know about my blog, and I do tell friends and family, but I don’t think anyone I know who isn’t a knitter reads it regularly except my husband. I actually have to keep that in mind because sometimes I start to post things that might be upsetting to him. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that crazy affair…

  31. Ariane

    My blog is new-new-new, but it’s not specifically a “knitting blog”. I had a “knitting blog” for a couple weeks, and then realized that it’s impossible for me to only write about knitting…that requires me to shut off all the other aspects of my life, and if I’m to have a blog – might as well go all the way & write about EVERYTHING 🙂

    Some friends know about my blog – but as to who reads it, or will read it – who on earth knows. My friends are the type who would probably “lurk” on my blog, and then mention it casually in conversation. As in “Oh that sweater you made was really nice.”, etc.

  32. Jackie

    Oh – I see that my mom commented above…so that answers that question. My parents know about and read my blog, but rarely comment. My husband knows and annoyingly shows it to people (some of whom I don’t even know!) when he wants to show how obsessed I am. 🙂 One of my 6 sisters knows and a few friends. I really prefer to keep the blog in blogland, if you know what I mean.

  33. Mama-E

    My knitting friends know about the blog. Some of my family know (sister/brother) but the rest are kept in the dark. If they find it… so be it… my husband reads up on occaision…

    I l;ike that I don’t have to edit my thoughts b/c my crazy family may get upset.

  34. PainterWoman

    I don’t know which is more peculiar… people knowing you have a blog and NOT ever reading it, or people reading it and never saying anything on it. My DH reads mine sometimes… My DD and DS read each others a lot… and often (but not always) leave comments.

    I am old and stubborn enough to have deleted people from my ‘circle of friends’ who laugh AT me. Just saying. Best wishes.

  35. ellie

    I’m late to the game, but I just posted my response. I agree that I may have friends who don’t get knitting or blogging, but none of them are going to laugh at me for doing it. I’d have lost them all by now from plenty of other things if that were the case. 🙂

  36. Emy

    My family knows of my blog but they hardly read it. They probably check in occasionally to see what’s up with my *other* world. My sister was surprised that I even wrote about my little niece!

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