Oh, it’s Corded, alright!

Hey look! A cute little baggie, and a cute little baggie pattern!

I was approached by MagKnits to write up this little bag pattern back in July, and now it’s finally here – enjoy!


19 thoughts on “Oh, it’s Corded, alright!

  1. --Deb

    It’s a great little pattern. I’ve been looking at that yarn and telling myself that it wasn’t practical to buy any, but look at that . . . now it is!

  2. sherry

    Going back to your kimono inspired sweater…. instead of the lace pattern, why not try a pattern like King Charles brocade for the body? It is very elegant looking.

  3. Mary

    I actually bought two skeins wanting to make a purse, but hadn’t found the time to play with developing a pattern. Both stores where I have seen the yarn, have purses made from it but no pattern available. How silly! I’ll bet they sell out now that a pattern is available.

  4. cyndyb

    Magknits has such cute patterns. Will somebody tell me the secret to printing them out? No matter what I do,part of the right side does not print out.

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