My dad called today and asked about his “sharfik” – that’s the diminutive of scarf in Russian, sort of like, “scarfy-poo.” My dad IS the cutest.

I told him that I have a solid idea of what I want to do, but as with every pattern written from scratch, a few things need to be tweaked along the way.

Dropping a column of stitches to fix one at the bottom, or in this case, to change an entire column of purls to knits, is a great technique to know, but it doesn’t work so well close to the edge. I didn’t take a picture of the loose mess that followed this procedure, but I think you can use your imagination ;).

In any case, visions of blocking miracles weren’t going to stop me from frogging the whole thing – I frogged quicker than you can say, “Damn, I might as well be knitting with blunt-ended dowels, they sure would be cheaper than these $15 Addis, and probably would work better, too! Now that I have a reason to start over, hand me a pair of sharp-pointed Boyes, wouldja?”

Having a decent pair of needles makes all the difference, and once I had ditched the Addis, I was knitting much quicker. At this moment, I have knit through 1 skein out of 4, about 11″ worth.

The quick among you will surely notice that at this speed, 4 skeins will take me to only 44″, a scarf length that my mom says looks “stupid,” and is clearly less than the requested “53 inches plus fringe.” I sent an e-mail, and I hope that they’ll have one more ball of the same dye lot for me – we’ll see.

The pattern I came up with is quite handsome – it’s for my dad’s sharfik, it has to be :). Rather than post a picture of it now, I think I’ll hold off until the scarf is done (and blocked, and fringed), and then I’ll post pictures together with the pattern. At this speed, it will be in time for holiday gifts ;).

Speaking of patterns, are any Jaywalker knitters other than Cara interested in featuring your Jaywalker FO in the gallery? I am currently conceiving a new sock pattern, and I’d like to first see what happened of the Jaywalker! Leave me a comment, drop me a line, send me a picture, whatever :).


25 thoughts on “Sharfik

  1. Julie

    I’m in the midst of doing Jaywalker at the moment (but it’s the secondary project so it goes along slowly) and you’re more than welcome to have pictures when it’s done. I read some rumblings about guage and fit etc. so I tried my bit of cuff on my leg last night and may I say it fits perfectly so far.

  2. Cara

    Hey Kathy! I actually finished my second pair last night! I LOVE THIS PATTERN! (And it’s perfect for the eighty skeins of Socks That Rock I’ve got in my stash.) Pictures on the blog in about an hour. Thanks!

  3. Laura

    Ok, that’s it. I’ve been resisting the call of the Jaywalkers but will have to start a pair before the day is done. The pattern is gorgeous, finally something wonderful for multi-colored yarn.

    I so hate having to fix end stitches. I’d rather frog than try. Sometimes, the frogging and reknitting takes less time than the fixing. The yarn and cables look great, can’t wait to see what the end product looks like!

  4. Mamma

    I love Jaywalker. It would be perfect for my husband’s socks. Like your father, he insistes that everything I knit for him be beige. But the zig-zags would be manly enough, but way more interesting than ribbing. I’d be happy to send pictures for your gallery when I’m done.

  5. Carolyn

    I can’t believe you don’t like addis. I understand about the blunt point, it is the one thing that bothers me. Jaywalker post will be tomorrow, if they are dry:)

    Can’t wait to see this scarf, ’tis the season!

  6. Danielle

    Umm, no Jaywalkers yet, although I’m thinking I might try it with a hank of Schaeffer Anne in my stash.

    I do love your Sharfik posts 🙂 I am in the “thinking about it” stages of designing a cable-y scarf for my F-I-L, so I was interested to see what you were looking at!. Luckily, his criteria are not nearly as exacting as your father’s requests.

  7. Jennifer

    I’m enjoying reading about the scarf saga. That’s cute that your dad is taking such an interest in it. Once he has the scarf though, I bet he’ll want more…. 🙂

  8. Jen

    I’m making Jaywalker (but footies) in LL’s sock, color called Pioneer, and they are super fun! I’m halfway done with #1, and will send pics when I finish. What a super pattern and so easy to knit. But one caveat – use stitch markers to mark needles 1-4 if you knit it using Magic Loop. Much easier that way!


  9. Susanne

    I am going to knit the Jaywalkers but right now another pair is on the needles and I am in FINISH mode this week, so no starts but soon, soon..then I will post a pic.

  10. Stephanie

    I love the color and your dad will like that yarn. I used a green version for my SYNO scarf. What were you thinking using Addis, you know you hate them?? I can’t wait to see more of Dad’s Scarf – it looks very handsome.

  11. B.

    We’ll allow you to hold off posting pictures until the completion of the Scarfy-poo only on the condition that you also post a picture of your dad wearing it!

  12. Julia

    You should make up a swatch of the scarf and send it to him, all professional designer-like. Then he can better gauge the color and feel. Looks great! Makes me want to knit for my dad….

  13. Louisa

    Kathy, this is my first comment on your blog! I’ve just started my Jaywalkers in hand-dyed sock yarn (I think it was Sisu) in fall colours. I’m a fairly slow knitter but I’ll be sure to send you a pic when done! I’ve got skinny ankles and feet so I’m using smaller needles than you specified and they look good so far. And yes, I think Addis are too blunt too. Using my Susan Bates Silvalume sock needles.


  14. pj

    We carry Aurora 8 at the LYS I work at. If you can’t find from your original source, let me know the color # and dye lot.

  15. jen.

    I’m in the midst of Jaywalker-ing. I finished the first sock on Saturday, and I’m only about 2″ into the second. I’ll send you a photo when I finish; I love the pattern!

  16. Pigwotknits

    I will knit jaywalker when I’ve sorted my size problems. I got all the way to the heel on one, but the sock was too small. I’m not sure if the problem is too tight gauge or too big feet, but once I’ve figured it out, I’ll try again.

  17. Carola

    I have one jaywalker ready and already posing on pictures ( have just turned the heel of the second one. It would be an honour to make it into the gallery! I will send you pictures then.

    Hey, your dad! So cool. I’m expecting a digital cam as a christmas gift from my family and it will not happen without me producing a list. You know, at least five colums with different technical features, evaluated on general terms AND personal favourites.. We are an insane family, too.

  18. Sheila Mayhew

    How about “Dads’ Sharfik” – certainly would make me look twice. The pattern by the way looks lovely – can’t wait till you post it. This scarf certainly has love in every stitch. Hope you are back in the land of the living – stomach bugs are ugly!


  19. Marilotte


    Somehow, in the past year of frantic knitting & knitting-blog-reading, I’ve managed to miss yours until today….

    I started my first Jaywalker yesterday (after a false start the day before) and I love the pattern. It’s my very first sock and I’ve done some off-the-cuff tweaking to suit my, er, ample calves, so fingers crossed it will come out ok. I’ll send you a picture regardless. 😉

    (and if it ends up not fitting me, I’m sure I’ll find someone whom it does fit).

    Off to turn my first ever heel now. Thank you so much for the pattern, I can see this becoming a favourite!

    I loves me some handpainted sock yarn…

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