My personal devil

Sharfik is a-blockin’

I don’t know why, but I have a resolute inability to cut the yarn until the FO is ready to come off the blocking board.

And let me tell ya, it’s a good move :).

You see, sharfik was a perfectly-behaved 53” in length before blocking, and now… now he has grown to a monstrous 64” – my measuring tape doesn’t even go that far! As soon as the scarf is dry, I will frog 11” to get it back to dad’s desired length. Eleven inches! Just think of all the progress I could have made on another project instead of working those extra 7 repeats! Not to mention the fact that I didn’t need to order and wait for the fifth ball of yarn (and, uhm, pay a crazy amount for shipping a single ball).

Oh Karabella Aurora 8, I was going to say such nice things about you, but not anymore. Sigh.

But I’m not pissed, no sirreebob. You know why? The same crazy devil that prevents me from cutting off the ball of yarn until the very end slapped my wrist when I considered attaching fringe before blocking. Imagine wasting all that time attaching fringe to a scarf whose end would need to be frogged! Aaaahh! I feel like the Queen of the world!

(I know this is a short entry, I may post another very soon about one of my other projects :))


35 thoughts on “My personal devil

  1. Agnes

    Oh … you’re sick? Get some rest then … don’t stay up too late.

    BTW, I am curious to know how you took the pictures for the previous post. I can see both your hands knitting in the pictures … you set up the tripod? Or someone else took them for you?

  2. Laura

    Get well soon and enjoy the mushrooms. My brother and I used to go morel hunting when we lived in Iowa. I think he liked it better than I did 🙂

  3. amy

    Feel better!

    Funny.. most of my time at home is spent sitting in exactly that position (in front of the computer, feet up to the left, knitting)

  4. Karen B

    I think you may be on to something, Kathy. Too much work and not enough rest is an unhealthy combination. Allow yourself some time to get better.

    I’m sending some virtual chicken soup and good wishes your way.

  5. Erin

    I was just reading this post and looking at the picture of you knitting and I noticed that I have the same CD rack you do. I must have gotten in ten years ago, but it’s my old faithful!

  6. Mary

    I had heard that about the Karabella Aurora yarns, (wow – 11 inches!?!), and since I’m also knitting my dad a scarf with that yarn (in navy), it’s good to hear from you that it does expand so much, so I won’t buy a 5th ball, either! Did you find that yours grew in width, too? I wouldn’t mind that so much with mine, in fact, I’d welcome it, as mine seems a bit too narrow, currently. I look forward to seeing your finished product, post-blocking.

  7. Zarah

    What the??? I must admit, I skip blocking sometimes, so I’m not expert — but 11 inches? That sounds crazy. Have you ever had that happen before?

  8. Purly Whites

    I can’t cut yarn either. I can’t even weave in ends until I am totally and completely done. It’s my own little superstition. If I cut the yarn, I have to rip it all out.

    But! back to you. 11 inches? That bites.

  9. June

    Sounds like my Odyssey merino experience. From here on, I hank and wash all commercial yarns before swatching and before knitting.

  10. yahaira

    I’m definitely stealing that idea now. No more yarn cutting for me, no siree bob. oh wait, this isnt my blog….I think that whole 11″ business blew my mind. Are you sure someone didn’t just knit for you a bit?

  11. Saun

    That just happened to me. I’m working with Aurora 4 and I made a comment about how nice it is. Today as I blocked, it betrayed me. The top I’m making went for a medium to a x-large. Much frogging will follow.

  12. Wannietta

    Your ‘personal devil’ sounds like a guardian angel! That & personal experience – I’m sure that your dad will appreciate your exacting standards.

  13. nikki

    I have some Aurora 8 here at my house and I see it says do not tumble dry. But, I’ve heard that, despite the label, this yarn totally can be tossed in the dryer. Maybe that would make the difference in the 11″. It’s worth a test swatch, especially if your dad isn’t the blocking type.

  14. Michelle

    Oh dear. What do you think makes a yarn grow? I noticed that Aurora 8 has a lot of twist, yet not *tight* twist, so it is still lofty. I wonder if all the twist spirals down? Your dad almost ended up with a monochromatic Dr. Who scarf.

  15. gleek

    wow! it really grows big! i think that you’ll still like the aurora 8 though even when it’s all said and done. such a soft and lofty yarn. yum.

  16. LaurieM

    Did you swatch and wash the swatch?

    I’m wondering if such streaching is predictable, or if the length of the scarf is somehow causing the length to grow. In which case, I’m then wondering if you need to support the wet scarf as it comes out of the bath so it won’t streach. And then I’m wondering if the scarf will grow around your dad’s neck. I mean, he could get rained on, or it may be humid, or it could get damp with snow flurries.

  17. J Strizzy

    Hmm. I knit a sweater out of Aurora 8 a few years ago, and didn’t have any noticeable growth after blocking. I wonder if they’ve changed something in the spinning or dying or fiber…

  18. Diana

    heehee.. I like that ball of yarn sitting outside of the wash tub:-) Crazy about the 11″ of scarf growth, but now you can just wind it right back onto the skein!

  19. Laura

    aaahh yes, the amazing growing Aurora 8. I could have told you about that. After washing my swatch for my Aurora 8 Grace, I KNEW that the thing would grow to a monstrous size when wet. But I also knew that it would pull back in a bit after drying (as long as you didn’t pin it out to the huge dimensions). Perhaps before you frog you should re-wet it, spread it out without pinning, and see what size it wants to be?

  20. Faith Fiberflash

    Wow! Good idea!

    Oh, I forgot to comment before, but I am knitting Jaywalkers. I have only knit one so far and am coming along rather slowly, but when I am done, will send you a picture to use if you would like. =) It’s being worked up in a different colorway of the suggested yarn.

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